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Authors and Their Public in Ancient Times.-A sketch

of literary conditions, and of the relations with the public
of literary producers, from the earliest times to the fall of
the Roman Empire.
Third Edition, revised. 12°, gilt top,

det, $1.50 Books and Their Makers during the Middle Ages.-A

study of the conditions of the production and distribution of
literature, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the close
of the Seventeenth Century.
Two vols., sold separately. 8°, gilt tops. Each . $2.50
Volume I., 476-1600.
Volume II., 1500-1709.


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The Question of Copyright.-Comprising the text of the

Copyright Law of the United States, and a Summary of the Copyright Laws at present in force in the Chief Countries of the World. Third edition, revised, with Additions, and with the Record of Legislation brought down to March, 1896. 8°, gilt top .

$1.75 The Censorship of the Church of Rome and its

Influence upon the Production and Distribution of
Literature.-A Study of the History of the Prohibitory and
Expurgatory Indexes, Together with Some Consideration of
the Effects of Protestant Censorship and of Censorship by
the State.
Two volumes, svo. Uniform with “ Books and Their
Makers. Each

net, $2.50 Abraham Lincola, the People's Leader in the Strug

gle for National Existence. Crown 8vo. With Portrait.

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