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The startling news from the Assembly-A discussion-A sarcastic
letter the cause-James and Benjamin summoned before the
Council-James defiant--Benjamin dismissed-How Mather
assailed the Courant-How James answered him-James in
prison-Benjamin editing the paper-Quotation from Parton
-Persecution of printers in the old country-A horrible
case-James released, and still defiant-Inoculation a remedy
for small-pox-The Mercury denouncing James' imprison-
ment--James still for freedom of the press-Secured it for
all time.

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Attacking the Government—The Council exasperated—Action of
the Courant Club-Plan to evade order of the Council-
Benjamin, the boy editor-His address in Courant-Quota-
tions from Courant of January 14, 1723-Not libellous-
Extract from Parton's life-When newspapers ceased to be
carried free-How long Ben was in printing office-
Remarks by Mr. Sparks What he says of General Court-
How the experience developed Benjamin-Right boy in
right place Extract from Courant about bears .


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