The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

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Grand Central Publishing, 16. nov. 2008 - 368 strani
Reclaim energy and mental clarity with Dr. Young's revolutionary program to strike the ideal alkaline and acidic balance and give you a healthy, trim body in just weeks.

Never count calories, fat grams, or food portions again! Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, and disease. Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better overall health, and a lean, trim body. The key? Your health depends on the pH balance of its blood.

This innovative, proven diet program can work with your body chemistry and help revitalize and maintain your health. You can achieve the optimum 80/20 balance between an alkaline and acidic environment provided by eating certain foods. Rediscover the secrets of:
  • Breakfast, the low-carb, high-fiber meal that will be the biggest change you'll make;
  • The cleanse--a liquid detox to normalize digestion and metabolism and rid your body of harmful bacteria and yeast;
  • Alkaline foods--tomatoes, avocados, and green vegetables-and how to mix them with mildly acidic foods like fish, grains, and fruits to create tempting and delicious meals;
  • Supplements--how to select, shop, and calculate the right dosage for you;
  • Water, the all-important drink--how to make sure yours is safe, pure, and plentiful.
Learn how to balance your life and your diet with the incredible health benefits of The pH Miracle.

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LibraryThing Review

Uporabnikova ocena  - JoshSimerman - LibraryThing

This is a great book for getting started in understanding true nutrition, how food works in your body, what to eat and not to eat, and how to think about food in a more quantitative and scientific way ... Celotno mnenje

a great gift

Uporabnikova ocena  - teachersha -

My friend loves to read about health and diets. She said this was a great book and has tried some diet changes and it works! This is not a weight loss book people. It is being healthy and how to guide on how our bodies reacts to food. She LOVES it! Celotno mnenje


The New Biology of Health
Its All About Alkalinity
Confusing Symptoms and Disease
Digestionand Disease
Eat VegetarianEat COWS
What to Eat What to Avoid
Water Juice and Green Drink
The pH Miracle Whole Body Cleanse
Alkalizing Nutritional Supplements
Alkaline Exercise
MotivationHow to Get It How to Keep
Choosing the Right Recipe
Dressings Dips Pâtés Spreads Toppings Fillings and Sauces

Food Combining
Putting It Together
Side Dishes

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O avtorju (2008)

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a nationally renowned microbiologist and nutritionist, who speaks to audience around the world on health and wellness. Shelley Redford Young is a licensed massage therapist and the chef behind the recipes in The pH Miracle.

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