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Frank Alvan Alexander...At Large. Percy Benson...

III. Robert Lee Brewer

III. Frederick Dorwin Browne.

I. Emmett Addison Byler..

I. Myrtile Cerf..

At Large. Guy Hyde Chick

-Special. Warren Vester Clark, Jr...At Large. Samuel Colt, Jr.

IV. Eben Hale Dow...

IV. Alfred Dubbers....

II. Charles Schuyler Dunning III. Henry Holt Fine

IV. William Willis Fogg..

I. Doney Henry Goodrich. IV. Edward Francis Haas

.I. Alonzo Hall..

Special. Henry Hay.

At Large. Edward Franklin Henderson.....

At Large. John Christian Hennings

II. Frederick Charles Herrmann.. III. Loren Edward Hunt.

II. Carl Laughlin Knight

11. Yoshisaburo Kuno

Special. Albert George Litch

IV. Norman Banks Livermore. III.


Lee White Lloyd ... At Large. Fred Manning Miller.

III. Arthur Carl Nahl..

IV. Harry Alonzo Noble..

III. Arthur Page Noyes.. Limited. William Hugh Organ

IV. David Arthur Porter

At Large. Isaac Porter....

IV. Louis Chapman Ralston.

.IV. Harry Willet Rhodes...

III. William Symmes Richardson .....

Special. George Prentiss Robinson.At Large. Frank Elmore Ross..

IV. Augustus Valentine Saph III. Frank Schacker...

IV. Harry Frederick Schlieman II. Fred Hanley Seares

- At Large. Milton William Simpson .. At Large. Sidney Weil Sinsheimer

IV. Albert Hale Sylvester.

.IV. Thomas Clarence Taylor

III. Eugene True Thurston.

IV. Ivar Tidestrom

-Special. Chester Howard Woolsey --Limited. William Hammond Wright II. Willson Joseph Wythe

IV. 52.



The Faculty of each College consists of the President of the University and the resident Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors giving instruction in the College.



The course of instruction in the College of Chemistry is designed for those who wish to become professional chemists, either as teachers and investigators, or as analytical chemists or manufacturers in chemical industries; and also for those who wish a thorough grounding in the science of chemistry, both theoretical and practical, as a preparation for the future study and practice of medicine, pharmacy, metallurgy, etc. While chemistry is the prominent study of the College, the course offers at the same time an opportunity to pursue a somewhat extended range of studies in all the sciences, and such a selection of elective studies may be made as to meet the special needs of several classes of students.

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES. The requirements for admission are stated on page 32. The following courses may be mentioned as included in this College, each of which will usually require four years for its completion. It is suggested that students consult the professor in charge before making their selection:

1. General Science Courses. These courses may be made to include any of the sciences taught in the University. In addition to physics, chemistry, mineralogy, botany, zoology, and geology, which are required in the courses, the students should select agricultural and physiological chemistry, astronomy, and systematic botany. Or, in the place of some of the sciences, literary subjects may be substituted, making up a course in science and letters.

II. Chemico-Metallurgical Course. This course is suggested for those who wish a broader and more extended knowledge of chemistry than is offered in the regular undergraduate course in the College of Mining. In addition to the required studies, the student should select industrial drawing and descriptive geometry, surveying, metallurgy, and assaying. Students in this course will not only have opportunity to become familiar with the ordinary methods of analysis, but will also have practice in the solution of some of the important chemical problems which arise in metallurgical operations.

III. Chemico-Technological Courses. These courses are intended to prepare students for successful careers in the various departments of applied chemistry, such as sugar refining, the manufacture of chemicals, powder, etc. In addition to the general chemical training, students may receive special training, and carry on special investigations in the desired branch. Those interested in manufacturing establishments will find it to their advantage to visit the University and make themselves familiar with the course of training given to chemical students.

IV. Course Preparatory to the Study of Medicine. In addition to the required studies of the course, the students should select those additional sciences which bear directly or indirectly upon the practice of medicine, such as systematic botany, physiological chemistry, urine analysis, and toxicology.

Throughout the course visits are made by the professor and students to the various chemical and metallurgical establishments in the vicinity of the bay of San Francisco.

Details concerning separate chemical subjects and methods of instruction will be found in the description of the Courses in Chemistry, on pages 57-59.

For details concerning laboratory facilities, see pages 76-81.

Conditions of Graduation. Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science, which is given to graduates of this College, must complete in a satisfactory manner the following subjects:

Mathematics: Solid and Spherical Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Calculus (two terms), III., IV., V(6).

German (four terms), I.
French (two terms), I.

English (two terms), II., III., IV.; Themes: Eight the first year, six the second, four the third.

Zoology (two terms), I. Geology (two terms), I. Botany (one term), I. Physics (three terms), I., IV. Elementary Chemistry (one term), I. Inorganic Chemistry (two terms), Il. Chemical Philosophy (two terms), III. Organic Chemistry (two terms), IV. Qualitative Analysis (two terms), V. Quantitative Analysis (four terms), VI. Qualitative Blowpipe Analysis (one term), VIII. * Thesis. * The Thesis is expected to be prepared with great care, and should embody the results of much work carried on in the laboratory under the direction of the Professor of Chemistry. Much weight is given to it in determining the claims of a candidate for graduation.

In addition to the above minimum required studies, students take Political Economy, IX. (one term), or Mineralogy, I. (two terms), or Zoology, II. (two terms); and select six subjects from the following list, each to be pursued at least one term:

History and Political Science, any elective.
English, any elective.
Botany: Systematic and Economic (one term), II.
+ Agricultural Chemistry (two terms), I.
Physiological Chemistry (one term), VII.
+ Metallurgy (two terms), II.
Assaying (one term), III.
+ Petrography (two terms), II.
Astronomy (one term), I.
Mathematics, any elective.
+ Instrumental Drawing and Descriptive Geometry (two terms), II.
Surveying (one term), I.
Field Practice and Mapping (one term), 111.

GRADUATE COURSES. The degrees of Master Of SCIENCE and Doctor of PhilosOPHY are granted under the general conditions stated on pages 108–109. Students wishing either of these degrees, with chemistry as the principal study, should announce their intention to the Professor of Chemistry, and arrange with him a course of study and of practical laboratory work. Supervision and assistance will be given in both.




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STATUS. Rinkichi Akiyama

Special. Henry Powers Hammond.At Large. Lewis Whitaker Allen. .At Large. Grace Hanford....

Special. David Stern Bachman. At Large. Walter Albion HewlettLizzie Florence Baxter. ...IV. *William Meek Hinckley ....Limited. Frederick Horatio Billings. Special. Samuel Jackson Holmes. 111. Walter Charles Blasdale. ...1.

Henry Wells Horn... At Large George Thomas Brady.

IV. Kate Ruth Howell.. At Large. Emil Willard Burr Limited. Charles Dennis Kennedy.

Special. Edgar Omer Campbell. -Special. Guy Reynolds Kennedy. Marvin Curtis .... -Special. Arthur Lachman.

III. . William Raymond Dorr...At Large. Sophia Day Lane.... At Large. Joseph Erlanger


Eugenia Charlotte Landstrom.... Joseph Fife.... III.

Limited. Morton Raymond Gibbons Limited. Claude Reznor Leech.... At Large. Lawrence Greenbaum... - At Large. Arthur Henry Clark Mau..At Large.

Died January 7, 1892.
If begun, must be continued through the Course.

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STATUS. Oscar Maurer....

Special. Adolph Gustav Rosenthal...Special. Alva Dutton Stearns McCoy.... Selina Sharpe..

...I. At Large. William Clay Smith. Special. Robert Stewart Norris.

.1. Leon Mendez Solomons. At Large. William Henry Rees..

II. Frank Raymond SweaseyFrederick William Roeding

Philip Weber Tompkins.....Special. At Large. Arthur Cephas Turner.. At Large.

Newton Booth Waller. At Large. Total



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