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Tate Publishing, 12. jun. 2012 - 480 strani
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I see Jesus everywhere! Jesus was there from the beginning, before creation.
Explore the word of God to study such things as:
— Is God the toughest teacher?
— Is there really a hell, and did Jesus spend time there for us?
— The Easter Story told—using the Old Testament only.
— What was Jesus thinking while on the cross?
— What do the Song of David and Song of Moses prophesize?
— Does the Bible speak of dinosaurs?
— Can we trust God literally created the universe in six days?
— What is the real meaning of 'Our Lord our God is one Lord'?
— What do the Seven Feasts of Israel teach us about Jesus?
— In keeping the Ten Commandments—do you fair any better than I?
The love story of God is awaiting you. It is the most important message you could ever hear!

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