Travels in Various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa: Russia, Tartary, and Turkey

Sprednja platnica
T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1816

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Stran 348 - To abstract the mind from all local emotion would be impossible, if it were endeavoured, and would be foolish, if it were possible. Whatever withdraws us from the power of our senses ; whatever makes the past, the distant, or the future predominate over the present, advances us in the dignity of thinking beings.
Stran 43 - And he will be a wild man ; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him ; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
Stran 342 - ... Priestman, you style this a dull conversation, and endeavour to divert my mind from dwelling upon death, but I entertain very different sentiments. Death has no terrors for me : it is an event I always look to with cheerfulness, if not with pleasure ; and be assured, the subject is more grateful to me than any other.
Stran 265 - This castle hath a pleasant seat ; the air Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself Unto our gentle senses. BAN. This guest of summer, The temple-haunting martlet, does approve By his loved mansionry that the heaven's breath Smells wooingly here : no jutty, frieze, Buttress, nor coign of vantage, but this bird Hath made his pendent bed and procreant cradle : Where they most breed and haunt, I have observed The air is delicate.
Stran 342 - near the village of Dauphigny ; this would suit me nicely ; you know it well, for I have often said that I should like to be buried there ; and let me beg of you, as you value your old friend, not to suffer any pomp to be used at my funeral ; nor any monument, nor monumental inscription whatsoever, to mark where I am laid : but lay me quietly in the earth, place a sun-dial over my grave, and let me be forgotten.
Stran 342 - ... life has rendered it impossible that I should get rid of this fever. If I had lived as you do, eating heartily of animal food, and drinking wine, I might, perhaps, by altering my diet, be able to subdue it. But how can such a man as I am lower his diet, who has been accustomed for years to exist upon vegetables and water, a little bread, and a little tea?
Stran 461 - Prague the infantry cut off the cavalry ; and there were three-fold, and more, intrenchments, aud a whole fortress ; therefore, we attacked in columns. . The Storm* Break down the fence ! Throw wattles over the holes ! Run as fast as you can ! Jump over the palisades ! Cast your faggots (into the ditch...
Stran 460 - ... with the help of small squares on the flank. In such a case, it will extend in a column; but till now we had no need of it. There are the God-forgetting, windy, light-headed Frenchmen; if it should ever happen to us to march against them, we must beat them in columns.
Stran 345 - They had in vain besought him to allow a physician to be sent for ; but Admiral Mordvinof renewing this solicitation with great earnestness, Mr. Howard assented, by nodding his head. The physician came, but was too late to be of any service. A rattling in the throat had commenced, and the physician administered what is called the musk draught, a medicine used only in Russia in the last extremity. It was given to the patient by Admiral Mordvinof, who prevailed on him to swallow a little ; but he endeavoured...

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