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What became of Ralph-Benjamin teaching two companions to
swim-Who was Wygate?—The excursion to Chelsea-
Benjamin swims four miles-Antics in the water-Sir W.
Wyndham proposes he should open a swimming school-
Wygate's proposition to travel-Denham's advice--Cheaper
board-Incident showing Denham's character-Denham
offers to employ him as clerk in Philadelphia-Leaves print-
ing house for warehouse-Returns to Philadelphia

Visits Keimer's printing office-Calls on Deborah Read-Her
marriage to Rogers, and divorce-Visit to Deborah leads to
re-engagement--Now a merchant's clerk-Denham and
Benjamin both sick-Denham died and left legacy to Ben-
jamin-Arrival of Captain Homes--Working for Keimer
again-The latter making trouble-Benjamin leaves him-
Interview with Meredith-Proposition to go into company
in printing business-Mercdith's father loans capital

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. 313




AM tired of so much persecution under the reign of

our corrupt king," said a neighbour to Josiah Franklin, one day in the year 1685, in the usually quiet village of Banbury, England, "and I believe that I shall pull up stakes and emigrate to Boston. That is the most thriving port in America."

Well, I am not quite prepared for that yet,” replied Franklin. "Our king is bad enough and tyrannical enough to make us all sick of our native land. But it is a great step to leave it for ever, to live among strangers; and I could not decide to do it without a good deal of reflection.”

"Nor I; but I have reflected upon it for a whole year now, and the more I reflect the more I am inclined to emigrate. When I can't worship God here as my conscience dictates, I will go where I can. Besides, I think the new country promises much more to the common people than the old in the way of a livelihood."

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'Perhaps so; I have not given the subject much attention. Dissenters have a hard time here under Charles II., and we all have to work hard enough for a livelihood. I don't think you can have a harder time in Boston."

Josiah Franklin was not disposed to emigrate when his neighbour first opened the subject. He was an intelligent, enterprising, Christian man, a dyer by trade, was born in Ecton, Leicestershire, in 1655, but removed to Banbury in his boyhood, to learn the business of a dyer of his brother John. He was married in Banbury at twenty-two years of

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