Nature, Količina 105

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1920
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Stran 141 - For an ye heard a music, like enow They are building still, seeing the city is built To music, therefore never built at all, And therefore built for ever.
Stran 339 - ... knowledge of these, I have dissected more than ten human bodies, destroying all the various members, and removing even the very smallest particles of the flesh which surrounded these veins without causing any effusion of blood other than the imperceptible bleeding of the capillary veins. And, as one single body did not suffice for so long a time, it was necessary to proceed by stages with so many bodies as would render my knowledge complete ; and this I repeated twice over in order to discover...
Stran 338 - A sentence on the cover of Leonardo's manuscript, Sul Velo degli Uccelli, written in 1505, has been interpreted as referring to this attempt. " The great bird," it runs, " will take its first flight upon the back of the great swan, filling the whole world with amazement, and filling all records with its fame ; and it will bring eternal glory to the nest where it was born.
Stran 361 - SIR, — I beg to anticipate a more detailed communication by informing you that, after a number of failures, which made the attempt seem hopeless, I have this morning perfectly succeeded in obtaining and observing part of the spectrum of a solar prominence.
Stran 172 - College are to give the highest specialised instruction, and to provide the fullest equipment for the most advanced training and research in various branches of science, especially in its application to industry...
Stran 338 - A bird is an instrument working according to mathematical law, which instrument it is within the capacity of man to reproduce with all its movements, but not with a corresponding degree of strength, though it is deficient only in the power of maintaining equilibrium. We may therefore say that such an instrument constructed by man is lacking in nothing except the life of the bird, and this life must needs be supplied from that of man.
Stran 219 - THIS fable my lord devised, to the end that he might exhibit therein a model or description of a college, instituted for the interpreting of nature, and the producing of great and marvellous works, for the benefit of men ; under the name of Solomon's House, or the College of the Six Days
Stran 172 - Kensington towards the end of the nineteenth century - the Royal College of Science, the Royal School of Mines and the City and Guilds College.
Stran 306 - Gottamelata at Padua and Verrocchio's Bartolemmo Colleone at Venice as the three great examples of equestrian statues of the Italian Renaissance. So far as it is possible to form an opinion from the very numerous studies in the Royal Collection at Windsor, it would seem to have been in advance of both the others in freedom and vigour of movement. The sequence of studies shows a change of purpose from the attitude of the horse galloping to that of it walking. He says in a note in one of his manuscripts,...
Stran 256 - Sainte-Beuve, as he grew older, came to regard all experience as a single great book, in which to study for a few years ere we go hence; and it seemed all one to him whether you should read in chapter XX, which is the differential calculus, or in chapter XXXIX, which is hearing the band play in the gardens.

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