Legal Philosophy: General Aspects : Concepts, Rights and Doctrines : Proceedings of the 19th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), New York, June 24-30, 1999

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Steiner, 2002 - 208 strani
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Contents: M. Strasser: The Image of Man S. Kirste: The Temporality of Law and the Plurality of Social Times V. Luizzi: Law as Acts of Citizens A. Visegrady: Zur Effektivit t des Rechts K. Campbell: Custom as a Source of Law M. Pavcnik: Traps of the Nature of Law N. Struchiner: The Meaning of Justice L. F. Coelho: A Contribution to a Critical Theory of Law A. Verza: Neutrality Toward Microdifferences, Toleration Toward Macrodifferences C. Bellon: Rights and Autonomy R. Martin: On Hohfeldian Liberties L. Moral Soriano: Balancing Reasons at the European Court of Justice W. Ott: Did East German Border Guards Along the Berlin Wall Act Illegally? P. Warren: Self-Ownership, Talent Pooling and Reciprocity O. Astorga: La imaginaci n jurid ca R. A. Grover: Thomas Hobbes and the Global State of Nature W. E. Conklin: The Place of the People in John Austin's Structuralism V. Karam De Chueiri: The Chain of Law.

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