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College of Letters, the Colleges of Science, and the Lick Astronomical Department.


NOTE.-The Academic Council is composed of all the professors and instructors in the College of Letters and the Colleges of Science.

The names, excepting that of the Chairman, are divided into groups of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors, and arranged alphabetically in each group.

President of the University, CHAIRMAN.

MARTIN KELLOGG, Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, and Acting President of the University, CHAIRMAN pro tempore.

GEORGE WOODBURY BUNNELL, Professor of the Greek Language and Lit


SAMUEL B. CHRISTY, Professor of Mining and Metallurgy.

CHARLES M. GAYLEY, Professor of the English Language and Literature. FREDERICK G. HESSE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

EUGENE W. HILGARD, Professor of Agriculture and Agricultural Chemistry. GEORGE H. HOWISON, Mills Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy and Civil Polity.

JOSEPH LE CONTE,* Professor of Geology and Natural History.

BERNARD MOSES, Professor of History and Political Economy.

ALBIN PUTZKER, Professor of the German Language and Literature.

BENJAMIN H. RANDOLPH, Professor of Military Science and Tactics.

WILLARD B. RISING, Professor of Chemistry.

FREDERICK SLATE, Professor of Physics.

FRANK SOULÉ, Professor of Civil Engineering and Astronomy.

IRVING STRINGHAM, Professor of Mathematics.

THOMAS R. BACON, Associate Professor of European History.

CORNELIUS B. BRADLEY, Associate Professor of the English Language and


GEORGE C. EDWARDS, Associate Professor of Mathematics.

ISAAC FLAGG, Associate Professor of Classical Philology.

EDWARD L. GREENE, Associate Professor of Botany.

WM. CAREY JONES, Associate Professor of United States History.
FÉLICIEN V. PAGET, Associate Professor of French and Spanish.

EDWARD J. WICKSON, Associate Professor of Agriculture, Horticulture and

MELLEN W. HASKELL, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

HERMANN KOWER, Assistant Professor of Instrumental Drawing.

*Absent on leave during the academic year 1891-92.

ALEXANDER F. LANGE, Assistant Professor of the English Language and


ANDREW C. LAWSON, Assistant Professor of Mineralogy and Geology.

ROBERT H. LOUGHRIDGE, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Geology and

Agricultural Chemistry.

EDMOND O'NEILL, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

J. HENRY SENGER, Assistant Professor of German.

WILLIAM D. ARMES, Instructor in English.

FRANK G. BURGESS, Instructor in Topographical and Free-hand Drawing.
JOHN H. GRAY, JR., Instructor in Chemistry.

MARSHALL A. HOWE, Instructor in Cryptogamic Botany.
FRANK G. HUBBARD, Instructor in English.
SAMUEL D. HUNTINGTON, Instructor in French.

FELIX LENGFELD, Instructor in Chemistry.

ARMIN O. LEUSCHNER, Instructor in Mathematics.

WALTER E. MAGEE, Instructor in Physical Culture.

LOUIS PAPARELLI, Instructor in Viticulture and Olive Culture.
HENRY I. RANDALL, Instructor in Civil Engineering.

WILLIAM J. RAYMOND, Instructor in Physics.

GEORGE M. RICHARDSON, Instructor in Latin.

WILLIAM E. RITTER, Instructor in the Biological Laboratory.
CHARLES W. WOODWORTH, Assistant in Entomology.

JAMES SUTTON, Recorder of the Faculties, SECRETARY.


NOTE. This list comprises the names, alphabetically arranged, of officers assisting directly in the work of instruction.

FRANKLIN BOOTH, Instructor in Metallurgy.

VICTOR K. CHESNUT, Second Assistant in Chemistry.

GEORGE E. COLBY, Second Assistant in the Viticultural Laboratory.

ELMER R. DREW, Assistant in Physics.

MYER E. JAFFA, Assistant in the Agricultural Laboratory.

WILLIS LINN JEPSON, Assistant in Botany.

CHARLES PALACHE, Fellow in Mineralogy.

FRANK H. PAYNE, Director of Physical Culture.

LEON J. RICHARDSON, Assistant in Latin.

MARY BENNETT RITTER, Woman Physician in the Department of Physical


JOSEPH A. SLADKY, Superintendent of the Machine Shops.

GEORGE M. STRATTON, Fellow in Philosophy.

FREDERICK W. A. WRIGHT, First Assistant in Chemistry.

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