Constitutional Government in Spain: A Sketch

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Harper & brothers, 1889 - 222 strani

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Stran 189 - Whilst the property and sovereignty of the Mississippi and its waters secure an independent outlet for the produce of the Western States and an uncontrolled navigation through their whole course, free from collision with other powers and the dangers to our peace from that source, the fertility of the country, its climate and extent, promise in due season important aids to our Treasury, an ample provision for our posterity, and a wide spread for the blessings of freedom and equal laws.
Stran 205 - After a full and deliberate examination of these proofs, the President deems them irresistibly conclusive that the horrible combination of robbery, murder, and war, with which the frontier of the United States bordering upon Florida has for several years past been visited...
Stran 189 - The cession of the Spanish province of Louisiana to France, which took place in the course of the late war, will, if carried into effect, make a change in the aspect of our foreign relations which will doubtless have a just weight in any deliberations of the legislature connected with that subject.
Stran 183 - If I wished for a guide in a system of neutrality, I should take that laid down by America, in the days of the presidency of Washington, and the secretaryship of Jefferson.
Stran 209 - The United States, exonerating Spain from all demands in future, on account of the claims of their Citizens, to which the renunciations herein contained extend, and considering them entirely cancelled, undertake to make satisfaction for the same, to an amount not exceeding Five Millions of Dollars.
Stran 42 - ... the dangers and conquering the difficulties, that were not hidden from my view, in the sympathy of all those Spaniards who, loving their native land, were desirous of putting an end to the bloody and barren struggles which for so many years have been gnawing at its vitals. " I realize that my good intentions have been in vain. For two long years...
Stran 87 - No person shall be molested in the territory of Spain for his religious opinions, nor for the exercise of his particular worship, saving the respect due to Christian morality. Nevertheless, no other ceremonies nor manifestations in public will be permitted than those of the religion of the state.
Stran 217 - Harbor, as the case may^be, are as good-natured as they are clever. The satire, when there is any, is of the mildest, and the general tone is that of one glad to look on the brightest side of the cheerful, "pleasure-seeking world with which he mingles.— Christian Union, NY PUBLISHED BY HARPER & BROTHERS, NEW YORK.
Stran 206 - The uselessness of any stipulation on the subject of this first proposition is further demonstrated by the nature of the second, in which you announce your authority to cede all the property and sovereignty possessed by Spain in and over the Floridas.
Stran 213 - At what time and in what manner would a new negotiation terminate? By this proceeding Spain has formed a relation between the two countries which will justify any measures on the part of the United States which a strong sense of 'injury and a proper regard for the rights and interests of the nation may dictate.

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