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Senior Year. FIRST TERM.

Prescribed: History and Political Science (4 hrs.), + Themes, *Chemistry (3 hrs.), Military Science (1 hr.).

Elective: Philosophy (2, 4, or 6 hrs.), History and Political Science (from 2 to 10 hrs.), Latin (from 1 to 7 hrs.), English (from 1 to 10 hrs.), German (from 1 to 5 hrs.), French (from 1 to 3 hrs.), * Botany (3 hrs.), * Zoology (3 hrs.), *Geology (2 hrs.), * Entomology (1 hr.).



Prescribed: History and Political Science (4 hrs.), Themes, *Chemistry (3 hrs.), Military Science (1 hr.).

Elective: Philosophy (2, 4, or 6 hrs.), History and Political Science (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 hrs.), Greek (1 or 2 hrs.), Latin (from 1 to 7 hrs.), English (from 2 to 12 hrs.), German (from 1 to 5 hrs.), French (from 1 to 3 hrs.), * Botany (3 hrs.), * Zoology (3 or 5 hrs.), * Geology (2 hrs.), * Entomology (1 hr.).

The course leads to the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy.

Beginning with the class graduating in 1893, the completion of work in Natural Science amounting to six hours per week for one year is a requisite for graduation from the College of Letters, these six hours to be chosen from the following list of subjects: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geology, Entomology. But in addi. tion to this requirement, Elementary Chemistry, three hours a week for one term, will continue to be prescribed to students in the course in Letters and Political Science who do not pass the entrance examination for advanced standing in Chemistry.

+ The essays presented in Courses requiring Seminary work in any department may be substituted for these Themes.





Elizabeth Olive Agnew.....Limited.
Albert Craigniles Aiken...At Large.
Harris Stearns Allen

Herbert Mills Anthony.
Marc Anthony...

Russ Avery.

At Large. Ida Helen Ballard. .Special. Louis de Fontenay Bartlett.At Large. Edward Levi Bashford......Limited. Florence Emily Beaver. Limited. Mary Elizabeth Bell.. Limited. Louis Lazarus Bernheim ..At Large. Frances Evans Boggs..-.-.At Large. Frank Shackelford Boggs.

--III. George Henry Boke At Large. Ernest Chappell Bonner. II. Bryan Bradley.

IV. Mabel Bradley.

At Large. Ethel Rebekah Bradshaw


Walter Scott Brann
Walter Watkins Bristol
Marion Bromley..
James Albert Brown
Janet Bruce
Harry Brunn...
John Martin Brunson
Louise Mapes Bunnell.
Jesse Dismukes Burks..
Henrietta Clara Byrne..
Lucy Abigail Cadle.
Nannie Lee Calhoun..
Helen Aileen Cashman
Charlotte Cerf...
Ralph Arey Chick.
Mattie Nancy Child
William Clark..
Eugene Colby
Mabel Clare Craft ..

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STATUS. Elinor Maude Croudace

II. Elizabeth Cummings... Limited. Helena Winifred Curtis.. IV. Caroline Morland Cushing. .I. Laura Daniel..

At Large. Marion Mary Delany. At Large. William Denman....

III. Adna Alanson Denison.. Special. Thomas Carmen Denny.

IV. Minna Dohrmann ... Limited. Walter Everett Dorn

III. John Sheehan Drew

II. Herman Hall Eddy At Large. Charles Henry Edwards. Jennie Ellsworth.... At Large. Charles Colin Emslie........Special. William Augustus Fairbanks... I. William Andrew Fine. Limited. Edward Presly Foltz

...III. Ida Gray Galloway-... At Large. Joseph Baldwin Garber....... 1. William Munson Gardiner.. Limited. Ethelyn Belle Gardner ... ..Special. William Henry Harrison Gentry ..I. George Gibbs.....

.IV. Harriet Haskell Godfrey IV. Louis Goldstone.... Limited. Anita Gompertz...

Special. Anna Glave Graser. .At Large. DeWitt Halsey Gray.. ..IV. Luther Herbert Green At Large. Carlton Webster Greene...At Large. Mabel Ellsworth Greene.

II. Annie Cecilia Haehnlen.. III. Jean Melnotte Hahn Limited. Mabel Hall..

At Large. William Hamilton Hamilton....IV. Sarah McLean Hardy

II. Isaciore Harris

I. Ralph La Forest Hathorn .At Large. Isaias William Hellman, Jr.

.At Large. Walter Hughes Henry....At Large. Nathaniel Barns Hinckley II. Guy Hinton...

IV. Georgiana Hodgkins ....

.At Large. Eugene Clarence Holmes.. At Large. Howard Holway

At Large.

STATUS. Louis Honig

..IV. William Penn Humphreys, Jr.....

At Large. James Sather Hutchinson.At Large. Henry Chester Hyde

At Large. Stanley Hooper Jackson. ...III. William Dunbar Jewett ..III. Cecil Knight Jones ..... At Large George Louis Jones. Limited. Kate Davies Jones.. .Special. Maier Kaiser.....

IV. Cora Knight...

III. Albert George Lang. At Large. Milton Slocumb Latham. ......II. Clarence Woodbury Leach At Large. Hattie L Leszynsky At Large. Elmo Bonsall Lieb.

III. David Low

II. Albert Wares Lyser. ..Special. Tatsuniro Magario.

IV. Frederic Magee

.Limited. Ralph Marshall..

.....IV. Mary Loretta Mastick Limited David Maydole Matteson..At Large. Edwin Mays....

At Large. Robert Mays, Jr.

Limited. Augusta Miranda McCracken.....II. Robertson Topp McKisick. I. Maxwell NcNutt..

IV. Margarethe Henriette Elisabeth Meyer

III. Josephine Michalitschke ...III. Estelle Miller..

Special. Robert Head Morrow. At Large. Blanche Morse...

II. Clinton Ralza Morse

III. Nellie Crocker Mott.

IV. Wilmer Mumma

At Large. Kajiro Nakamura

Special. Percy Howard O'Brien.. .-IV. Victor Lathrop O'Brien.

.I. John Brooks Palmer....

I. Charles Edward Parcells.. Limited. Susan Alice Peter

Limited. Joseph Charles Pierce

.At Large. Thomas Howell Pike...-.. At Large. William Gustavus Poage ..At Large. Samuel Francis Pond...- III.



NAME. Robert Martin Price....... At Large. Edward Jenkins Pringle, Jr.

At Large. Arthur Howard Redington... III. William Thomas Rhea..

IV. Renel Drinkwater Robbins, Jr.....

Limited. Leslie Roberts

...IV. Inez Love Robinson At Large. George Henry Roos..

IV. Rosa Emily Ryan..

I. Mary Shackford Sanborn

I. Jesse Payne Sayre.

II. William Henry Gerard Schulte. IV. Thomas Farrington Sedgwick....

Limited. Edward Augustus Selfridge, Jr...

At Large. Albert Compton Sherer..

..IV. Raymond Hough Sherman.At Large. Albert Shoemake.. At Large. Cecil Henry Smith..

IV. Mary Elizabeth Smith. At Large. Walter Otto Smith..

IV. William Oscar Spencer At Large. Alva Walker Stamper.. At Large. Edward Babson Stanwood Leo Daniel Stein

At Large. Total

John Walter Stetson..

...II. James Scott Stevens. At Large. Edith Stevenson... At Large Henry Waldgrave Stuart. At Large. Minnie Isadora Sullivan.. III. Grace Sutton

...IV. Oscar Sutro..

At Large. Helen Olive Thayer.. At Large. Frank Morton Todd..

III. Harry Beal Torrey At Large. Alice Gardner Tripp.... At Large. Robert Haviland Turner.. IV. Hugh Fitz-Randolph Vail.. III. Lawrence Everett Van Winkle...II. Newton Booth Wachhorst IV. Myrtle Walker

At Large. Seymour Waterhouse.. At Large. Jessie Eleanor Watson At Large. Benjamin Weed

III. Jennie Rosamond White

II. William Robinson Whittier. Limited, Marcus Haynes Wiggin ... III. Edwin Milton Wilder ----. At Large. Robert Elkin Neil Williams IV. Henry Montague Willis, Jr. II. Carl Frank Wood.....

IV. Allen Garwood Wright. At Large.

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FACULTY. The Faculty of each College consists of the President of the University and the resident Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors giving instruction in the College.


THE UNDERGRADUATE COURSE. The requirements for admission are given on page 32.

A summary of the subjects embraced in the full course leading to a degree is given below. The course of instruction during the Freshman and Sophomore years is in most respects the same as for the other Colleges of Science, except that the course in mathematics is materially less, while the full course in botany is obligatory, and the work in the chemical laboratory is more especially directed to subjects allied to agriculture. During the Junior and Senior years, the studies relating directly to the theory and practice of agriculture are given chief prominence.

Preparation. It is extremely desirable that students intending to pursue the course in agriculture, in whole or in part, should enter with some previous knowledge of some branches of natural science, especially of botany, entomology or zoology, physics or chemistry; not so much for the actual knowledge of facts they may bring as for the habit of accurate observation. Hence, demonstrative instruction by competent teachers, with the aid of short treatises like the Science Primers, or, in the case of botany, Gray's How Plants Grow, is recommended in preference to the use of more advanced works, and especially as against memorizing from books like those of the Fourteen Weeks series. Previous experience in farm life and work will also aid materially the understanding and fixing of principles, and their application to practice.

The experimental grounds of the University afford abundant means and opportunity for the practical demonstration of such application, which is amplified by excursions to farms and other working establishments. But the time usually alloted to professional education is so short in comparison with the wide range of subjects to be compassed by a well educated man, that time for other than illustrative performance of actual labor is rarely found. Hence, such labor does not form part of the required course. Experience shows that the mere handicraft is very quickly acquired by any one familiar with the objects to be accomplished and with the underlying principles.

Experiment Stations, Bulletins and Annual Reports. The peculiar conditions under which agriculture exists in California, differing widely in many respects from those determining Eastern and European experience, render wide comparative knowledge in her farmers especially important. In order that the facts and conditions with which they have to deal may be more fully understood, and instruction shaped in accordance therewith, the College of Agriculture has, during the past thirteen years, with the aid of the State appropriations for the purpose, assumed the functions of an agricultural experiment station, where questions relating to agriculture, general as well as local, are investigated and determined; including, also, the collection of data for a full knowledge and description of the agricultural features of the State. The results of this work have been published in the form of annual reports, and summarized in bulletins for current publication in the newspapers. They are, of course, immediately utilized in class instruction.

The enactment of the "Hatch Experiment-Station Bill,” providing an annual endowment of fifteen thousand dollars for such work in each State, now permits a material expansion of operations; and besides the establishment of outlying culture stations, it has rendered feasible a more comprehensive and complete plan of experimentation in the central station at Berkeley. Here, also, the results of the work at the outlying stations will be elaborated and discussed. Advanced students in the laboratories will be allowed to take part in this work so far as their qualifications will justify.

Special Lecture Courses. Short courses of lectures on special subjects, such as dairying, viticulture, cotton culture, sugar production, etc., have been and will hereafter be given as the demand arises, or the services of experts in such subjects can be secured.

Following is an outline of the course. For details regarding the studies pursued, consult the statements made under the several courses of instruction, beginning on page 38.

Freshman Year. FIRST TERM.

Prescribed : English (4 hrs.), Summaries (1 hr.), Themes, German (4 hrs.) or French ( 4 hrs.), Mathematics (6 hrs.), Elementary Drawing (3 hrs.), Military Science (2 hrs.), Physical Culture ( 21 hrs.).


Prescribed: English (4 hrs.), Themes, German (4 hrs.) or French (4 hrs.), Mathematics (5 hrs.), Elementary Chemistry (4 hrs.), Elementary Drawing (3 hrs.), Military Science (2 hrs.), Physical Culture (2 hrs.).


Prescribed: Themes, German (4 hrs.) or French (3 hrs.), General Physics (4 hrs.), Inorganic Chemistry (2 hrs.), Qualitative Analysis (9 hrs.), Botany (3 hrs.), Instrumental Drawing and Descriptive Geometry (3 hrs.), Military Science (2 hrs.), Physical Culture (1} hrs.).

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