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Page Friendship in absence,

170 Reason, the use of it in divine matters,

172 Hymn. To Light,

174 The Country Mouse. A paraphrase upon Horace, Book II. Sat. vi.

179 Doctissimo, Gravissimoque Viro Domino D. Com

ber, Decano Carleolensi colendislimo, et Collegit SS. et Individuæ Trinitatis Magistro Vigilantiffimo,

182 Inter Mufas Cantabrigienses extant carmina fe- .

quentia ab Auctore A. Cowley conscripta, &c. 184 Ob paciferum Serenissimi Regis Caroli e Scotia reditum,




To the Duke of Buckingham, upon his marriage

with the Lord Fairfax his daughter, 187 To the Duchess of Buckingham,

190 To his very much honoured Godfather, Mr. A. B. 191 To his Mistress,

192 To a Lady who desired a song of Mr.Cowley, he presented, bc.

194 To the Lord Falkland, for his fafe return from

the northern expedition against the Scots, 195 To the Bishop of Lincoln, upon his enlargement out of the Tower,

197 To a Lady who made posies for rings, 199

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Printed for John Bell near Exeter Exchange Strand London Jan?10

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