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1. The Circular of Information, Academic Departments (Colleges of

Letters, Sciences, and Engineering, and the first two years of Medicine). Containing general information about the University, its organization, government, faculties, requirements for admission both to graduate and undergraduate status, requirements for degrees and teacher's recommendations, expenses. Detailed information is given in the other publications men

tioned in this list. 2. The Annual Commencement Programme. Containing the list of

degrees conferred, scholarships, prizes, and other honors. 3. Specimen entrance-examination papers. 4. The Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction in the

Academic Colleges. Price, 10 cents. Sent by mail by the

Recorder of the Faculties for 15 cents. 5. The Prospectus of the Summer Session in the Academic Col

leges, published annually in March. 6. The Catalogue of Officers and Students in the Academic Col

leges. Published in September and in February. Price, 10 cents. Sent by mail by the Recorder of the Faculties for

13 cents. 7. The Monthly Meteorological Synopsis of Berkeley. 8. The Biennial Report of the President. 9. The Annual Report of the Secretary. 10. The Annual Report of the Professor of Agriculture. 11. The Bulletins of the Agricultural Experiment Station. 12. The Library Bulletins. 13. The Circular of the San Francisco Institute of Art, in San

Francisco. 14. The Annual Announcements of the Hastings College of the

Law, the College of Medicine, the College of Dentistry, the

California College of Pharmacy, in San Francisco. For Nos. 1 to 8 of the above, application should be made to the Recorder of the Faculties, University of California, Berkeley, California; for No. 9, to the Manager of the University Press, at Berkeley; for Nos. 10 and 11, to the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, at Berkeley; for No. 12, to the Librarian, at Berkeley; for Nos. 13 and 14, to the proper Dean or Registrar, in San Francisco.

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