The College Year-book and Athletic Record for the Academic Year 1896-97

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Edwin Emerson
Stone & Kimball, 1897 - 592 strani

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Stran 362 - HERE WAS BURIED THOMAS JEFFERSON, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, Of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, And Father of the University of Virginia ; because by these, as testimonials that I have lived, I wish most to be remembered.
Stran 299 - July 16, when the University was formally transferred to its permanent home. Instruction began at Berkeley in the autumn of 1873. The new Constitution of 1879 made the existing organization of the University perpetual.
Stran 235 - undergraduate" and "graduate" courses offered by Harvard University, and are more than sufficient to enable a woman to perform the work required by the University for the degrees of AB and AM In addition to these, Graduate Students in Radcliffe College have access to a large number of Graduate courses in Harvard University. The examinations are the same in both institutions, and the diplomas conferring the degrees of AB and AM...
Stran 300 - CALIFORNIA, consisting of the Governor, the Lieutenant-Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the President of the State Board of Agriculture, the President of the Mechanics...
Stran 50 - Individual readers may have all the privileges and local circles may be formed by three or four members. The time required is about one hour daily for nine months. Certificates are granted to all who complete the course. Seals are affixed to the certificates which are granted for collateral and advanced reading.
Stran 300 - Senate must conduct the general administration of the University, regulate the general and special courses of instruction, receive and determine all appeals from acts of discipline enforced by the Faculty of any college, and exercise such other powers as the Board of Regents may confer upon it.
Stran 444 - Illustrated lectures and classes in literature, art, and science, with the purpose of teaching the appreciation of the beautiful, and rendering life more interesting and enjoyable. Third— Lectures and classes in history, civics, and economics, designed to aid the citizen In studying the problems of free government and modern life, and to encourage a sense of responsibility, habits of sound thinking, and right cortdnct.
Stran 405 - The sum of $9,500 was realized from the last two townships. The legislature passed an act February 24, 1814, "for the Encouragement of Literature, Piety and Morality and the Useful Arts and Sciences," and appropriated the taxes due to the Commonwealth from the Massachusetts Bank, "for the ten years next to come," to Harvard, Williams, and Bowdoin.
Stran 325 - ... years, or until his successor shall have been appointed and shall have qualified. He shall be president of the board of control, and shall have general supervision of the waters of the state and of the officers connected with its distribution.
Stran 578 - Standard Authority of the US Supreme Court, all the State Supreme Courts, the US Government Printing Office, and of nearly all the Schoolbooks. Warmly commended by State Superintendents of Schools, and other Educators almost without number.

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