Journal of the Statistical Society of London, Količina 13

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Charles Knight, 1850

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Stran 66 - For the good nature and benevolence of many lords of manors having, time out of mind, permitted their villeins and their children to enjoy their possessions without interruption, in a regular course of descent, the common law, of which custom is the life, now gave them title to prescribe against their lords; and, on performance of the same services, to hold their lands, in spite of any determination of the lord's will. For though in general they are still said to hold their estates at the will of...
Stran 239 - Every person who shall use any threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the peace, or whereby a breach of the peace may be occasioned : 14.
Stran 239 - Every common prostitute or nightwalker loitering or being in any thoroughfare or public place for the purpose of prostitution or solicitation, to the annoyance of the inhabitants or passers-by,
Stran 238 - Dog, or sets on or urges any Dog or other Animal to attack, worry, or put in fear any Person or Animal...
Stran 66 - There is one very unpleasing remark which every one who attends to the subject of prices will be induced to make, that the labouring classes, especially those engaged in agriculture, were better provided with the means of subsistence in the reign of Edward III. or of Henry VI. than they arc at present.
Stran 57 - ... herded together with a proximity and mutual pressure which brutes would resist; where it is physically impossible to preserve the ordinary decencies of life; where all sense of propriety and self-respect must be lost...
Stran 48 - ... and the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of their respective shares.
Stran 239 - ... 10. Every person who, without the consent of the owner or occupier, shall affix any posting bill or other paper against or upon any building, wall, fence or pale...
Stran 239 - Occasions herein-before specified, shall wilfully disregard or not conform himself thereunto : 10. Every Person who, without the Consent of the Owner or Occupier, shall affix any Posting Bill or other Paper against or upon any Building, Wall, Fence, or Pale...
Stran 65 - They wear fine woollen cloth in all their apparel; they have also abundants of bed-coverings in their houses, and of all other woollen stuff. They have great store of all hustlements and implements of household. They are plentifully furnished with all implements of husbandry, and all other things that are requisite to the accomplishment of a quiet and wealthy life according to their estates and degrees.

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