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Stran 77 - The purpose of education is to give to the body and to the soul all the beauty and all the perfection of which they are capable.
Stran 110 - No member of this association shall give credit for a full course to students admitted later than ten days after the opening day of the session, as published in the announcement.
Stran 146 - Porcelain is attracting more and more attention. It is the most artistic method of restoring teeth or parts of teeth. Cavities in the natural teeth can be filled with porcelain inlays which cannot be detected.
Stran 110 - The minimum preliminary educational requirement of colleges of this Association shall be a certificate of having passed the second year of a high school, or its equivalent, the preliminary examination to be placed in the hands of any state or county superintendent of public instruction.
Stran 95 - ... satisfactorily, etc., just as is required of students coming from our own institutions. ADVANCED STANDING AND ADMISSION OF GRADUATES OF MEDICINE Advanced standing in the classes of members of this Association shall not be given students except in the following instances: — First. Where a student shall have taken a full course in a school a member of this Association, or one especially recognized, and shall have successfully passed the required examinations. Second. When the student shall present...
Stran 63 - The analytic geometry of the straight line, the circle, and the conic sections, including a discussion of the general equation of the second degree, and some special examples in higher loci.
Stran 120 - ... (c) An examination in the following branches: A. Required (18 points): Mathematics (4 points); English (4 points); History (2 points); Language (2 must be Latin), 4 points; Science (taken from physics, chemistry, botany, zoology) , 4 points. B. Optional (to 12 points): English, 2 points; History, 6 points; Language, 6 points; Manual Training, 2 points; Mechanical Drawing, 1 point; Natural Science (botany, biology...
Stran 42 - DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS The degree of Master of Arts...
Stran 84 - To graduates and students of colleges, of homeopathic or eclectic medicine, as many years as they attended those colleges, provided they have met the previous requirements of the Association and that they pass an examination in materia medica and therapeutics; (c) To graduates of reputable colleges of dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine, one year of time.
Stran 93 - The candidate for the degree of graduate in pharmacy must be twenty-one years of age, have had four years' practical experience in pharmacy, including the period of attendance at college, and must have attended two annual courses of instruction, the first of which may have been in any other reputable college or school of pharmacy.

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