The Dublin Review, Količina 95

Sprednja platnica
Nicholas Patrick Wiseman
Tablet Publishing Company, 1884

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Stran 191 - Prostrate my contrite heart I rend, My God, my Father, and my Friend, Do not forsake me in my end.
Stran 175 - Post 8vo, pp. 276, cloth, 7s. 6d. RELIGION IN CHINA: Containing a Brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese, with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People. By JOSEPH EDKINS, DD, Peking. Third Edition. " We confidently recommend a careful perusal of the present work to all interested in this great subject.
Stran 132 - Fecerunt itaque civitates duas amores duo, terrenam scilicet amor sui usque ad contemptum Dei, caelestem vero amor Dei usque ad contemptum sui.
Stran 214 - Quantum elargiri deceat : quem te Deus esse Jussit, et humana qua parte locatus es in re.
Stran 181 - THE BIBLE IN THE CHURCH. A Popular Account of the Collection and Reception of the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Churches.
Stran 243 - ... but, as he goes on, he finds himself gradually gaining such ascendency over the vicious as to control them quite as effectually by milder means. At first, easily excited to anger or impatience, he frequently indulged in severe language when it was unnecessary, — but by careful discipline he has learned to " set a watch before his mouth and to keep the door of his lips.
Stran 185 - I have thus detailed the life, and offered some remarks on the literary character of JOHN DRYDEN : who, educated in a pedantic taste, and a fanatical religion, was destined, if not to give laws to the stage of England, at least to defend its liberties ; to improve burlesque into satire ; to free translation from the fetters of verbal metaphrase, and exclude from it the license of paraphrase...
Stran 111 - I assure you that, whatever you may be told to the contrary, the teaching of Christianity among 160 millions of civilized, industrious Hindus and Mohammedans in India is effecting changes, moral, social, and political, which for extent and rapidity of effect are far more extraordinary than anything you or your fathers have witnessed in modern Europe.
Stran 119 - I, AB, of my own free will and accord, in presence of Almighty God and this worshipful lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, dedicated to God, and held forth to the holy order of St. John, do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear...
Stran 142 - Massonibus esse suam, dempta persona, faciera: populosque sermone et datis etiam in id Litteris episcopalibus edocendos, quae sint societatum eius generis in blandiendo alliciendoque artificia, et in opinionibus pravitas, et in actionibus turpitudo. Quod pluries Decessores Nostri confirmarunt, nomen sectae Massonum dare nemo sibi quapiam de caussa licere putet, si catholica professio et salus sua tanti apud eum sit, quanti esse débet. Ne...

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