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South African President Nelson Mandela Filing for Divorce
Nelson Mandela (South African president.), Winnie Mandela (South African political leader and wife of Nelson Mandela.), Divorce (South Africa)
Remembering Emmett Till
Emmett Till (African American teenaged lynching victim.); 1941-1955, Lynching, Mississippi (Race relations)
Cleveland Mayor Says Invitations to Rock 'n' Roll Hall Opening Ignore Ethnic Rockers
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Black musicians, Invitations
Tisha Campbell, Star of 'Martin', Dispels Rumor of Having AIDS.
Tisha Campbell-Martin; 1968-., AIDS (Disease) and celebrities
Father Gets Two Life Sentences for Killing Twin Daughters
Stanley Kidd, Twins, Trials (Murder), Life sentences (Criminal procedure), Sentences (Criminal procedure) (Alabama)
Howard University Closes Howard Inn, the Only Black-owned Hotel in Nation's Capital
Howard University, Blacks in hotel management, Washington (D.C.) (Hotels, motels, etc)
Despite Victory in Education Case, MS Lawyer is Suspended from Legal Services Post
Alvin Chambliss (American lawyer.), North Mississippi Rural Legal Services, Black colleges and universities (State aid), Colleges and universities (Desegregation, Mississippi)
Regina Belle Explains why Great Music Will Never Die
Regina Belle (American singer.)
Mandela Visits Widow of Apartheid Architect who Sent Him to Jail for Life
Nelson Mandela (South African president.), Betsie Verwoerd (wife of Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd.); d. 2000, Apartheid
Mike Tyson's Two Lethal Weapons Vanquish Foe with TKO in 89 Seconds
Peter McNeeley (American boxer.), Mike Tyson (American boxer.); 1966-, Boxing

Florida Highway Markers Pay Tribute to Newspaper Pioneer T. Thomas Fortune
Timothy Thomas Fortune (American newspaper editor and civil rights leader.); 1856-1928, Black press (History), Roads (Florida), Jackson County (Fla.) (Historic houses, sites, etc)

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