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age. Pop. in 1830, 20,330; in 1840, 21,030, of shore, shelters the entrance. It was formerly the whom 10,213 were whites, 10,045 slaves, and 772 rendezvous of the busses employed in the herringfree-coloured. Cap., Lynchburg.–Also a county in fishery, for which it is admirably situated. In 1744, the state of Georgia, containing an area of 300 sq. it possessed only two or three small vessels. The D, intersected by Chattahoochee river. It is hilly, number of registered vessels belonging to the port, bot possesses considerable fertility. Pop. in 1830, in 1835, was 54; total tonnage 2,251. In 1818 it 3,323; in 1840, 5,370, of whom 4,526 were whites, had 24 sailing vessels = = 2,702 tons. The number 842 slaves, and 2 free-coloured. Cap., Campbellton. of vessels that entered inwards coastwise in 1818 -Also a county in the state of Tennessee, compris-was 616 = 18,264 tons. Custom's revenue, in 1836, ing a superficies of 672 sq. m., intersected by the £389. Besides its fisheries-which, however, have Cumberland mountains, in the SE by the Tennessee greatly declined of late years-C. has a considerable river, on the NW it is watered by affluents of the trade in the distillation and export of whisky, and Cumberland river. Pop. in 1830, 5,110; in 1810, the export of potatoes. 6,149, of whom 5,831 were whites, 264 slaves, and CAMPBELL TOWN, or CAMPBELLTON, a town 54 free-coloured. Cap., Jacksborough. — Also a of New South Wales, in Cumberland co., near the county in the state of Kentucky, bounded on the N 1. bank of George river, 25 m. SW of Sydney. and É by the Ohio, and intersected by Lickiny river. CAMPBELL TOWN, a county of Van Diemen's It is generally hilly, but fertile. Pop. in 1840, 5,214, Land; bounded on the N by the co. of Launceston, of whom 4,921 were whites, 289 slaves, and 4 free- from which it is separated by the S Esk; on the E coloured. Cap., Newport. — Also a township of by the ocean; on the SE by the co. of Oyster bay; Warwick co., in the state of Indiana. Pop. 959.- on the S by that of Oatlands; on the SW by the Also a township of Steuben co., in the state of New co. of Clyde; and on the W by that of Norfolk York, 10 m. SE of Bath. It possesses a hilly sur- plains, from which it is separated by Lake and Macface, and is watered by Conhocton river. The soil quarie rivers. It presents a generally hilly surface; consists of clay and marly loam. Pop. 852. and is intersected on the E by St. Paul's river, an

CAMPBELL, a river of New South Wales, which affluent of the S Esk, and in a NW direction by the forms the NW boundary of Westmoreland co., and Macquarie and its tributaries. On one of the latter unites with the Macquarie 7 m. SE of Bathurst. Elizabeth river is the cap., Campbelltown, 8 m. N

CAMPBELL (CAPE); a promontory of New Zea- of Ross, and 65 m. N of Hobart town. land, at the NE extremity of New Munster, or Mid- CAMP BRANCH, a township of Warren co., in dle island, forming the SW point of Cook's straits, the state of Missouri, U. S. Pop. in 1840, 527. in S lat. 41° 40', and E long. 174° 20'.

CAMP CREEK, a township of Pike co., in the CAMPBELL (Mount), a summit of SE Austra- state of Ohio, U. S. Pop. in 1840, 298. lia, 28 m. S of the Lachlan river, in S lat. 33° 40', E CAMPDEN-CHIPPING, a parish and marketlong. 147° 29'.

town of Gloucestershire, 6 m. NNW of Moreton, CAMPBELL'S DORP, or Great Fountain, a and 27 m. NE of Gloucester, near the Stratford town of Hottentotia, in the Griqua dist., on an afflu- railway. Area 4,660 acres. Pop. in 1841, 2,087. ent of the Gariep, 30 m. E of Griquatown.

The town lies in a fertile valley on the borders of CAMPBELL'S ISLAND, a small island of the S Worcestershire, and consists of a street nearly a mile Pacific, to the SE of Lord Auckland's islands, in s in length, towards the centre of which are the court lat. 52° 30', and E long. 169° 30'.

and market houses. The parish church, a beautiful CAMPBELLTON, a village of the state of structure, stands on an eminence in the hamlet of Georgia, U. S., cap. of Campbell co., on Chatta- Berrington. hoochee river, 102 m. NW of Milledgeville. It con- CAMPEACHY, a town of Yucatan, situated on sisted in 1840 of about 25 houses.

the river San Francisco, in the bay of Campeachy, CAMPBELLTOWN, a parish and town in Ar- or Vera Cruz, 95 m. S by W of Merida; in N lat. gyleshire. The p. forms the S extremity of the 19° 51' 15", W long. 90° 28' 15". Its houses are peninsula of Kintyre. Area 44,000 acres.' Pop. in well built of stone, the town is walled, and there is 1801, 7,003; in 1841, 9,634. It is narrowed in the a good dock, and a fort which commands both the middle by the bay of Machrihanish, on one side, and town and harbour. The pop. is from 12,000 to the loch of Kilkerran, or harbour of Campbelltown, 14,000. Water is scarce and brackish; but the on the other. This bay runs inland a considerable markets are well supplied with beef and vegetables. way, leaving between the two oceans on the E and The port is large but shallow; the rise of tide is only W a large plain of 4 m. in length, by 3 m. in breadth, 3 ft., and vessels are in consequence obliged to anchor and not 40 ft. above the level of the sea. From this a good way from the shore. It was a stated market plain both extremities of the p. gradually rise into for logwood, of which great quantities grew in the hills

, which attain the height of 1,200 ft. Bear, bar- neighbourhood, before the English began to cut it ley, and potatoes, are the principal crops.—The burgh at the isthmus, which they entered at Trieste island, of C.

, originally a small fishing-village, but through near the bottom of the bay, 40 leagues SW from C. the interest of the duke of Argyle, erected into a Between C. and Merida are two considerable Indian royal burgh in 1700, had a pop. in 1831, of 4,869; in villages. The exportation of the wax of Yucatan, 1841, of 5,028. It joins with Ayr

, Irvine, Inverary, constitutes one of the most lucrative branches of its and Oban in returning a member to parliament. trade. It also exports logwood, turtle, cotton, cocoa, Parliamentary constituency, in 1839, 280; in 1847, rice, and bags and ropes made of twisted grass.265. It received its present name at the time of its c. has been often stormed and taken both by the erection into a burgh; before which period it went English and French buccaneers, in 1659, 1678, and by the name of Ceannloch,—that is, the Head,' or last in 1685, when these freebooters united, and End of the loch, — which it still retains in the plundered every place within 15 leagues round. language of the country. It extends around the CAMPEAUX, a commune of France, in the dep. head of the bay, and has a number of villas scat- of Calvados, cant. of Beny-Bocage, 8 m. from Vire. tered at either end along the declivities. The har- Pop. 827. It possesses extensive manufactories of bour is about 2 m. long and 1 m. broad, with from 5 cordage.—Also a village in the dep. of the Oise, to 13 fath. water, and excellent anchorage. It is cant. of Formerie, 22 m. from Beauvais. Pop. 853. surrounded by high hills on each side; and an island It contains manufactories of hosiery, netting, and called Davar, connected at low water with the SI optical glasses.

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CAMPEGINE, a town of Modena, in the district | the Schelde and Meuse, and comprising the districts and 9 m. NW of Reggio. Pop. 3,200.

of Turnhout, Herenthals, Gheel, Hoogstraeten, Moll, CAMPEL, a town of Switzerland, in the Valais, Postel, Heyst-op-den-Berg, Meerhout, Wortel, Merx. on the r. bank of the Rhone, 20 m. ENE of Sion. plas, Ryckevorsel, Herck, Beringen, Peer, Bree, Ha

CAMPENE'AC, a commune of France, in the mont, &c. It is generally uncultivated, but is celedep. of Morbihan, cant. and 6 m. ENE of Ploërmel. brated for its breeds of horses, cattle, and sheep, Pop. 2,189.

which are considered the finest in the kingdom. CAMPENHOUT, a village of the Netherlands, in CAMPIONE, a town of Switzerland, in the cant. the prov. of S Brabant, 12 m. NE of Brussels. Pop. of Tessin, on the E side of the lake of and 3 m. SSE 2,000.

of Lugano. In 1528, this little town was nearly deCAMPER, a village of Switzerland, in the cant. of stroyed by the fall of a portion of the superimpend. Tessin, near the junction of the Val Zura with the ing mountain. Val Blegno.

CAMPITELLO, a canton and commune of the CAMPHIN- EN - PEVE'LE, a commune of island of Corsica, arrond. of Bastia. The cant. comFrance, in the dep. of the Nord, cant. of Cysoing. prises 5 com., and in 1831 contained a pop. of 1,834. Pop. 1,418.

The village 15 m. SSW of Bastia. Pop. 233. CAMPI, a parish and town of Tuscany, in the CAMPLI, a town of Naples, in the prov. of Abruzcompart. and 9 m. WNW of Florence, on the Bisen- zo-Ultra, district and 6 m. N of Teramo. Pop. zio, which is here crossed by a bridge. Pop. 1,973. 7,125. It is the seat of the ecclesiastical administraIt possesses extensive manufactories of straw-bon- tion of the Neapolitan portion of the dioceses of nets.-Also a town of Naples, cap. of a circondario Ascoli, Ripatransone, and Montalto; and contains a in the prov. of Otranto, district and 8 m. WNW of cathedral, 3 colleges, an abbey, several convents, an Lecce. Pop. 4,101.

hospital, &c. Fairs are held twice a-year. CAMPI PORTO, a harbour of Naples, in the prov. CAMPLONG, a commune of France, in the dep. of Capitanata, on the promontory of Gargano, 20 m. of Herault, cant. and 6 m. NNW of Bédarrieux. NE of Manfredonia.

Pop. 2,515. Iron is wrought in the environs. CAMPICERRADO, a town of Spain, in Leon, in CAMPO, a village of Switzerland, in the cant. of the prov. of Salamanca, 20 m. NE of Ciudad-Rodri- Tessin, in the valley of Blegno, 20 m. N of Bellingo, on an affluent of the Yeltes.

zona. It contains a mineral spring.–Also a village CAMPIDANO (IL), or CAMPIDANO D'ORISTANO, of the island of Elba, on a gulf of the same name, 8 a district of the island of Sardinia, comprising the m. SW of Porto-Ferrajo. Pop. 1,500.--Also a vil. basin of the gulf of Cagliari, and the valley of Mas- | lage of Naples, in the prov. of Calabria-Ultra, dissari. Its vegetation of palms and cactuses reminds trict and 9 m. N of Reggio. Pop. 1,942. Silk is the traveller of African scenery.

extensively cultivated in the locality.-Also a town CAMPIGLIA, a parish and town of Tuscany, in of Spain, in Aragon, prov. and 45 m. NE of Huesca, the comp. and 35 m. NW of Grosseto, on a hill, 6 m. near the l, bank of the Essera. from the shore of the Mediterranean. Pop. 2,141. CAMPO, a river of Lower Guinea, which falls into The adjacent Monte Calvi contains rich quarries of the bight of Biafra, at a point of the same name, in marble.

N lat. 2° 20'. CAMPILE, a canton and commune of the island CAMPO D'ARSEGO, a town of Venetian Lomof Corsica, arrond. of Bastia. The cant. comprises hardy, in the gov. of Venice, prov. and 7 m. NE of 7 com., and in 1831 contained a pop. of 3,520. The Padua. village is 15 m. from Bastia. Pop. 712.

CAMPOBASSO, a town of Naples, cap. of the prov. CAMPILHAS, a river of Portugal, in the prov. of of Sannio or Molise, and of the district of the same Alentejo, which flows NNE, and unites with the name, situated on the declivity of a mountain, 55 m. NE Sado or Soldao near Albalade.

of Naples, 60 m. SSE of Chieti, and 50 m. W of Foggia. CAMPILLO, a town of Spain, in Old Castile, Pop. 8,330. It is strongly defended; and possesses a prov. of Burgos, 45 m. NNE of Segovia. —Also a collegiate and 4 parish-churches, 2 colleges, several town of Aragon, in the prov. and 17 m. SSW of Ca- convents, an hospital, and an alms-house. It is celelatayud, between the Mesa and Piedra.

brated for its manufactories of hardware and cutlery, CAMPILLO (E..), a town of Spain, in Estrema- and has an active transit commerce. Fairs are held dura, prov. and 70 m. ESE of Badajoz, and 26 m. twice a-year.—The compartimento or district of C. NE of Llerena.

comprises 15 cantons. CAMPILLO DE ALTOBUCY, a town of Spain, CAMPOBELLO, a town of Sicily, in the district in New Castile, prov. and 42 m. SE of Cuenca, and and 32 m. SE of Trepani, district and 7 m. ESE of 26 m. NE of Tarazona.

Mazzara. Pop. 2,985. Extensive stone quarries CAMPILLO DE ARENAS, a town of Spain, in were anciently wrought near this place. Andalusia, prov. and 20 m. S of Jaen, on the r. bank CAMPO-BELLO, an island of New Brunswick, of the Campillo.

at the entrance of Passamaquody bay. It is about CAMPILLOS, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, 10 m. in length from N to S, and 2 m. in average cap. of a judicial partido, in the prov. and 67 m. ESE breadth; comprising a superficies of about 4,000 acres, of Seville, 17 m. from Antequera, and 21 m. from generally fertile, and to a great extent under cultivaOsuna. Pop. 5,000. It is situated on the confines tion. This island is a considerable entrepot for the of an extensive plain, and is neatly built, clean, and trade in gypsum between New Brunswick, Nova Scowell-paved.

tia, and the United States, and has also an active CAMPINA - GRANDE, a town and district of export traffic in fresh fish, in exchange for ordinary Brazil, in the prov. of Parahiba, on the Serra Ba- provisions and contraband articles of trade. It poscamarte, 80 m. W of Parahiba. Pop. in 1815, sesses several harbours, the principal of which, the 5,000.

Harbour de Lute, at its NW extremity, is safe and CAMPINAS, a town of Brazil, in the prov. and commodious. 45 m. N of San Paulo. Pop. 6,000. The sugar-cane CAMPO-BELLO, a town of Brazil, in the prov. is extensively cultivated in the environs.

of Minas-Geraes, 90 m. W of Auro-Preto. Pop. of CAMPINE, or KEMPINE, a territory of the Nether- town and district 1,500.—Also a village in the prov. lands, in the prov. of Liege and Brabant, consisting of Rio-de-Janeiro, in the district of Rezende. of a plateau at a small elevation above the basins of CAMPOBELLO-DI-LICATA, a town of Sicily,

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in the district and 20 m. ESE of Girgenti, on an af- , cant. and 5 m. SE of Morcone, on a hill to the Wo: fluent of the Salso. Pop. 4,232.

the Temaro. Pop. 1,500. It contains 3 churches. CAMPOBRIN, a town of Spain, in Old Castile, in The environs afford excellent wine. the prov. of Burgos, 16 m. SW of Logrono, and 10 CAMPOLIETO, a town of Naples, in the prov. of m. SE of Najera, between the Yalde and Ledesma. Sannio, district and 9 m. NE of Campobasso, situated

CAMPOCHIARO, a town of Naples, in the prov. on two hills. Pop. 2,431. It has one annual fair. of Sannio, district and 20 m. ESE of Isernia, and 4 The environs afford good wine. m. SE of Bojano. Pop. 1,746. It contains an hos- CAMPOLORO, a canton of the island of Corsica, pital, and has an annual fair.

arrond. of Bastia. Pop. 2,488. It produces highly
CAMPO DE CASO (EL), a town of Spain, in esteemed wine. Cap., Cervione.
Asturias, prov. and 25 m. SE of Oviedo, on the r. CAMPO MAGGIORE, a town of Naples, in the
bank of the Nalon.

prov. of Basilicata, district and 18 m. ESE of Po-
CAMPO DE CRIPTANA, a town of Spain, intenza. Pop. 410.
New Castile, prov. of La Mancha, and 54 m. NE of CAMPO-MAIOR, a district and town of Brazil,
Ciudad-Real, near the l. bank of the Giguela. in the prov. of Piauhi, on the river Surubim. The

CAMPO DE SAN-PEDRO, a town of Spain, in town is 160 m. NE of Oeiras. The pop. of the dist.
Old Castile, prov. and 39 m. NE of Segovia, near the is about 5,000.
r. bank of the Caravias.

CAMPO-MAIOR, or MAYOR, a town of Portugal,
CAMPO DI PIETRA, a town of Naples, in the in the prov. of Alentejo, comarca and 12 m. NE of
prov. of Sannio, district and 5 m. E of Campobasso. Elvas, and 15 m. NW of Badajoz. Pop. 5,000. It was
Pop. 1,418. It contains 3 churches and an hospital. to a great extent destroyed in 1712 by the accidental

CAMPO DOLCINO, a town of Venetian Lombar- explosion of a powder-magazine, and its citadel is dv, in the gov. of Milan, deleg. and 27 m. NW of Son- still in ruins; but some of its fortifications have redrio, and 12 m. NNW of Chiavenna, in the Val S. cently been restored, and it contains a collegiate Giacomo, on the l. bank of the Lira, and on the road church, 2 convents, an hospital, and an alms-house. to the Splugen pass.

It was taken in 1801 by the Spaniards. CAMPO FELICI, a town of Sicily, in the dis- CAMPO - MAIOR - DE - QUIXERAMOBIM, a trict and 35 m. ESE of Palermo, on a small river town and comarca of Brazil, near the centre of the which falls into the Mediterranean, 12 m. ESE of prov. of Ceara, on the r. bank of the Quixeramobim, Termini.

140 m. SSE of Fortaleza. The district is fertile, and
CAMPO-FILONE, a village of the States-of-the- has a pop. of about 8,000.
Church, in the prov. and 8 m. SE of Fermo, and near CAMPO - MARINO, a town of Naples, in the
the shore of the Adriatic. It has an annual fair. prov. of Sannio, district and 14 m. NNE of Larino,

CAMPO-FORMIO, a village of Venetian Lom- cant. and 3 m. SE of Termoli, near the entrance of
bardy, in the gov. of Venice, prov. and 6 m. SW of the Biferno into the Adriatic. Pop. 1,283, partly
Udine. Pop. 1,500. In the vicinity is a fine castle, Albanians. It is surrounded by walls, and contains
in which the treaty of peace between France and 3 churches and a custom-house.
Austria was signed, on the 17th Oct., 1797.

CAMPO-MARONE, a town of Sardinia, in the CAMPO-FREDDO, a town of Genoa, cap. of a prov. and 9 m. NNW of Genoa, on the Ponente rimandemento, in the prov. and 15 m. NW of Genoa, ver, 8 m. N of its entrance into the Mediterranean. on the r. bank of the Orba, and near the source of CAMPO-MORO, a hamlet of the island of Corsithat river in the Apennines.

ca, in the cant. of Olmeto, com. of Fozzano, on the CAMPO-FRIO, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, in gulf of Vallinco which affords excellent anchorage the prov. and 40 m. NNE of Huelva, and 10 m. SSE for the largest vessels. Pop. 160. of Aracena. In the vicinity is a quarry of fine jasper. CAMPO-MORTO, a village of Venetian Lom

CAMPO-GALLIONA, a village of the duchy, in bardy, in the gov. and 12 m. S of Milan, prov. and the prov. and 5 m. NW of Modena, and 7 m. SSW 9 m. N of Pavia, dist. of Landriano. An important of Carpi. Pop. 1,500. It has a weekly market, and battle between the Parians and Milanese was fought a fair once a-year.

here in 1061. CAMPO-GRANDE, a village of Portugal, in the CAMPO-MORTO, a town of the States-of-theprov. of Estremadura, in the comarca and

a little to Church, 28 m. SE of Rome, on an affluent of the Astura. the N of Lisbon. Pop. 1,800. It is situated in an ex- CAMPONOGARO, a town of Venetian Lomtensive plain, and contains several villas. It pos- bardy, in the gov. of Milan, prov. and 12 m. ESE of sesses a large silk-mill, and has an important annual Padua, on the Brenta canal. fair.

CAMPOOLEE, a small romantic village of HinCAMPO-GRANDE, a district and town of Brazil, dostan, in the prov. of Aurungabad, at the foot of in the prov. of Rio-de-Janeiro, lying N of the river the Bhoreghaut, in a highly cultivated plain watered Grande and the Serra Mahitacara, and to the E of by a stream which during the monsoon swells into a the comarca of Iraja. The district is watered by broad and rapid river. The road between Panwell the Banga, Taquaral, Caboçu, Mendanha, and Ju- and Punah is here carried over the Bhoreghaut, riari. Pop. 2,000.-Also a town in the prov. of Rio- which is formed of a succession of lofty eminences, Grande do Norte, 40 m. W of Villa-da-Princeza.- the last of which attains an alt. of 2,000 ft. above Also a serra or mountain-ridge rising in the midst of sea-level. This road is traversed with ease by a an extensive plain, in the district of Porto-Alegre, in four-wheeled waggon, while formerly the only mode the prov. of Rio-Grande-do-Norte.

of transport over the ghaut was on the back of a bulCAMPO-HERMOSO, a town of Spain, in the lock or by palanquin.-Hughes. prov. and 21 m. NNE of Leon, between the Toris CAMPORA, à town of Naples, in the prov. of and Curueno.

Principato Citra, district and 5 m. NNE of II Vallo, CAMPO-LARGO, a district and town of Brazil, and 43 m. SE of Salerno, on an affluent of the Cain the prov. of Bahia, on the l. bank of the Rio lone or Petra. Pop. 1,200. Grande, 60 m. above its junction with the San-Fran- CAMPORAGHENĀ, a parish and village of Tuscisco. Pop. 3,000.—Also a v. in the prov. of San- cany, in the delegation of Pisa, 9 m. N of Fivizzano, Paulo, in the district of Curitiba.

on a mountain of the same name. Pop. 238.—Monte CAMPOLATTARO, a town of Naples, in the C., 7,180 ft. in altitude, forms the highest summit of prov. of Sannio, district and 20 m. S of Campobasso, the Apennines in Tuscany.


CAMPOREAL, a town of Spain, in New Castile, | r. bank of the Nureta.—The battle of Trebbia, in prov. and 18 m. ESE of Madrid.

which the Romans were defeated by Hannibal, is CAMPO-REDONDO, a town of Spain, in Leon, supposed to have taken place in the vicinity of this prov. and 66 m. NNW of Palencia, and 13 m. WNW town. of Cervera, on the r. bank of the Carrion.

CAMPREMY, a village of France, in the dep. of CAMPORGIANO-IN-GARFAGNANA, a vil. the Oise, cant. of Froissy, 16 m. NE of Beauvais. lage of Modena, district of Garfagnana, 22 m. NE of Pop. 369. It possesses some linen manufactories. Massa, on the r. bank of the Serchio. Pop. 375. CAMPS, a commune of France, in the dep. of

CAMPQROBRES, a town of Spain, in New Cas- Var, cant. of Brignoles. Pop. 1,063. tile, in the prov. and 45 m. SW of Cuenca, and 10 CAMPS-EN-AMIENOIS, a commune of France, m. NW of Útiel.

in the dep. of the Somme, cant. of Molliens-Vidame. CAMPO ROSSO, a mountain of Tyrol, forming Pop. 569. a branch of the Carnic or Julian Alps, to the W of CAMPSALL, a parish and township in the W. R. the Rienz, and 5 m. S of the confluence of that of Yorkshire, 7} m. NNW of Doncaster, and 5 m. S river with the Drau.

of the Goole canal. Area 9,390 acres. Pop. in CAMPOS, a town of the island of Majorca, 20 m. 1841, 2,149. Area of township 1,470 acres.

Pop-, SE of Palma, situated in a fertile plain, on a small including that of the hamlet of Barnsdale, 385. stream, 4 m. above its entrance into the Mediter- CAMPSAS, a commune of France, in the dep. of ranean. Pop. 5,000. It contains celebrated thermal the Tarn and Garonne, cant. of Grisolles. Pop. 570. springs and baths, a church, and an hospital. In the The environs afford good wine. environs are extensive salt-works.

CAMPSEY-ASH, a parish of Suffolk, 5 m. NE CAMPOS, an independent tribe of Peru, who, with the Piros, of Woodbridge, and s of the Alde. Area 1,900 inhabit the extensive district between the Yambari or Paucar- acres. Pop. in 1841, 192. tambo on the NE, and the Apurimac on the NW.

CAMPSIE, a parish of Stirlingshire, lying beCAMPOS (CANAL DE), a canal of Spain, in Leon, tween the braes of Kilpatrick and C. fells. Pop. in which commences at Rioseco, in the prov. of Valla- 1801, 2,906; in 1841, 6,402. Two extensive printdolid, runs 36 m. NE, passing Paredes-de-Nava and fields for calico - printing exist here, several cotton Becerril-di-Campos, and unites with the canal of factories, and extensive alum works, at which also Castile, 6 m. NNW of Palencia.

prussiate of potash, and Prussian blue, are manufacCAMPO SAMPIERO, or CAMPO-SAN-PIETRO, tured. Near the Lennox-mill printfield is the large a town of Venetian Lombardy, in the gov. of Ve- village of Lennox-town. Pop. 2,821. The clachan nice, prov. and 12 m. NE of Padua, on the r. bank or village of Campsie, 1 m. W of Lennox-town and of the Musone. Pop. 2,000. It possesses some 34 m. E of Strathblane, is beautifully situated at the manufactories of linen and tanneries.

foot of the fells, near the Glassert, which falls into CAMPO SANO, a village of Naples, in the prov. the Kelvin opposite Kirkintilloch. Pop. 191. The of Lavoro, district and 2 m. N of Nola. Pop. 1,480. other villages are Birdston, Milton, Kincaid field, and An annual fair is held here. Silk is extensively Torrance. The glen of the Glassert, above Campcultivated in the environs.

sie, is much admired for its romantic scenery. CAMPO SANTO, a town of Modena, in the dis. CAMPSIE FELLS, a range of hills, in Stirling. trict and 15 m. NE of the town of that name, and 7 shire, forming the S boundary of Strathmore, and m. WSW of Finale, on the I. bank of the Panaro. running in a bold ridge along the whole length of Pop. 2,500. It has an annual fair. A battle was the strath of Campsie. Their general direction is fought here between the Austrians and Spaniards on from ENE to WSW, between the Forth at Stirling the 8th Feb. 1743.

and the Clyde at Dumbarton. Their extreme length CAMPOS, or CAMPOS-DOS-GOITACAZES, a comar- may be about 25 m.; their average breadth 8 miles. ca and town of Brazil, in the prov. of Rio-de-Janeiro. The face of these hills is broken with crags and The town is on the r. bank of the Parahiba, 8 leagues glens; and on the summit and back-part is a deep from the sea. Pop. 4,000. The pop. of the com., moor-ground interspersed with moss. They have which is separated by the Cabapuana river from the the appearance of a volcanic or igneous origin; and prov. of Espirito-Santo, is estimated at about 40,000. in many parts rude basaltic pillars are seen, particu. It supplies the markets of Rio-de-Janeiro with su- larly on the road which crosses the hill above the v. gar, coffee, and brandy.

of Čampsie, and near to the v. of Fintry. In many CAMPOS-DA-VACARIA, a vast territory on places these hills appear stratified; but the strata the N confines of the Brazilian province of Sandip much, and are sometimes nearly perpendicular Pedro-do-Rio-Grande, lying between the Iguaçu ri- to the horizon. The highest ridge of the Campsie ver on the N, and the Serra Geral on the S.

fells occurs between the sonrces of the Carron and CAMPOS-DE- PARECIS, a vast sandy table the Endrick, where they are elevated 1,200 ft. from land in the Brazilian province of Mato-Grosso, be their base, the elevation of which is about 300 ft. tween 150 and 19° S lat. It is nearly in the centre above the sea: making the height in all 1,500 ft. of the South American continent; but its limits have CAMPSUT, a town of Switzerland, in the cant. not been defined. Its mean level to the W of Villa of the Grisons, on an affluent of the Madris, 10 m. Boa is about 2,500 ft. above the sea.-See urt. BRA | ESE of Splugen. zil.

CAMPTON, a parish of Bedfordshire, 3} m. NE CAMPOS-DE-RIO-REAL, a village of Brazil, in of Silsoe, on the Ivil. Area 1,120 acres. Pop. in the prov. of Sergipe, district of Lagarto. Pop. 1,100. | 1841, 1,390.

CAMPREDON, or CAMPRODON, a town of Spain, CAMPTON, a township of Grafton co., in the in Catalonia, prov. and 30 m. NW of Gerona, 6 m. state of New Hampshire, U. S., 47 m. NW of Confrom the frontier of France, and at the confluence of cord. It possesses a mountainous surface, and is the Rientort with the Ter, which is here crossed by watered by the Pemigewasset and its branches. In 3 bridges. Pop. 1,800. It is fortified, and contains the the white-oak and pitch-pine are abundant, a small citadel, a parish church, an hospital, and two and the soil generally in the valleys is good. Pop. alms-houses. In 1794 it was taken and extensively in 1840, 1,513. ravaged by the French.

CAMPTOWN, a village of Orange township, in CÂMPREMOLDO-DI-SOPRA, a town of Par- Essex co., state of New Jersey, U. S., 52 m. NE of ma, in the district and 9 m. SW of Piacenza, on the Trenton, consisting in 1840 of about 75 dwellings.

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