The Great Short-stories: With Introductory Essays on the Great Story Writers

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Harper and brothers, 1910 - 655 strani

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Stran 12 - For there are no bands in their death: but their strength is firm. They are not in trouble as other men; neither are they plagued like other men.
Stran 118 - ... square inches — what is it all but an exaggeration of the application of the one principle or set of principles of search, which are based upon the one set of notions regarding human ingenuity, to which the Prefect in the long routine of his duty has been accustomed ? Do you not see he has taken it for granted that all men proceed to conceal a letter — not exactly in a gimlet-hole bored in a chair-leg...
Stran 115 - When he had gone, my friend entered into some explanations. "The Parisian police," he said, "are exceedingly able in their way. They are persevering, ingenious, cunning, and thoroughly versed in the knowledge which their duties seem chiefly to demand. Thus, when G — detailed to us his mode of searching the premises at the Hotel D — , I felt entire confidence in his having made a satisfactory investigation, so far as his labours extended." '"So far as his labours extended'? " said I. "Yes,
Stran 143 - ... the stairs, and met me. It was less than three hours since he left, and he must have posted out — who knows how? — to Howgate, full nine miles off, yoked Jess, and driven her astonished into town. He had an armful of blankets, and was streaming with perspiration. He nodded to me, spread out on the floor two pairs of clean old blankets having at their corners, " AG, 1794," in large letters in red worsted.
Stran 137 - The operating theatre is crowded; much talk and fun, and all the cordiality and stir of youth. The surgeon with his staff of assistants is there. In comes Ailie: one look at her quiets and abates the eager students. That beautiful old woman is too much for them; they sit down, and are dumb, and gaze at her. These rough boys feel the power of her presence. She walks in quickly, but without haste; dressed in her mutch, her neckerchief, her white dimity short-gown, her black bombazine petticoat, showing...
Stran 15 - If his very initial sentence tend not to the outbringing of this effect, then he has failed in his first step. In the whole composition there should be no word written, of which the tendency, direct or indirect, is not to the one pre-established design.
Stran 118 - ... presumable and presumed; and thus its discovery depends, not at all upon the acumen, but altogether upon the mere care, patience, and determination of the seekers; and where the case is of importance - or, what amounts to the same thing in the policial eyes, when the reward is of magnitude, - the qualities in question have never been known to fail.
Stran 123 - ... certain royal personage, was markedly bold and decided ; the size alone formed a point of correspondence. But, then, the radicalness of these differences, which was excessive ; the dirt, the soiled and torn condition of the paper, so inconsistent with the true methodical habits of D , and so suggestive of a design to delude the beholder into an idea of the worthlessness of the document...
Stran 116 - I knew one about eight years of age, whose success at guessing in the game of 'even and odd' attracted universal admiration. This game is simple, and is played with marbles. One player holds in his hand a number of these toys, and demands of another whether that number is even or odd. If the guess is right, the guesser wins one; if wrong, he loses one. The boy to whom I allude won all the marbles of the school. Of course he had some principle of guessing; and this lay in mere observation and admeasurement...
Stran 226 - Shepherd Fennel glanced round. There was no longer any doubt that the stranger was answering his question rhythmically. The guests one and all started back with suppressed exclamations. The young woman engaged to the man of fifty fainted half-way, and would have proceeded, but finding him wanting in alacrity for catching her she sat down trembling.

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