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You Like It, Twelfth Night, and A Midsummer Night's
Dream. Sometimes only the fairy scenes or the clown scenes
are given from the last named play. (See "The Clancy

There are many cuttings from the plays. Two suitable for school presentation are listed:

Much Ado About Nothing, arranged in two acts. W. F.. Baker & Co., Boston. Price, 15c.

Eight male, three female characters; setting, an easy esterior; costumes, adapted; time, one hour. The cutting is free from objectionable incidents and passages.

Suitable for grades 11-12.

Julius Cæsar, arranged in two acts. W. H. Baker & Co., Boston. Price, 15c.

Ten male, no female characters; setting, the forum; costumes, Roman; time, one hour. The cutting is to make the play easier for presentation. Suitable for grades 8-12.

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Gayley, C. M., adapter: The Star of Bethlehem, a miracle play of the Nativity. Duffield & Co., New York. Price, $1.25. Permission must be obtained to present this play.

Ten male, three female characters, besides counsellors, etc.; settings, easily arranged; costumes, ancient; time, a short evening. This is a Christmas play adapted from the Townsley and other old English cycles for the Ben Greet players. It would add great interest to any study of the drama before Shakespeare. Suitable for grades 10-12.

Anon: Everyman, a moral play. Duffield & Co., New York. Price, $1.00.

This impressive old morality play, which has been popularized recently by the Ben Greet players, could be given only by a class that had studied the early drama under a scholar, Two other books useful for such a class are:

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Williams, W. H.: Specimens of the Elizabethan Drama, from Lyly to Shirley. Clarendon Press, $1.90.

Simpson, Percy: Scenes from Old Play Books. Clarendon Press. Price, 90c.

Euripides: The Alcestis. Walter H. Baker & Co., Boston. Price, 25c.

No male, eight female characters, and chorus; setting, bare; costumes, Greek; time, a short evening. Suitable for grades 11-12, if they have studied Greek history and the history of the drama.

Sophocles: Antigone. Walter H. Baker & Co., Boston. Price, 15c.

Five male, three female characters; setting, bare; costumes, Greek; time, one hour. Suitable for grades 11-12, if they have studied Greek history and the history of the drama.

In both these Greek plays girls may easily take the boys' parts, or boys the girls'.

During the past few vears a number of dramatic readers for schools have been issued. It is certainly better for the children themselves to put the stories into dramatic form and then present them; but the use of the dramatic readers, some of them well done, certainly will add interest and variety when no such work has previously been undertaken. Among these books are:

Noyes and Ray: Little Plays for Little People. Ginn & Co., Boston. Price, 35c.

This contains sixteen stories, most of them well-known, as, for example, “Cinderella” and “Little Red Riding Hood." Suitable for grades 2-3.

Johnston and Barnum: A Book of Plays for Little Actors. American Book Co., Cincinnati. Price, 30c.

"Most of the plots for the plays have been borrowed from nursery classics.” There are also plays for special occasions like Washington's Birthday. Suitable for grades 2-3.

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Bryce: The Child-Lore Dramatic Reader. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. Price, 30c. Suitable for grades 2-4.

Stevenson: Children's Classics in Dramatic Form. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston. Price, 50c. Suitable for grade 4.

Knight, Marietta: Dramatic Reader for Grammar Grades. American Book Co., Cincinnati. Price, 50c.

“These dialogues are not plays; they are not intended for action, but for reading." Suitable for grades 5-7.

Dalkeith, Lena: Little Plays. E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. Price, 50c. Suitable for grades 3-5.

Briscoe et al.: Harper's Book of Little Plays. Harper & Brothers, New York. Price, 75c. Suitable for grades 5-8.

St. Nicholas Book of Plays and Operettas. The Century Co., New York. Price, $1.00.

This contains some novel and easily prepared entertain. ments. Suitable for grades 4-8.

Mackay, C. D.: House of the Heart and Other Plays for Children. Silver Thread and Other Folk Plays for Young People. Henry Holt & Co., New York. Price, $1.25 each.

These plays, which are constructed with great charm, are designed for various occasions. Suitable for grades 4-8.

Merrington, Marguerite: Holiday Plays. Duffield & Co., New York. Price, $1.25.

In this book an experienced dramatist has presented plays suitable for Thanksgiving Day, Washington's Birthday, the Fourth of July, Lincoln's Birthday, and Memorial Day. Suitable for grades 5-8.



In upper grades excellent results may often be secured in memorizing without making a definite assignment regarding it. One teacher reports that, after an interesting study of Browning's “Incident of the French Camp” and “How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix," it was found that in each of two successive years more than 90 per cent. of the class had learned all of each poem. Another teacher says that she has been successful in stimulating memory work by asking at the close of the recitation how many could repeat any part of the lesson. If the selection was short, it was sometimes found that a number of children could repeat it entire. The encouragement given for such attainment reacted very pleasantly and effectively on the attention given the reading lesson after this plan was introduced.

To insure the poems and prose selections memorized being permanently fixed in memory, it is necessary to have them reviewed and rehearsed year after year. Some memorize to forget, but anything really worth memorizing is worth remembering for life. To secure this end the second grade teacher

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