Charles Hammond and His Relations to Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams: Or, Constitutional Limitations and the Contest for Freedom of Speech and the Press. An Address Delivered Before the Chicago Historical Society, May 20, 1884

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Pub. for the Chicago Historical Society, 1885 - 72 strani

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Stran 27 - The bank is not considered as a private corporation, whose principal object is individual trade and individual profit; but as a public corporation, created for public and national purposes. That the mere business of banking is, in its own nature, a private business, and may be carried on by individuals or companies having no political connection with the government, is admitted ; but the bank is not such an individual or company. It was not created for its own sake, or for Oplnion ta M,Culloch private...
Stran 62 - LET the day perish wherein I was born, and the night in which it was said, " There is a man child conceived.
Stran 21 - The question, whether the Bank of the United States, as now constituted, is exempt by the constitution of the Union, from the taxing power of the state, depends upon the nature and character of the institution. If it stands upon the same foundation with the mint and the...
Stran 26 - The process is substantially, though not in form, against the state, * * * and the direct interest of the state in the suit as brought is admitted; and had it been in the power of the bank to make it a party, perhaps no decree ought to have been pronounced in the cause until the state was before the court. But this was not in the power of the bank...
Stran 21 - ... proceedings of the federal courts, we admit, without hesitation, that it is entitled to the exemption it claims. The states cannot tax the offices, establishments, and operations, of the national government. It is not the argument of the opinion, in M'Culloch v.
Stran 28 - Hammond's remarkable acuteness and accuracy of mind, and referred with emphatic admiration to his argument before the Supreme Court in the Bank case. He said that he had met "no judicial record of equal intellectual power since Lord Hardwicke's time.
Stran 42 - Awed by no shame, by no respect controll'd, In scandal busy, in reproaches bold: With witty malice studious to defame, Scorn all his joy, and laughter all his aim:— But chief he gloried with licentious style To lash the great, and monarchs to revile.
Stran 6 - ... instincts as a thorough gentleman to give lustre to the city of his residence and to the generation to which he belonged; a successful lawyer that stood in the front rank of his profession; a cautious, far-seeing, and wise legislator, distinguishing himself in the halls of legislation, National as well as State ; a successful public speaker and a write'r of great power and wide-spread popularity, he has left to the generations that succeed him the legacy of a noble example and a good name. At...
Stran 6 - ... Arnold. Before the adjournment, Mr. Washburne, the actingpresident of the Society, said: "I am certain that all the members of the Chicago Historical Society, and all others present, will have heard with emotion the resolution in respect to our late President, first presented by Judge Mark Skinner. "The Society has met with a great and almost irreparable loss in the death of Mr. Arnold. Long identified with it, giving to it his attention and his services, he has done much to elevate its character...
Stran 5 - Chicago, contributing by his indefatigable industry, his unimpeachable integrity, his patriotism, his public spirit, his rare abilities, his great acquirements, his spotless moral character, his high social qualifications, and his instincts as a thorough gentleman to give lustre to the city of his residence and to the generation to which he belonged ; a successful lawyer that stood in the front rank of his profession; a cautious, farseeing-, and wise legislator, distinguishing himself in the halls...

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