General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution: From Redcoat to Rebel

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NYU Press, 1. jan. 1994 - 262 strani

Chronicles the life and military of a neglected hero of the American Revolution—General Richard Montgomery

"Brave, humane, and generous . . . still he was only a brave, humane, and generous rebel; curse on his virtues, they've undone this country."—Member of British Parliament Lord North, upon hearing of General Richard Montgomery's death in battle against the British

At 3 a.m. on December 31, 1775, a band of desperate men stumbled through a raging Canadian blizzard toward Quebec. The doggedness of this ragtag militia—consisting largely of men whose short-term enlistments were to expire within the next 24 hours—was due to the exhortations of their leader. Arriving at Quebec before dawn, the troop stormed two unmanned barriers, only to be met by a British ambush at the third. Amid a withering hale of cannon grapeshot, the patriot leader, at the forefront of the assault, crumpled to the ground. General Richard Montgomery was dead at the age of 37.

Montgomery—who captured St. John and Montreal in the same fortnight in 1775; who, upon his death, was eulogized in British Parliament by Burke, Chatham, and Barr; and after whom 16 American counties have been named—has, to date, been a neglected hero. Written in engaging, accessible prose, General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution chronicles Montgomery's life and military career, definitively correcting this historical oversight once and for all.


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TWO Ancestry and Early Life
THREE Duty in the Seven Years
FOUR Decision for the Patriot Cause
FIVE Service in the Provincial Congress
SIX The Patriot Call to Arms
SEVEN The March to Canada
EIGHT Struggle and Success against St Johns
NINE On to Quebec
TEN Attack on Quebec
ELEVEN Aftermath of Quebec
TWELVE Epilogue
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O avtorju (1994)

Hal T. Shelton, a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army, currently teaches history at San Jacinto College.

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