Shiftless Folks: An Undiluted Love Story

Sprednja platnica
G. W. Carleton & Company, 1875 - 454 strani

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Stran 257 - If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death.
Stran 132 - Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon!
Stran 93 - O SOLITUDE ! if I must with thee dwell, Let it not be among the jumbled heap Of murky buildings ; climb with me the steep,— Nature's observatory — whence the dell, Its flowery slopes, its river's crystal swell, May seem a span ; let me thy vigils keep 'Mongst boughs pavilioned, where the deer's swift leap Startles the wild bee from the foxglove bell.
Stran 243 - OLD King Cole was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, And he called for his fiddlers three.
Stran 46 - She's a young thing and cannot leave her mother. Can she make a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Can she make a cherry pie, charming Billy? She can make a cherry pie, quick as a cat can wink her eye. She's a young thing and cannot leave her mother.
Stran 115 - The Man in the Wilderness The Man in the Wilderness asked of me, "How many strawberries grow in the sea?" I answered him, as I thought good, "As many red herrings as grow in the wood.
Stran 30 - Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses and all the King's men Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty in his place again.
Stran 343 - I like an owl in desert am, That nightly there doth moan ; 7 I watch, and like a sparrow am On the house-top alone. 8 My bitter en'mies all the day Reproaches cast on me ; And, being mad at me, with rage Against me sworn they be. 9 For...
Stran 141 - The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.

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