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motherhood later. We should say in our hearts: "I am going to give the best service I can, I am going to do my work conscientiously; I am not going to run around and dance myself tired and do other things which will impair my efficiency and keep me from holding down my job right, but I am going to do this job right, so that I will be good for the long pull." You have to think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and next week and next year, and the year after that, and then above all, women have to think of the possibility in the future-the possibility of the bigger job-the job of motherhood.

Let us consider the basis we need for holding a job. We ought to know how to work. These are the fundamental helps to getting and holding a job:

First, Health. What are the bases of health? It is not just being free from typhoid fever; we need more than to be free from spinal meningitis and malaria. We need some surplus vigor, a little stored-up pep, which we should keep on reserve for a sudden rush of work. Let us have for our fundamental of health for a job a little extra vigor; let us have harmony-let us be unconscious of our bodies. If our bodies are healthy they do not speak much, so let us have the harmony that makes us unconscious of our bodies; this shows they are running in perfect condition. Let us have the idea of nutrition, of being the right weight for our height. We can do it by right living. You should know how much food you consume and how much you should weigh to correspond with your height. It is absolutely essential that the weight be as near normal as possible.

Second, Appearance. I knew of a girl who was afflicted with pimples

and blackheads and it was impossible for her to secure a position. Pimples are not necessary. If a girl lives cleanly and regularly, in most cases her pimples will disappear. All of us are not good looking, but we can all look clean. It helps us to get a job. The condition of a girl's skin and hair has something to do with her getting a job. We should take measures to get our skin and hair in as perfect condition as we can by the simple process of cleanliness. We accumulate a vast amount of dirt on our skins every day. Our skins sweat out salts and grease and water. We should not give them more material to throw off than they already have. I mean by this paint and powder. Powder fills up the little excretory pores. I do not think you can keep your skin in A-I condition and put on it powder and paint. I do not believe powder and paint ever help girl to get a job with the kind of man she wants to work for. Keep your skin clear; keep your hair as glossy and clean and well combed as you


One more point in cleanliness is clean teeth. Nobody likes to dictate to a girl with bad breath; and with diseased gums and bad teeth it is almost impossible to keep your breath sweet. You have to keep your teeth in good condition where you come in contact with people, or lose your ef ficiency and bar your chances of a good standing. While brushing teeth is important, there is one thing that is far more important, and that is to put into your body the things that grow teeth. You cannot grow teeth on white bread, and coca cola. You can brush your teeth until they have ridges worn in them, and they will rot and be discolored and bad un

less you put the stuff in your body to build teeth. You can put in whole wheat breads, oatmeal, cracked wheat,

barley. These will help you to get a job and keep your health

There is one more point on cleanliness that I wish to emphasize. There is a tradition abroad in the land contrary to good health—and that is regarding bathing during your menstrual period. When we were primitive we were afraid of blood and we considered it the sign of life and something sacred, and when this discharge appeared in ancient tribes among the women, the people were frightened and they felt that women were taboo, and I suppose at that time they got into the habit of not taking a bath. A few hundred years ago baths were very much in abeyance anyway. People thought they were holy if they did not take a bath. We have passed that stage. We know that we do not worship God by being dirty and doing queer things and living alone and standing on a pillar and bowing. We worship God in these days by trying to be of use to our fellow men. In order to be of use to our fellow men we have to be clean inside and out. It hurts no woman to bathe during her men. strual period; she really needs more baths then than at any other time in her life. Many women can tub with perfect impunity, but any one can take a warm sponge bath.

Third, Habits: Next to health and appearance I should like to speak of some habits that help us to get a job and to keep it, and the best one of these is posture. A part of the ill health in women in this country comes from bad posture. In the last few years we have had a posture sweeping over the country called the debutante slouch. That debutante slouch is a bad thing-a dangerous thing. It throws out of place almost. all the internal organs in the body. How to attain correct posture: Stand

straight, but eliminate strain in shoulders; Let them be carried naturally. Swing forward with the weight on the ball of the feet as though you were almost standing on tip toe, then pick up the breast bone. If you will take this posture many times a day you can throw off pounds of fatigue, and it does help to keep your internal organs in place, especially if you will care enough for your body to build it up to normal weight.

A word about corsets. Never pull your corset down. Do not have it come above the waist. The best way to put the corset on is lying down, when all the organs will be in the right position.

Aside from the habit of posture, cultivate the habit of looking people straight in the eye and being unafraid. afraid. I believe this is one of the most essential things in getting and holding a job. Fear is abnormal. It is said that if you really face a wild animal he is not nearly so apt to jump at you, but if you begin to run he is almost sure to jump at you. If you are afraid, everybody jumps at you. If you are not afraid, nobody jumps at you. Live straight enough so that you haven't anything to be afraid of or ashamed of and then lcok everybody straight in the eye and think, "I fear no foe in shining armor." Other people will treat you all right if you look them straight in the eye and are not afraid of them.

One other habit is the chewing of gum. This gum chewing is a rather serious serious thing. The digestion of starches begins in the mouth, if we get normal digestion. The salivary glands should work and rest; they cannot work all the time. Now if you chew gum all the time you keep these glands working and they get worn out and are unable to supply

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On rising, take one pint of fluid ---hot water, cold water, but the best thing is a pint of lemonade with a teaspoonful of glycerine in it. Then the next point is the most important point of all; it is half the battle. Be on the toilet at exactly the same hour every day. That is an appointment to keep the rest of your life. Sit 10 minutes and speak to your bowels.

Next, anything you want to eat for your breakfast, but you must eat two raw apples, bran in some form, cooked or raw, two tablespoonfuls of honey-nature's own remedy.

At ten o'clock in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon, a glass of buttermilk is good.

Lunch: Anything you want to eat, and baked apple and cream, lettuce with oil and one of the laxative fruits, either dates or figs or prunes, raw or cooked.

Supper: Anything you want to eat, and:

Cooked: carrots, (grated carrots on lettuce leaves is one of the nicest salads; carrot is one of the most useful vegetable for constipation,) onions, cabbage sauerkrout and all kinds of greens.

Raw: carrots, onions, cabbage, cress, lettuce and celery.

Dr. Mosher's exercise for painful menstruation: Lie flat on bed on back and raise knees. then place a hand on abdomen; throw out abdominal muscles slowly and without jerking, raising the hand by muscular action, and then draw in as far as possible, lowering the hand. By doing this about ten times a day a great deal of painful menstruation can be cured, as well as excessive flow. It is right to do it lying flat with the clothing removed. If you do not menstruate regularly, you should go to your doctor and get well.

Fourth. Clothes. I want to beg of our women who work to wear working clothes to work and party clothes to a party.

There is no one thing that affects efficiency more than shoes. If you want to deform your feet at a dance, that is your affair, but when you work, wear shoes that fit your feet. Wear shoes with a sole that covers the whole sole of the foot, and which do not distort the bones of the feet. A questionnaire was sent out to both men and women asking why women wear the shoes they do. The women answered because they were the style, because men liked them, etc. One man answered that if women would wear decent shoes, the men would like them just the same.


You have to keep nervous balance; to do this you should have good nutrition, normal menstruation. You

should save your big feeling for the right mate. Men are always trying women out to see if they can flirt with them.

have to keep the temple of your body just as clean and fine as you can. The big job takes a lot of self-control, of patience, and everything that makes us fine, strong people. You have to save yourself emotionally for that big job. That big job should be accompanied by the biggest love of your life, and if you fritter away your emotions on many people before you come to the big job, you will find you have not get the self control and feeling left for the big job, so, girls, don't flirt. Don't allow yourself to be handled and kissed before you choose your mate. You

Spiritually, we have to save ourselves for the big job. We have to see the connection of our big job with all eternity. It isn't just bearing a child; it is taking our place in the plan of eternity; it is helping to work out the things that are coming in the future that we believe to be great, and that we are so short sighted we cannot see. We have to have this spiritual view of our big job.


By Julia Farr

"I'm going to be married," sweet Dorus said,

"And whom," asked a friend, “are you going to wed?"

Then Dorus replied, "O, don't you know?

Why, he is an angel on earth, and so

Never mind his name I'll bring him to you,-
You'll call him 'Perfection,' I know, as I do!"

Meanwhile her lover declares, "I'm in love

With an angel sent surely from Heaven above!
She hasn't a fault, I know this is true!

With thoughts of such a wife, wouldn't you rejoice, too?"
"Why, yes," said his friend, who was married and wise,
"There are not many wives who come fresh from the skies."

They married these two, with their idealistic claims,
And soon found that angels didn't bear their two names!
And cried with chagrin, and felt they were lost,

And marriage, they agreed, had been bought at great cost.
Which one had deceived? Neither knew, neither cared;
Of ever being happy, they both now despaired.

But Cupid looked on, and his eyes filled with tears,-
"I'll make them rejoice throughout all the years!"
So he touched both their eyes, and gave them their sight,

And the sunshine of love chased the darkness of night.

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Girl Makes Place for Herself in Man's


By Charles A. Goddard

A hardware store is usually thought of as a place where only men can work and feel at home, except when they enter as bookkeepers. Miss Camille A. Pineau entered a hardware store in her city, Albuquer. que, N.M., as its bookkeeper, and had she thought only of the immediate duties ahead of her, or shown unwillingness to do anything but keep the books and write the firm's letters she would still be a bookkeeperstenographer only. As it is, she is paid a salary that compares with that paid to any hardware salesman in the city.

It happened that after Miss Pineau had been in the store's office but a month the manager became ill and had to remain from his work for three months. That was Miss Pineau's opportunity, and it showed to her employer that they had made a find in her.

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various kitchen devices and utensils with women who came into the store. In this way she learned the uses of many of the articles. She took especial interest in the articles used by women. From the salesmen in the store and from those who came to the store from factories she learned one side of the merchandise; and from her talks with the women who used it she learned the other. She soon became capable of talking to a woman in a way to help the woman and to thus win her confidence.

Seeing that Miss Pineau was eager to increase her knowledge of goods and service to the store her employer gave her latitude. Her regular duties were not lightened. She merely did them without slacking and eliminated every minute's loafing.

"Miss Pineau does not do less of her office work," said the hardware. merchant. "She just is not, and was never, content to stretch her routine work along to fill a day, nor to give time to primping, joking with visitors, reading stories, and other things which we have seen girls do to make a full day of a half or three-quarter day.

"I will say, however, that she reads magazines during business hours, sometimes, too. We even subscribe for them for her. She reads them because she showed some time ago that she wished to keep in touch with all of the new things that are being put on the market for women to use. She reads trade journals, too-and if more men would read them to get ideas it would help them."

Thus if Miss Pineau sees in a mag

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