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With a view to the extension of the advantages of the University to teachers and other persons whose engagements will not permit residence at the University, courses of instruction are offered from time to time in San Francisco and in other places.

Persons who offer to do systematic work in the Extension Courses, and to take examinations in them, are enrolled as Attendants upon Extension Courses. Attendants who pass satisfactory examinations are entitled to receive, from the University, Certificates of Record of the work done, which may be accredited to them, upon their scholarship records, if they subsequently become students of the University.

Visitors may be admitted to Extension Courses at the discretion of the professors in charge.

Persons desiring to enroll themselves for these courses are requested to communicate with Mr. WILLIAM D. ARMES, Secretary for University Extension, University of California, Berkeley.

For the first term of the year 1894-5, the following courses are announced:


(At the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art.)

German. The Classic Period of German Literature, 1748-1832. Six lectures by Assistant Professor SENGER.

Greek. Reading and Translation of the Edipus Tyrannus of Sophocles, with introductory matter and explanatory comment. Seven exercises under the direction of Professor CLAPP.

Political Science. Under the direction of Professor MOSES, with the coöperation of the members of the Departments of History and Political Science and Jurisprudence, the Political Science Club has held fortnightly meetings throughout the term.

(At the California Academy of Sciences.)

Geology. Glaciers and the Glacial Epoch in California. Three lectures by Professor LE CONTE.

(At the Hall of the Young Men's Christian Association.) History. Napoleon and his Epoch. Six lectures by Associate Professor BACON.

English. Poets of the Nineteenth Century. Six lectures by Mr. ARMES.


(At the Hall of the Starr King Fraternity.)

Political Economy. Economic Questions of the Day. Twelve exercises under the direction of Assistant Professor PLEHN.

(At the Hall of the Ebell Society.)

English. Poets of the Nineteenth Century. Six lectures by Mr. ARMES.

(At the Hall of the Young Men's Christian Association.) Geology. The Phenomena of Glacial Action. Three lectures by Professor LE CONTE.


By authorization of the Board of Regents the extension work of the College of Agriculture consists in participation in Farmers' Institutes held under the auspices of the University. These Institutes are held wherever individuals or local agricultural societies undertake necessary arrangements and provide halls for meetings and local advertising. Representatives of the University attend without cost to the localities. Full information concerning this branch of the work of the College of Agriculture may be had by addressing Associate Professor WICKSON, Berkeley.






The property known as the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art, situate at the corner of California and Mason Streets, San Francisco, was in February, 1893, given by Mr. EDWARD F. SEARLES to the Regents of the University of California, "for the exclusive uses and purposes of instruction and illustration of the Fine Arts, Music, and Literature, or any of them, including the maintenance of galleries, reading-rooms, and other suitable means of such instruction and illustration." At the same time The San Francisco Art Association became affiliated with the University of California, pursuant to Sections 1391 and 1396 of the Political Code of California; and, under the terms of a trust agreement between Mr. SEARLES, the Regents of the University, and the Art Association, the Art Association entered upon the occupancy and use of the property for the purposes named.

During the year 1893-4, two exhibitions of paintings have been given by the Art Association; and its instruction, organized many years ago under the title of the California School of Design, has been continued and extended under the auspices of the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art.

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