The Doctor's Plain Talk to Young Men

Sprednja platnica
Ohio State Publishing Company, 1895 - 201 strani
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Stran 87 - You never can tell what your thoughts will do, In bringing you hate or love; For thoughts are things, and their airy wings Are swifter than carrier doves. They follow the law of the universe — Each thing must create its kind, And they speed o'er the track to bring you back. Whatever went out from your mind.
Stran 136 - ... and become the wretched transgressor [who] sinks into a miserable fatuity, and finally becomes a confirmed and degraded idiot, whose deeply sunken and vacant, glossy eye, and livid shrivelled countenance, and ulcerous, toothless gums, and fetid breath, and feeble, broken voice, and emaciated and dwarfish and crooked body, and almost hairless head — covered perhaps with suppurating blisters and running sores — denote a premature old age! a blighted body — and a ruined soul!
Stran 140 - But before this shocking result of continued outrage has taken place, the extremely debilitated and excessively irritated parts, sympathizing with all the disturbances of the brain, and alimentary canal, and, in fact, with those of every part of the system, become excited on every slight occasion, and an involuntary emission of crude, and watery, and sometimes, bloody, semen, occurs, and in many instances, a continual gonorrhea, or constant dribbling of thin purulent matter from the penis, is experienced.
Stran 143 - And on all occasions of indisposition, he will be more liable to those depressions of spirit, and turns of melancholy, and perhaps, remorse and despair, which are connected with the morbid irritability of the nervous system.
Stran 184 - Well, let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.
Stran 139 - ... inflammation , and change of structure. Heat, and burning of the parts, shocking enlargement of the spermatic cords, swelling, inflammation, intense sensibility, excruciating pain, induration, scirrhus and ulceration of the testicles, are among the terrible evils which result from venereal excesses.
Stran 132 - PIMPLES of a livid hue, come out upon the forehead and about the nose, and often over the whole face, and even ulcerous sores, in some cases, break out upon the head, breast, back, and thighs.
Stran 137 - Omnicient and Holy God, these filthy harpies of his imagination, will often flit between his soul and heaven, and shake pollution on him from their horrid wings.
Stran 142 - What of the fragments of his shattered reason he is still capable of gathering from the general wreck, he craftily exercises in devising means, and securing opportunities, to elude the vigilance of his keepers, and to indulge his imperious lust.
Stran 134 - Apoplexy, a legitimate and not infrequent effect, increases with terrible efficacy, the fearfulness of the general anarchy of the system, and sometimes forecloses the whole by sudden death...

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