Annual report of the State Hospital Commission. 1897/98

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State Hospital Commission, 1899

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Stran 680 - One year to eighteen months . . Eighteen months to two years. Two to three years Three to four years...
Stran 307 - The commission may, by order, discharge any patient in its judgment improperly detained in any institution. A poor and indigent...
Stran 297 - ... judge of a court of record of the city or county, or a justice of the supreme court of the judicial district, in which the alleged insane person resides or may be, adjudging such person to be insane, upon a certificate of lunacy made by two qualified medical examiners in lunacy, accompanied by a verified petition therefor, or.
Stran 298 - ... by presenting a verified petition containing a statement of the facts upon which the allegation of insanity is based, and because of which the application for the order is made.
Stran 180 - State hospital, on filing his written certificate with the secretary of the board of managers, may discharge any patient, except one held upon an order of a court or judge having criminal jurisdiction in an action or proceeding arising out of a criminal offense at any time, as follows: 1.
Stran 300 - The petition of the applicant, the certificate in lunacy of the medical examiners, the order directing a further hearing as provided in this section, if one be issued, and the decision of the judge or referee, and the order of commitmeut shall be presented at...
Stran 3 - October of each year, a detailed report of the results of their visits and inspection, with suitable suggestions and such other matters as may be required of them by the commission, for the year ending on the thirtieth day of September preceding the date of such report.
Stran 298 - Such certificate of lunacy shall be in the form prescribed by the commission, and shall contain the facts and circumstances upon which the judgment of the physicians is based, and show that the condition of the person examined is such as to require care and treatment in an institution for the care, custody and treatment of the insane.
Stran 302 - Liability for the care and support of the insane other than the poor and indigent. — The father, mother, husband, wife and children of an insane person, if of sufficient ability, and the committee or guardian of his person and estate, if his estate is sufficient for the purpose, shall cause him to be properly and suitably cared for and maintained.
Stran 176 - Such order shall be presented, at the time of the commitment of such insane person, to the superintendent or person in charge of the institution to which the insane person is committed, and a copy thereof shall be forwarded to the commission by such superintendent or person in charge and filed in the office thereof.

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