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2. The Professional Council, composed of the President of the University and two members of each of the Faculties of Law, Medicine Dentistry, and Pharmacy, elected annually by these Faculties, respectively. Of this committee the President of the University is ex officio chairman; the secretary is elected by the committee from its own number.

It regulates provisionally, or (where the functions to be exercised are executive) supervises, those matters in which the above-named Colleges are all concerned; it also considers the wants of any or all of these Colleges, and makes recommendations concerning the same to the Academic Senate.

3. The Editorial Committee, consisting of the President of the University, as Chairman ex officio, and two professors in the College of Letters, elected annually by the Academic Council. This committee has editorial charge of the REGISTER, and of such other publications, concerning courses of instruction and like matters, as are from time to time authorized by the Academic Council or by the Senate.

In all matters not expressly delegated to the Senate or to the several Faculties, the Board of Regents governs, either directly or through the President or Secretary.


The endowments on which the College of Letters and the Colleges of Science have been founded and maintained include the following:

1. The Seminary Fund and Public Building Fund, granted to the State by Congress.

2. The property received from the College of California, including the site at Berkeley.

3. The fund derived from the Congressional Land Grant of July 2, 1862. 4. The Tide Land Fund, appropriated by the State.

5. Various appropriations by the State Legislature for specified purposes.

6. The State University Fund, which is a perpetual endowment derived from

a State tax of one cent on each $100 of assessed valuation.

7. The Endowment Fund of the Lick Astronomical Department.

8. The United States Experiment Station Fund of $15,000 a year.

9. The gifts of individuals.

The Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy are supported by fees from students. The College of Law has a separate endowment.



College of Letters, the Colleges of Science, and the Lick Astronomical Department.


NOTE.-The Academic Council is composed of all the professors and instructors in the College of Letters and the Colleges of Science.

The names, excepting that of the Chairman, are divided into groups of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and instructors, and arranged alphabetically in each group.

President of the University, CHAIRMAN.

MARTIN KELLOGG, Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, CHAIRMAN pro tempore.

GEORGE WOODBURY BUNNELL, Professor of the Greek Language and Litera


SAMUEL B. CHRISTY, Professor of Mining and Metallurgy.

CHARLES M. GAYLEY, Professor of the English Language and Literature. FREDERICK G. HESSE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

EUGENE W. HILGARD, Professor of Agriculture and Agricultural Chemistry. GEORGE H. HOWISON, Mills Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy and Civil Polity.

JOHN LE CONTE, Professor of Physics.

JOSEPH LE CONTE, Professor of Geology and Natural History.

*BERNARD MOSES, Professor of History and Political Economy.

ALBIN PUTZKER, Professor of the German Language and Literature.

BENJAMIN H. RANDOLPH, Professor of Military Science and Tactics.

WILLARD B. RISING, Professor of Chemistry.

FRANK SOULÉ, Professor of Civil Engineering and Astronomy.

IRVING STRINGHAM, Professor of Mathematics.

THOMAS R. BACON, Associate Professor of European History.

*CORNELIUS B. BRADLEY, Associate Professor of the English Language and


GEORGE C. EDWARDS, Associate Professor of Mathematics.

WM. CAREY JONES, Associate Professor of United States History.

FÉLICIEN V. PAGET, Associate Professor of French and Spanish.

FREDERICK SLATE, Associate Professor of Physics and Instructor in Mechanics.

EDWARD L. GREENE, Assistant Professor of Botany.

MELLEN W. HASKELL, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

ALEXANDER F. LANGE, Assistant Professor of English.

ANDREW C. LAWSON, Assistant Professor of Mineralogy and Geology.
EDMOND O'NEILL, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

*Absent on leave during the academic year 1890-91.

ADOLPH C. MILLER, Lecturer on Political Economy. EDWARD J. WICKSON, Lecturer on Practical Agriculture.

WILLIAM D. ARMES, Instructor in English.
ISAAC FLAGG, Temporary Assistant in Latin.
JOHN H. GRAY, JR., Instructor in Chemistry.
FRANK G. HUBBARD, Instructor in English..
HERMANN KOWER, Instructor in Instrumental Drauing.
ARMIN O. LEUSCHNER, Instructor in Mathematics.
HENRY I. RANDALL, Instructor in Civil Engineering.
GEORGE M. RICHARDSON, Instructor in Latin.
J. HENRY SENGER, Instructor in German and Greek.

FINLAY COOK, Recorder of the Faculties, SECRETARY.

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