St. Nicholas, Količina 21 ,2. del

Sprednja platnica
Mary Mapes Dodge
Scribner & Company, 1894

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Stran 634 - For my part, I consider a story merely as a frame on which to stretch my materials. It is the play of thought, and sentiment, and language; the weaving in of characters, lightly, yet expressively delineated; the familiar and faithful exhibition of scenes in common life; and the half-concealed vein of humor that is often playing through the whole, — these are among what I aim at, and upon which I felicitate myself in proportion as I think I succeed.
Stran 609 - Eashecha (a German), and I counted no less than nine children. The eldest of them could not have been over fifteen. When my grandfather first visited them, down at the mouth of the Mississippi, they were comparatively few; later my father visited their Great Father at Washington, and they had already spread over the whole country.
Stran 771 - Lear," answered Preble, raising himself up to answer, "in accepting this command. Had I known how I was to be supported, I certainly should have declined it. Government has sent me here a parcel of children, as commanders of all my light craft.
Stran 609 - The greatest object of their lives seems to be to acquire possessions — to be rich. They desire to possess the whole world. For thirty years they were trying to entice us to sell them our land. Finally the outbreak gave them all, and we have been driven away from our beautiful country.
Stran 931 - Hot midsummer's petted crone, Sweet to me thy drowsy tone Tells of countless sunny hours, Long days, and solid banks of flowers; Of gulfs of sweetness without bound In Indian wildernesses found ; Of Syrian peace, immortal leisure, Firmest cheer, and bird-like pleasure.
Stran 609 - Finally the outbreak gave them all, and we have been driven away from our beautiful country. "They are a wonderful people. They have divided the day into hours, like the moons of the year. In fact, they measure everything. Not one of them would let so much as a turnip go from his field unless he received full value for it.
Stran 1053 - s this whispering?" roared the breeze; " Hush ! a violet," sobbed the trees, " Thinks it 's spring, — poor child, we fear She will die if she should hear! " Softly stole the wind away, Tenderly he murmured, " Stay ! " To a late thrush on the wing, " Stay with her one day and sing! " Sang the thrush so sweet and clear That the sun came out to hear, And, in answer to her song, .Beamed on violet all day long; And the last leaves here and there Fluttered with a spring-like air. Then the violet raised...
Stran 634 - We have so repeatedly spoken of the merits of the design of this work, and of the able manner in which it is edited, that on this occasion we will only repeat our conviction, that it is worthy a place in every library in the country, and will prove one of the most useful as it is one of the most interesting publications which has ever issued from the American press."— NY Courier If Enquirer.
Stran 633 - I have attempted no lofty theme, nor sought to look wise and learned, which appears to be very much the fashion among our American writers, at present. I have preferred addressing myself to the feeling and fancy of the reader, more than to his judgment.
Stran 610 - I felt as if I were dead and traveling to the Spirit Land; for now all my old ideas were to give place to new ones, and my life was to be entirely different from that of the past. Still, I was eager to see some of the wonderful inventions of the white people. When we reached Fort Totten, I gazed about me with lively interest and a quick imagination. My father had forgotten to tell me that the fire-boat-walkson-mountains had its track at Jamestown, and might appear at any moment. As I was watering...

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