Hmg-Coa Reductase Inhibitors

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Gerd Schmitz, Michael Torzewski
Springer Science & Business Media, 23. okt. 2002 - 151 strani
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) are established drugs for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. Furthermore, they induce regression of vascular atherosclerosis as well as reduction of cardiovascular-related morbidity and death in patients with and without coronary artery disease. This book deals with statins which have substantially altered the approach to therapy of atherosclerosis and its sequelae. Emphasis is placed on the scientific background to the discoveries and the development of the therapy, including an overview of the current state of knowledge of the drugs. Clinical data are reviewed extensively. This book not only provides the reader with valuable information but also stimulates further research into the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and the mechanisms behind the action of effective statins. It sets the stage for creative thinking among scientists of many disciplines for the accomplishment of our ultimate goals in treating atherosclerosis and its sequelae. This topical volume...

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History and development of HMGCoA reductase inhibitors
Structure and mechanisms of action of HMGCoA reductase inhibitors
generegulatory target of statin action
Cellular effects of HMGCoA reductase inhibitors on blood cells monocytes macrophages platelets
Pleiotropic effects of HMGCoA reductase inhibitors on cells of the vascular wall
Indications and contraindications for statin treatment primary and secondary prevention of hypercholesterolemia
studies with HMGCoA reductase inhibitors
Costeffectiveness of statins in primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease
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