Biographical Sketches of Eccentric Characters

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H. & E. Phinney, 1832 - 443 strani

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Stran 315 - Jeffrcidos, on a battle between him and a turkey-cock ; and in 1638 was published a very small book, called The New Year's Gift, presented at court from the Lady Parvula to the Lord Minimus (commonly called Little Jeffery), her Majesty's servant, &c., written by Microphilus, with a little print of Jeffery prefixed.
Stran 323 - Nash was certainly to be numbered in the beginning, only with this difference, that he wanted the corrupt heart too commonly attending a life of expedients ; for he was generous, humane, and honourable, even though by profession a gamester.
Stran 367 - ... back. In short, this wandering tumour puzzled all the workmen about town, who found it impossible to accommodate so changeable a customer.
Stran 173 - Elwes knew almost nothing of accounts, and never reduced his affairs to writing — he was obliged, in the disposal of his money, to trust much to memory — to the suggestions of other people still more.
Stran 370 - Blush not, marble, to rescue from oblivion the memory of HENRY JENKINS : a person obscure in birth, but of a life truly memorable ; for he was enriched with the goods of nature, if not of fortune, and happy in the duration, if not variety, of his enjoyments ; and, tho...
Stran 105 - ... would never have returned to his wife, if the money which he took with him, which was supposed to have been £1000 or £2000, had not been all spent: and he must have been a good economist, and frugal in his manner of living, otherwise his money would scarce have held out; for I imagine he had his whole fortune by him, I mean what he carried away with him in money or bank bills, and daily took out of his bag, like the Spaniard in Gil Bias, what was sufficient for his expenses.
Stran 316 - ... at last, being provoked by Mr Crofts, a young gentleman of family, a challenge ensued, and Mr Crofts coming to the rendezvous armed only with a squirt, the little creature was so enraged that a real duel ensued, and the appointment being on horseback, with pistols, to put them more on a level, Jeffery, with the first fire, shot his antagonist dead.
Stran 22 - The jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against some person or persons unknown, and the police were put on their mettle to discover the unknown and daring murderer.
Stran 370 - ... the partial world despised and disregarded his low and humble state, the equal eye of Providence beheld, and blessed it with a patriarch's health and length of days ; to teach mistaken man, these blessings were entailed on temperance, or, a life of labour and a mind at ease.
Stran 103 - Howe was obliged to apply for an act of parliament to procure a proper settlement of her husband's estate, and a provision for herself out of it during his absence, as it was uncertain whether he was alive or dead : this act he suffered to be solicited and passed, and enjoyed the pleasure of reading the progress of it in the votes, in a little coffee-house, near his lodging, which he frequented. Upon his quitting his house and family in the manner I have mentioned, Mrs. Howe at first imagined, as...

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