Slike strani

about 800.-Also a village of Hunterdown co., in the dep. of the Drome, cant. of Loriol, 19 m. from Vastate of New Jersey, on the S branch of Raritan lence. Pop. 775. It contains manufactories of potriver, and partly in Lebanon, Bethlehem, and King- tery, pipes, &c. wood townships. ---Also a township of Essex co., in ČLIPPÉSBY, a parish in Norfolk, 3 m. NE of the state of New Jersey. Pop. 1,976. Also a town. Acle. Area 1,300 acres. Pop. 123. ship of Wayne co., in the state of Pennsylvania. CLIPSHAM, a parish in Rutlandshire, 9 m. NNW Pop. 516.—Also a township of Lycoming co., in the of Stamford. Area 1,570 acres. Pop. 206. same state, 6 m. SE of Williamsport, in a bend of CLIPSTON, a parish in Northamptonshire, 4 m. the W branch of the Susquehanna. Pop. 1,193.- SSW of Market, Harborough. Area 2,800 acres. Also a village of Tecumseh township, Lenawee co., Pop. 859.-Also a township in the p. of Edwinston, in the state of Michigan, 52 m. SW of Detroit, on in the same co. Pop. 286.—Also a township in the the E bank of the N branch of the Raisin river, p. of Plumptre, in the same co. Pop. 86. which affords good water-power. Pop. about 600.- CLISHEIM, a mountain in the Ñ division of the Also a township of Macomb co., in the same state, isle of Harris, the loftiest in the Outer Hebrides. Dr. bordering on Lake St. Clair, and watered by Red Macculloch calls it Clisseval, and estimates its height river. It is generally fertile. Pop. 1,115.--Also a at 2,700 ft., which is certainly too low, if his estimate township of Vermillion co., in the state of Indiana, of the alt. of Langa, in its neighbourhood, at 2,407 82 m. W of Indianapolis. Pop. 1,296. The village ft., be correct; for C. is apparently 800 ft. higher. is on the W bank of Wabash river.-Also a town- CLISSA [ILLYRIC, Klis), a strong fortress of Dalship of Putnam co., in the same state. Pop. 1,218.-matia, 24 m. ENE of Salona, on a rocky height Also a village in Hiekman co., in the state of Ken- between Monte-Caprario and Monte - Mossor, comtucky, 298 m. WSW of Frankfort, on the N side of manding the approach to Salona from the NE. It Bayou Desha.-Also a village in Sampson co., in the was known to the Romans by the name of Andetrium state of North Carolina, 94 m. SSE of Raleigh, on a or Anderium. branch of Black river.-Also a village in Jones co., CLISSON, a canton, commune, and town of France, in the state of Georgia, 26 m. W of Milledgeville.- in the dep. of Loire-Inferieure, arrond, of Nantes.-Also a village of Hind's co., in the state of Mississippi, The cant., comprising 7 com., had a pop. of 11,409 10 m. NW of Jackson. Pop. 400. It contains the in 1841.—The town is in a deep valley, on the SèvreMississippi college.--Also a village in Van Buren Nantaise, at the embouchure of the Moine. Pop. co., in the state of Arkansas, 90 m. N of Little Rock, 2,759. It was nearly destroyed in the Vendean war. on the S side of Little Red river.—Also a village in The road to Poitiers is carried over the valley in Anderson co., in the state of Tennessee, 175 m. E of which C. stands by a lofty viaduct of 12 arches. On Nashville, on the N bank of Clinch river.--Also a the opposite side of the river are the noble remains village in Dewitt co., in the state of Illinois, 64 m. of the old castle of C. ENE of Springfield, on Salt creek, a branch of San- CLIST-HONISTON, a parish in Devonshire, 4 gamon river. - Alsó a village in Rives co., in the m. E of Exeter. Area 1,410 acres. Pop. 467. state of Missouri, near the N bank of Grand 'river.- CLIST-HYDEN, a parish in Devonshire, 3 m. Also a township-formerly called Pike-of Summit SSE of Collumpton. Area 3,000 acres. Pop. 325. co., in the state of Ohio, 118 m. NW of Columbus, CLIST-SAINT-GEORGE, a parish in Devonshire, watered by Indian creek, a branch of Tuscarawas 2 m. NE of Topsham. Area 860 acres. Pop. 370. river.-Also a township of Franklin co., in the same CLIST-SAINT-LAWRENCE, a parish in Destate. Pop. 966.–Also a township of Lucas co., in vonshire, 5 m. S of Collumpton. Area 1,180 acres. the same state. Pop. 353.-Also a township of Jack- Pop. 168. son co., in the same state. Pop. 824.-Also a town- ČLIST-SAINT-MARY, a parish in Devonshire, ship of Seneca co., in the same state. Pop. 2, 195.—m. NE of Topsham. Area 580 acres. Pop. 197. Also a township of Shelby co., in the same state. CLITHEROE, a chapelry and borough in the p. Pop. 783.-Also a township of Franklin co., in the of Whalley, in Lancashire, 30 m. N of Manchester, same state. Pop. 966. -Also a township of Wayne and 24 m. SE of Lancaster, on the E bank of the co., in the same state. Pop. 873.-Also a township Ribble. Area of p. 2,410 acres. Pop. 6,765. There

fp of Knox co., in the same state. Pop. 920.–Also a are extensive cotton manufactories, print-works, and township in the Niagara district, in Upper Canada, lime-works here. The parl. borough comprises the bounded on the N by Lake Ontario. Pop. in 1841, chapelries of C. and Downham, and the townships of 2,122.

Whalley, Wiswall, Pendleton, and Henshorn. Pop. CLINTON-COLDEN LAKE, a fine sheet of wa- in 1841, 11,324. Electors in 1847, 497. Two railter in Arctic America, intersected centrally by the ways have been projected to connect C. with the parallel of 64° 10' N, and the meridian of 107° 30' great lines of the co. One, 39 m. in length, it was W. It is upwards of 60 m. in length from E to W, proposed should commence at Accrington on the and is connected on the S with Artillery lake, and East Lancashire railway, and terminate at Settle on on the W with Lake Aylmer. It was discovered by the Lancaster and Skipton branch of the North Captain Back in 1833.

Western railway. The other, 10 m. in length, was CLINTONVILLE, a village of Sable township, to run from C. to Accrington, by Wiswall, Whalley, Clinton co., in the state of New York, U. S., 153 m. Enfield, and Church. N of Albany, on the N side of Ausable river, 10 m. CLITUNNO, — the ancient Clitumnus,

a small W of Port-kent. It contains iron of the best quality. stream in the Papal states, in the deleg. of SpoletoPop. 750.—Also a village of Greenbriar co., in the e-Rieti. It rises near Le Vene, springing from the state of Virginia, 224 m. NW of Richmond.

earth at once with a full stream [Simond], and joins CLION, à commune of France, in the dep. of the the Maroggia after a course of 6 m. through a fine Charente-Inferieure, cant. of St. Genis. Pop. 1,085. pastoral district, in which still, as in Virgil's time, -Also a commune in the dep. of the Indre, eant. of are grazed herds of milk-white beeves. Within 100 Chatillon - sur - Indre, 28 m. NW of Châteauroux. yards of its source, on the acclivity of a bank overPop. 1,482.

looking and fronting the stream, is an ancient temCLION (LE), a commune of France, in the dep. of ple of Corinthian order. the Loire - Inferieure, cant. of Pornic, 13 m. S of CLIVE, a township in the p. and 2 m. SW of Paimbæuf. Pop. 2,048. It contains mineral springs. Middlewich, in Cheshire. Area 1,130 acres. Pop.

CLION-USCLAT, a commune of France, in the 117.--Also a chapelry in the p. of St. Mary, in


Shropshire, 3 m. SSE of Wem. Area 1,370 acres. only two of the parishes being united; and the numPop. 273.

ber of chapelries not having separate incumbents is CLIVIGER, a chapelry in the p. of Whalley, in 13. The gross revenue of the benefices is £19,695 Lancashire, 3 m. SE of Burnley. Area 6,160 acres. 16s. 7}d. from tithe composition, £8,303 3s. 3d. from Pop. 1,395.

glebes, and £89 from other sources,—in all £28,087 195. CLIXBY, a parish in Lincolnshire, 6 m. E by S 104d.; and the net revenue £24,334 9s. 11d. The of Glandford-Bridge. Area 2,020 acres. Pop. 45. number of places of worship is 66 churches and cha

CLOACHNABEIN, or CLOCHNABANE, a monn- pels of the Establishment, 32 Presbyterian meetingtain in the p. of Strachan, in Kincardineshire. Alt. houses, 30 meeting-houses belonging to other Protes2,370 ft. It is one of the Grampian range, and forms tant dissenting bodies, and 81 Roman Catholic chaa landmark to ships approaching Aberdeen.

pels. In 1834 the pop. consisted of 104,359 members CLOATES (Point), a headland on the W coast of the Established church, 34,623 Presbyterians, 26 of Australia, in Slat. 22° 35', on a part of the coast other Protestant dissenters, and 260,241 Roman Cato the S of Vlaming-head, which appears to have tholics.— The Roman Catholic diocese of C. is sepbeen taken for an island by the navigators who pre- arate, and without annexation. It is distributed into ceded Captain King in the exploration of this coast. 37 parishes; its bishop resides at Carrickmacross; its

CLOCAENOG, a parish in Denbighshire, 3 m. diocesan college is at Monaghan; and the number of SW of Ruthin. Pop. 451.

its parochial and its coadjutor clergy is respectively CLOCH, or Clough Point, a point of land on 35 and 52. the S shore of the frith of Clyde, in the co. of Ren. CLOGHER, a parish 6 m. SW of Thurles, co. Tipfrew, about 5 m. below the port of Greenock, in N perary. Area 8,119 acres. Pop. 2,643. lat. 55° 56' 36", W long. 4° 52' 40". There is a CLOGHER, á fishing-village in co. Mayo, adjalight-house here. The light exhibited is white and cent to Kilcummin-head, about 4 m. N of Killala. stationary; elevated 76 ft. above high water; and It is remarkable as the place at which the French seen at the distance of 12 m. in clear weather. expedition under Humbert landed in 1798.

CLODDAGH, a small stream of Queen's and CLOGHER, or KilcLOGHER, a parish containing King's cos., in Ireland, rising in the Slievebloom a village of the same name, in co. Louth, 5 m. NE of mountains, and falling into the Brosna, 1 m. SW of Drogheda. Area 1,861 acres. Pop. 1,371. ClogherBallycumber, after a N and W course of 15 m.- head, on the coast, is situated in N lat. 53° 47', W Also a rivulet in co. Waterford, an affluent of the Snir. | long. 6° 12'. It is the most easterly ground in the

CLODOCK, a parish in Herefordshire, 15 m. SW co., and forms a striking object as seen from the flat of Hereford. Area 18,250 acres. Pop. 1,762. sandy beach, though not more than 181 ft. above seaCLOFORD, a parish in Somersetshire, 4 m. SW level

. The v. stands at a little cove on the N side of of Frome. Area 2,080 acres. Pop. 253.

the headland. Pop. 841. CLOGHAN, a village in the p. of Gallen, King's CLOGHERBRIEN, a parish 23 m. WNW of Traco., 24 m. E of Shannon harbour. Pop. 664. lee, co. Kerry, occupying the central part of the pen

CLOGHANE, or CLAANE, a parish and village insula between the bays of Ballyheigue and Tralee. 13 m. W by S of Tralee, co. Kerry. Area of p. Area 3,410 acres. Pop. 1,444. 17,572 acres. Pop. of p. 2,994; of v. 206.

CLOGHEREEN, a village in the p. of Killarney, CLOGHEEN, a market-town in the p. of Shanra- co. Kerry, situated at the base of Mangerton hill, and han, co. Tipperary, 114 m. SW by W of Clonmel. about midway between the upper lake and the town Pop. 2,049. There are cavalry barracks here. of Killarney. Pop. in 1831, 145. ČLOGHER, a parish in co. Tyrone, comprising an

CLOGHERNEY, or CLOUGHERNEY, a parish 41 area of 49,761 acres, with a pop. of 17,813. The m. SE of Omagh, co. Tyrone. It consists of a main first 9 m. of the basin of the Blackwater is nearly body and a detached district; the latter, 2% m. to the identical with the surface of this p. The vale of the NE, comprising an area of 2,368 acres; the former, stream is the principal low ground. The hills on the containing the villages of Beragh and Seskinore, with S and W are of considerable height, especially Tat- an area of 15,423 acres. Pop. of the whole, 7,553. tymale and Slievebeagh, which have alsitudes above CLOGHGRENAN, or CLOUGHRENAN, a range of sca-level respectively of 1,031 ft. and 1,254 ft. The hills constituting the E abutments of the Comer mounp. contains the towns of C., Augher, and Five-mile- tains, co. of Carlow. They form the W screen of the Town.

rich valley of the Barrow, whence, rising gradually CLOGHER, an ancient episcopal city and corpo- and gracefully, they carry cultivation to their very rate town, but at present merely a village in the above summit

. The ancient castle of C. is situated on the p., is situated on the Blackwater, 7 m. SE by S of r. bank of the Barrow, 2, m. below Carlow. It was Fintona, and 76 m. NNW of Dublin. The cathedral built in the 15th cent., by the earls of Ormonde, to is a cruciform structure, of plain exte but well defend a pass between the Barrow and the forest of fitted up in the interior. The Episcopal palace, a Grenan. large modern structure, stands in the midst of a fine CLOGHJORDAN, a village in co. Tipperary, 4 park, 500 acres in area. C. was incorporated by let- m. WNW of Dunkerrin. Pop. 1,164. ters-patent of 5th Charles L., and had conferred on it CLOGHNAKILTY. See Clonakilty. 700 acres of land as borough property; but, partially CLOGHPRIOR, a parish in co. Tipperary, 4 m. subjected to the bishops of C. in its constitution, it SW by S of Borris-oʻ-Kane. Area 3,724 acres. Pop. speedily, with all its property and rights, became 1,306. Lough Ourna lies on the SE boundary; and wholly theirs in practical working. Pop. 702.—The Lough Clara, W of the centre of the interior, has a diocese of C. was complete, uniform, and separate, surface elevation of 232 ft. above sea-level. before the passing of the Church temporalities act; CLOGHRAN, or CLOGHRAN-SWORDs, a parish in but is now nnited to the diocese of Armagh. Its co. Dublin, 14 m. S of Swords. Area 1,558 acres. length from NW to SE is 60 Irish or 76 statute m.; its Pop. 549. breadth 20 Irish or 25 statute m.; and its area 819,574 ČLOHAMON, a village in the p. of Kilrush, co. acres. Pop. in 1831, 388,608. The gross episcopal Wexford, on the river Barrow, 2 m. below Newtownrevenue of the see, on an average of 3 years ending barry. Pop. 309. Here is a small cotton factory. in 1831, was £10,371 Os. 2d.; and the net revenue CLOHAR-CARNOET, a commune and town of £8,668 11s. 61. The number of parishes, consider- France, in the dep. of Finistere, cant. and 4 m. SSW ing perpetual curacies as such, is 46; benefices 45,- of Quimperlé. Pop. 2,795.

CLOITRE (LE), a commune and village of France, CLONBERN, a parish in co. Galway, 4. m. SE in the dep. of Finistere, cant. of Thégonnec. Pop. of Dunmore. It consists of a main body and de1,353.

tached district, the latter 4 m. to the NNE. Area CLOMANTO, or CLOMANTAGH, a parish in co. of the main body, 6,758 acres; of the district, 3,703 Kilkenny, 39 m. W by N of Freshford. Area 3,703 acres. Pop. of the whole, 2,333. acres. Pop., including the townland of Kilrush, 1,058. CLONBRONEY, or CLONBRONE, a parish in co. Clomanto castle stands 496 ft. above sea-level; and a Longford, 54 m. W of Granard. Area 12,706 acres. mountain in the N has an alt. of 1,136 ft.

Pop. 5,158. CLONADRAGH, a large bog in co. Roscommon, ČLONBULLOGE, a parish, containing a village one of a series extending 5 m. along the l. bank of of the same name, in King's co. Area 23,557 acres. the Suck to near Ballinasloe. Area 5,362 acres. Pop. 3,803. The v. is 54 m. SW of Edenderry. Pop.

CLONAGHEEN, a parish in Queen's co., 3 m. 313.–Also a parish in co. Tipperary, 45 m. SE of SE by S of Mountrath, on the l. bank of the Nore. Tipperary. Area 3,954 acres. Pop. 1,546. Two Its statistics are included in those of Clonenagh. summits of the Galtees, on the S boundary, have alts.

CLONAGHLIS, or CLOGHNALLIS, a parish in co. of 1,577 ft. and 1,437 ft, respectively. Kildare, 3 m. WNW of Rathcoole. Area 478 acres. CLONCAGH, or CLONUCAGH, a parish in co. Pop. 127.

Limerick, 3 m. S of Rathkeale. Area 4,543 acres. ČLONAGOOSE, or CLONEYFORD, a parish in co. Pop. 1,389. Carlow, on the r. bank of the Barrow. Area 4,699 ČLONCAT, a village in Girley P., co. Meath. acres. Pop. 2,656. It contains the town of Borris. Pop. in 1831, 728. CLONAKILTY, or CLOGHNAKILTY, a bay in co. Cork, between

ČLONCHA, or Clonca, a parish in co. LondonDunworly-head on the E, and Dunicove-point on the W. It has derry. Area 19,643 acres. Pop. 6,778. This p. ina breadth of 44 m., contracting considerably towards the NNW: cludes Malin-Head, and extends thence SE between but it re-expands into nearly a circular basin, about 2} m. in

the Atlantic and the bay of Strabregagh. Area 19,643 diam., with the island of Inchidony in the centre; and it termi. nates in the N in a shallow estuary formed by the rivulet Foilagh.

acres. Pop. 1,841. It comprises the villages of BalThe depth of water at the entrance of the bay is 12 fath.; over lygorman and Malin. the bar, at the S of Inchidony, 17 ft. in spring-tides, 14 ft. in neaps. CLONCLARE, a parish in co. Leitrim, compris

CLONAKILTY, or CLOGHNAKILTY, a market- ing a large portion of the most scenic district in the town in the p. of Kilgariff, co. Cork, 10 m. SSE of co., the village of Kiltyclogher, and part of the town Bandon, and 25} m. SW of Cork. Pop. in 1831, of Manor-Hamilton. Area 32,990 acres. Pop. 10,524. 3,807; in 1841, 3,993. A weekly market is held on On the S and the NW border, two mountain-sumFriday, and fairs April, Oct., and Nov.; but the mits respectively attain the alt. of 1,447 ft., and traffic of this once thriving place is now very incon- 1,511 ft. siderable. Some linens and cottons are still woven CLONCURRY, a parish on the N border of co. here, and there is a small trade in corn. The town | Kildare. Area 8,390 acres. Pop. 1,666. The prinis bisected by the rivulet Foilagh, over which are two cipal hamlet is Newton. The small hamlet of Clonbridges. The streets in both divisions of the town curry consists of only a few thatched cabins; yet, in are but partially built upon. The chief public edi- former times, was a place of comparative importance. fices are the court- house, bridewell, and the bar. -Also a parish in co. Kildare, 2 m. NE by E of racks. There are also a parish-church and a Ro-Rathangan. Area 5,419 acres. Pop. 644. man Catholic chapel.—The country around C. is a CLONDAGAD, or CLONDEGAD, a parish in co. congeries of hills, intersected by little vales watered Clare, 6} m. SW by S of Clare. Area 16,978 acres. by brooks.

Pop. 5,088. CLONALLON, a parish in co. Down, 1} m. N of ČLONDALKIN, a parish and village in co. DubWarrenpoint. Area 11,658 acres. Pop. 6,553. It lin, 4 m. SW of Dublin. Area of p. 4,934 acres. touches on the upper part of Carlingford bay, and Pop. 2,546. The v. stands 4 m. SW of Dublin, on extends a short way along the Newry river.

the road to Naas. Its devious street is lined with the CLONALVEY, a parish in co. Meath, 41 m. SE neatest class of the ordinary cabins of the Irish peaof Duleek. Area 3,125 acres.

Pop. 769.

The hill santry. A pillar tower, one of the plainest erections of Four Knocks, on the N boundary, has an alt. of of its class in Ireland, has a height of 84 ft.; its shaft 503 ft.

is 15 ft. in diameter; its basement a solid piece of CLONARD, a parish in co. Meath, containing the stone-work, which diminutively resembles the artivillages of C., Longwood, and Hardwood. Area ficial mount of an ancient castle; its summit is a 13,324 acres. Pop. 4,503. The river Boyne, which conical copping of stone; its doorway is 12 ft. from at this point resembles merely a large bog ditch, traces the ground; and its apertures are 4 square ones near the boundary with the co. of Kildare.—The village is the summit, and two smaller ones at different stages 3 m. E by S of Kinnegad. It stands on the river of the ascent. So long as the Danes retained power Boyne, which is here spanned by a substantial bridge. over the maritime ports of the country, they are Pop. in 1831, 66. This was at one time a bishop's thought to have held C. as a favourite place of resee, but in the 12th cent. was united to Trim, which, sidence. Pop. of the v. 505. with other little bishoprics, were added to the see of CLONDEHORKEY, or CLONDAHORKEY, a parish Meath; though up to 1661, C. maintained its claim on the coast of co. Donegal. It contains the postto be the parent see.

town of Dunfanaghy, and the v. of Creeslough. Area CLONARNEY, a parish in co. Westmeath, 1 m. 29,632 acres. Pop. 6,908. The profitable land lies N by W of Castle-Delvin. Area 2,308 acres. Pop. 897. principally along the coast. The highest ground, the

CLONBEG, a parish in co. Tipperary, 44 m. S by summit of Muckish mountain on the W border, has W of Tipperary. Area 15,122 acres. Pop. 4,377. an alt. above sea-level of 2,190 ft. The surface comprises part of the upper portion of CLONDEVADOCK, a parish in co. Donegal, 83 the glen of Aherlow, and of the N side of the Galtee m. N of Rathmelton. It contains the villages of mountains. The principal summits are Galtee-More, Ballyroosky, Doughbeg, and Tawney. Area 27,367 Knocknanuss, and another mountain on the S boun- acres. Pop. 10,344. It extends partly along the dary; their respective altitudes being 3,015 ft., 2,166 coast of the Atlantic, but chiefly along the E coast ft., and 2,109 ft. Slievenamuck and Moanour, to- of Mulroy bay. At the S end rises Knockalla, to wards the N, have altitudes of 1,215 ft. and 1,103 ft. the alt. of 1,196 ft. above sea-level. respectively,

CLONDROHID, a parish in co. Cork, 1m. NW


of Macroom. Area 27,114 acres. Pop. 6,258. The CLONEY, a parish in co. Clare, 44 m. E by N of surface is nearly all highland. The chief summits Ennis. It contains the village of Spancehill. Area are Muskerrymore, Muskerrybeg, and Coomcarrig 10,656 acres. Pop. 3,624. on the N, and Greenane and Mullaghinish on the CLONEYGOWN, or CLONEGOWN, a village in the NW. The streams are the Sullane, and most of its p. Ballykean, King's co., 3} m. WNW of Portartributaries.

lington. Pop. 180. CLONDUFF, or CLANDUFF, a parish in co. Down, ČLONFADFORAN, a parish in co. Westmeath. 23 m. S of Rathfriland. It contains the village of Area 4,872 acres. Pop. 1,457. Hilltown. Area 21,241 acres. Pop. 8,687. The CLONFANE, one of a cluster of bogs in co. principal height is the Eagle mountain on the sGalway, in the angle between the road from Dunboundary, whose summit rises 2,084 ft. above the more to Claremorris, and that from Dunmore to sea-level, and is one of the loftiest in the great Mourne Tuam. Their extreme points N and S are 44 m. range. The Upper Bann issues from its sides and asander; and E and W 3} m. Area 3,715 acres. runs N

They are drained by head-streams of the Clare. They CLONDULANE, a parish in co. Cork, 24 m. E have an alt. of 1727 ft. above the level of high water by S of Fermoy. It contains the village of Ballina- in Galway bay; are from 13 to 28 ft. in depth; and fauna. Area 4,926 acres. Pop. 225.

lie upon substrata of white marl. CLONE, or Cloon, a parish in co. Leitrim, 2 m. CLONFEACLE, a parish, partly in co. Armagh, NE of Mohill. It contains the v. of Clone. Årea but chiefly in co. Tyrone. Length 7 m.; breadth 6 41,523 acres. Pop. 21,225. The village of C. has a Area of the barony of Armagh section 2,323 pop. of 171.-Also a parish in co. Wexford, 3 m. NE acres; of the O'Neilland section 2,313 acres; of the by E of Enniscorthy. Area 6,266 acres. Pop. 1,504. Dungannon section 21,583 acres. Pop. of the whole

CLONEA, a parish in co. Waterford, 44 m. E by 18,930.
N of Dungarvan. Area 2,108 acres. Pop. 813. CLONFERT, a parish on the W border of co.

CLONEAMEARY, or Cluin, a parish in co. Kil-Cork. It contains Newinarket, and the larger part kenny, 2 m. SE of Innistiogue. It contains the vil- of Kanturk. Extreme length and breadth 15 and 8 lage of New Ballygub. Area 3,390 acres. Pop. 835. m.; average length and breadth 10 and 4 m. Arca

CLONEE, a village in the p. of Dunboyne, co. 62,110 acres. Pop. 17,328. The greater part of the Meath, on the Ballybough river, 3 m. SSE of Black-country W and N of Newmarket, as well as a portion bull. Pop. 255.

to the NE, amounting in total to about two-thirds of CLONEEN, or CLONYNE, a parish in co. Tippe- the area, is a section of the vast district of wild and rary, 34 m. E by N of Fethard. Area 7,542 acres. unimproved highlands which extends from the BlackPop. 1,959. The mountains of Carrickabrook, Slieve- water to the Shannon, comprehends nearly 1,000 stanaman, and Knocknaman, rise on the S boundary to tute sq. m., and contains only two villages and the the alt. of respectively 1,859, 2,364, and 1,654 ft. mansions of two resident landowners, — the latter above sea-level.

mutually distant 384 m. The chief heights in the CLONEGALL, a village in the p. of Moyacomb, Clonfert portion of this mountain wilderness are co. Carlow, on the Derry river, 3 m. NNE of New- Knockdour and Meentron in the N, the Ure mountownbarry. Pop. 431.

tains in the E, Glanlora and Tor in the centre, and CLONEGAM, or CLONEGAN, a parish in co. Wa- Knockfillan and Knocknackabrig in the W. terford, 45 m. SE by S of Carrickbeg. It contains CLONFERT, a parish, and the seat of a diocese, the town of Portlaw. Area 4,939 acres. Pop. 4,759. in co. Galway, 3 m. NNE of Eyrecourt. Area 24,876

CLONEHORKE, CLONECHURCH, or GARRYHINCH, acres. Pop. 5,704. The surface is for the most part a parish in King's co. Area 11,747 acres. Pop. flat, low, and without character. The highest ground 3,191. The surface extends 4. m. WSW from Port- is near the centre, and has an alt. above sea-level of arlington.

348 ft. Clonfert Proper, though it continued till the CLONELTY, a parish in co. Limerick, 2 m. S of passing of the Church temporalities act to be in the Rathkeale. It contains the village of Knockaderry. strictest sense the seat of a bishoprie, is the most Area 3,749 acres. Pop. 1,437.

thorough satire upon the idea of a city. Its site is a CLONENAGH AND CLONAGHEEN, a parish in gentle rising ground on the edge of a great expanse Queen's co. Length 10 m.; breadth from 2 to 64 of dreary bog; and, being shaded on other sides by

Area 49,188 acres. Pop. 18,403. The chief some wood, it may properly enough be called what height occurs 2 m. SE of Mountrath, and has an alt. the name Clonfert is believed to mean,—"a place of above sea level of 452 ft. About 4,560 acres of the retirement.” But as “a city” it comprises simply whole parochial area are bog and mountain.

two or three scattered private houses, the palace, the CLONES, a parish partly in co. Fermanagh, and cathedral, and the ruins of an old church. The diopartly in co. Monaghan. The Clonkelly section con- cese of C. is in the prov. of Tuam. It was united in tains the village of Rosslea; the Monaghan section 1602 to the see of Kilmacduagh; and both were unitcontains the village of Smithsborough; and the Dar-ed by the late Church reform act to the sees of Kiltry section contains the town of Clones. Length of laloe and Kilfenara. C. diocese lies partly within the p. 8 m.; breadth 7 m. Area of the Clonkelly King's co. and the co. of Roscommon, but chiefly section 27,583 acres; of the Dartry section 10,782 within the co. of Galway. Its area is 234,050 acres. acres; of the barony of Monaghan section 4,514 acres. Pop. in 1831, 118,962. Gross episcopal revenue Pop. of the whole 23,506. Very nearly the whole £2,385 18s. 840.; net £2,162 58. 52d. The parishes surface lies along the E edge or summit of the basin- are 38 in number. In 1834 the pop. consisted of 4,761 system of the Erne; and is drained SSW by the Fin, members of the Establishment, and 119,082 Roman which falls upon the SE extremity of upper Lough Catholics.—The Roman Catholic diocese of C. is still Erne. The post and market-town of C. stands on separate or unannexed. It includes 23 parishes, and the W verge of Monaghan, 83 m. NW of Cootehill, has 21 parochial and 15 coadjutor clergy. The and 59 m. NNW of Dublin." In its neighbourhood bishop's parishes are Loughrea and Tynagh. are extensive corn-mills. The trade in linens is con- CLONFERT AND KILMORE, two nearly contisiderable. The retail trade, in the supply of the sur- nuous bogs on the NE border of co. Galway, between rounding country, is large; and the aggregate sales the Suck in the NE, and the Shannon in the SE. of agricultural produce at the weekly markets are Area 9,615 acres. comparatively great. Pop. 2,877.

CLONFINLOUGH, a parish in co. Roscommon, 3



m. S of Strokestown. Area 7,814 acres. Pop. 4,782. | towers aloft in abrupt acuminated ascents. The At the E end extends the hill of Slievebawn, lifting chief mountains are Rachtion, Binnion, Bulbion, its chief summit 857 ft. above sea-level.

Dunaff, Cracknakeeragh, and Crackaughrim. RachCLONGEEN, a parish in co. Wexford, 5 m. SW |tion has an alt. above sea-level of 1,656 ft. by W of Taghmon. Area 5,379 acres. Pop. 1,955. CLONMEEN, a parish in co. Cork, 10 m. W by

CLONGESH, a parish on the W border of co. S of Mallow. It contains the village of Banteer. Longford, 24 m. NNW of the town of Longford. It Area 20,076 acres. Pop. 6,361. The range of mouncontains the town of Newtown-Forbes. Area 12,832 tains called St. Hillary's are the principal heights; acres. Pop. 6,504.

they extend parallel with the course of the BlackCLONGILL, a parish in co. Meath, 44 m. NNW water, with their summit-line 1} or 2 m. S of its of Navan. Area 2,387 acres. Pop. 226.

channel. CLONKEEHAN, a parish in co. Louth. Area CLONMEL, a parish in the immediate vicinity of 605 acres. Pop. 308.

Cove, co. Cork. It contains the village of WhiteCLONKEEN, a parish in co. Limerick, 4 m. SSE point, and part of the town of Cove. Area 3,197 of Castle-Connel. Area 1,145 acres. Pop. 621.

Pop. 2,564. Also a p. in co. Louth, 34 m. NW of Ardee. Area CLONMEL, or St. Mary's OF CLONMEL, a parish 4,322 acres. Pop. 2,158.-Also a p. in co. Galway, containing the town of C., and lying partly in co. 7 m. NE of Athenry. Area 8,214 acres. Pop. 1,971. Tipperary, and partly in co. Waterford. "Area 10,387

CLONLEIGH, or CLONLEA, a parish in co. Clare, acres. Pop. of the whole, 17,720. The three prin4 m. NE of Six-mile-Bridge. It contains the village cipal summits have alts. above sea-level of respecof Kilkishen. Area 8,833 acres. Pop. 3,749. Lough tively 1,081, 1,404, and 1,710 ft. The Suir bisects Cullaungheeda, on the NW boundary, has an eleva- both the parish and the town.— The market and tion above sea-level of 97 ft.; Lough Doon, on the post-town of C., a parliamentary borough, and the NE, of 96 ft.; Lough Clonleigh, a large sheet of seat of the county-courts of Tipperary, stands in this water, wholly in the interior, of 98 ft.-Also a p. in parish, partly within the co. of Waterford, but chiefly co. Donegal, containing the town of Lifford and the within that of Tipperary, at the intersection of the village of Ballindrait. Area 12,517 acres. Pop. three great roads respectively from Cashel to Dun5,686.-Also a p. in co. Wexford. Area 2,716 acres. garvan, from Waterford to Limerick, and from DubPop. 830.

lin to Cork; 6 S of Fethard, 104 m. W by N of CLONLOGHAN, a parish in co. Clare, 2 m. S Carrick-on-Suir, and 83 m. SW by Šof Dublin. The of Newmarket-on-Fergus. Area 2,951 acres. Pop. mountainous ground which rises on the S side of the 681.

Suir, Alings its skirts so close upon the town as to apCLONLOGHER, a parish in co. Connaught, 21 pear, at a little distance, to shut up the streets. Opm. S by W of Manor-Hamilton. Area 6,444 acres. posite the head of the town, and nearly } m. in length, Pop. 1,248.

| lies a beautiful island, called Moore's Island. The CLONMACDUFF, a parish in co. Meath, 3 m. N entire town, including partially editiced streets and of Trim. Area 2,540 acres. Pop. 734.

intervening open spaces, but excluding unimportant CLONMACNOISE, a parish, and formerly the or straggling outskirts, measures, on the N bank of seat of a bishopric, in King's co., 8 m. S by W of the river, about 2,100 yards by from 230 to 725. The Athlone. It contains the small town of Shannon- parish church, at the W end of the town, is an anBridge. Area 22,417 acres. Pop. 4,655. The Shan- cient and picturesque structure. C. was at one time a non stagnates along the W boundary; and the Black- walled and fortified town; but its castle or citadel was water lies along the heaths of the S boundary. About demolished in the civil wars of the 17th cent.; and the 3,240 acres of the parochial surface are hilly and other fortifications have in a great measure yielded craggy land, incapable of tillage, but serviceable for to the abrasions of time. The bridges across the pasture; and about 7,000 acres are bog, partly re- Suir at the town are five in number; but form only claimed or meadowy, but chiefly waste, flat, cold, and three lines of communication, two of them leading dismal. The meadow-ground lies principally along the way across Moore's Island, two leading the way the Shannon. A hillock, which bears aloft the old across Long Island, and the fifth and single one castle of Leitra, has an alt. above sea-level of 174 ft.; spanning the river 220 yds. below the E end of the and Lough Fin, situated a little W of the centre of latter island.--A large suite of barracks at the E end the p., has a surface elevation of 133 ft.-Clonmac- of the town, contains accommodation for a regiment of noise Proper-or, as it is sometimes called, the Seven infantry, several troops of cavalry, and a detachment Churches—was formerly the site of a Culdean col- of artillery.—The county court-house is a well conlege, an ancient town, various monastic buildings and structed and substantial edifice. The chief branches churches, a cathedral, and a bishop's residence of the trade of C. are the corn trade, the bacon trade, Different writers have not inaptly called it ‘the Iona and the butter trade. The first of these is very large, of Ireland,' and 'the Mecca of Irish hagiolatry;' yet not fewer than 200,000 and 300,000 barrels of wheat these designations point at scarcely one-half of its being annually brought into C. The corn-mills in wide circle of curious objects and reminiscences. The and about C. are upon a very extensive scale, and place is on the l. bank of the Shannon, about 4 m. are very numerous. Barges of from 20 to 40 tons NE of Shannon-Bridge, in the midst of a great ex- burden navigate the Suir from C. to Waterford; they panse of red bogs, but on the terminating slope of a are of such number and capacity as aggregately to chain of low gravel hills which bisects the bogs, carry 3,000 tons; and they conduct a large carrying stoops slowly down to the stagnant river, and bears the trade, and charge to Waterford a freight of about 4s. name of the Aisgir Reada. The ruins are of various 6d. per ton. The Limerick and Waterford line of dates, from probably the earliest period of stone ar- railway, as projected by the commissioners, touches chitecture in Ireland, down to about the close of the C. at the distance of 115 m. from Dublin, and will 12th cent., or in one or two instances considerably effect travelling over the distance in 4 hrs. 47 min. later. The bishopric of C., in 1568, on the death of Under the Irish municipal act, the town is divided Bishop Wall, was united by act of parliament to into three wards, each of which elects 2 aldermen Meath.

and 6 councillors. The borough sends one member CLONMANY, a parish in co. Donegal, 8} m. N to parliament. Constituency, in 1841, 687. The asby E of Buncrana. Area 23,375 acres. Pop. 6,489. sizes for the co. of Tipperary are held in the town.Much of the interior surface is mountainous, and | The area of the Tipperary section of the town is 344


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