The Life and Letters of Washington Irving, Količina 1

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Stran 275 - On Tuesday last A falcon towering in her pride of place Was by a mousing owl hawked at and killed.
Stran 189 - Yon churchyard's bowers? No ! in ourselves their souls exist, A part of ours. A kiss can consecrate the ground Where mated hearts are mutual bound: The spot where love's first links were wound, That ne'er are riven, Is hallowed down to earth's profound, And up to Heaven!
Stran 198 - History of New York. I am sensible that, as a stranger to American parties and politics, I must lose much of the concealed satire of the piece, but I must own that looking at the simple and obvious meaning only, 1 have never read anything so closely resembling the style of Dean Swift, as the annals of Diedrich Knickerbocker.
Stran 278 - I repeated the conversation to Scott some time afterward, and it drew forth a characteristic comment " Pooh ! " said he, good humoredly, " how can Campbell mistake the matter so much. Poetry goes by quality, not by bulk. My poems are mere cairngorms, wrought up, perhaps, with a cunning hand, and may pass well in the market as long as cairngorms are the fashion ; but they are mere Scotch pebbles after all ; now Tom Campbell's are real diamonds, and diamonds of the first water.
Stran 133 - Ogden, of whom the following is the only memorial : he had left one of their meetings ' with a brain half bewildered by the number of bumpers he had been compelled to drink. He told Irving the next day that in going home he had fallen through a grating which had been carelessly left open, into a vault beneath. The solitude, he said, was rather dismal at first, but several other of the guests fell in in the course of the evening, and they had on the whole quite a pleasant night of it.
Stran 184 - For my part, I idolized her. I felt at times rebuked by her superior delicacy and purity, and as if I was a coarse, unworthy being in comparison.
Stran 380 - As I am launched upon the literary world here, I find my opportunities of observation extending. Murray's drawingroom is a great resort of first-rate literary characters ; whenever I have a leisure hour I go there, and seldom fail to meet with some interesting personages. The hours of access are from two to five. It is understood to be a matter of privilege, and that you must have a general invitation from Murray.
Stran 380 - GifFord, of whom, as an old adversary, you may be curious to know something, is a small, shrivelled, deformed man of about sixty, with something of a humped back, eyes that diverge, and a large mouth. He is generally reclining on one of the sofas, and supporting himself by the cushions, being very much debilitated. He is mild and courteous in his manners, without any of the petulance that you would be apt to expect, and is quite simple, unaffected, and unassuming. Murray tells me that...
Stran 105 - I promised myself a world of enjoyment in his society, and in the society of several artists with whom he had made me acquainted, and pictured forth a scheme of life, all tinted with the rainbow hues of youthful promise. My lot in life, however, was differently cast. Doubts and fears gradually clouded over my prospect ; the rainbow tints faded away ; I began to apprehend a sterile reality ; so I gave up the transient but delightful prospect of remaining in Rome with Allston and turning painter.
Stran 317 - I cannot tell you how truly I have enjoyed the hours I have passed here. They fly by too quick, yet each is loaded with story, incident, or song; and when I consider the world of ideas, images, and impressions that have been crowded upon my mind since I have been here, it seems incredible that I should only have been two days at Abbotsford.

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