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The two of them gave science and its_application, or applied science.

Edison invented the phonograph, a machine for using the knowledge brought to light by Helmholtz.

Scientific Procedure. All scientific procedure has the element of faith in it. The scientist believes something, expects something, but he guards against permitting his belief to interfere with honest investigation; he observes, he experiments, and accepts the results whether they are in keeping with his expectations or not. He refuses to draw a conclusion or declare the discovery of a general truth until his sources of information are exhausted and he has found a uniformity of condition or action that leaves no doubt as to the truth of his generalization. Newton's law of falling bodies will remain unchallenged as a truth unless someone discovers a condition in which the law is not operative. Should that be done, gravity as a universal law will lose its title and will be known as a rule with exceptions.

If it has been found by observation that individuals and communities without exception have gone towards degeneration and its consequent unhappiness, whenever they have departed from faith in and obedience to God, and that they have always increased in happiness through belief in and through service to God, then the conclusion arrived at and stated in Ecclesiastes 12:13 is a truth scientificaly demonstrated. The fact that this truth may have been given to man by revelation, which in the history of the race has generally been in advance, does not prevent it from holding its rank and being entitled to be labeled scientific because it has stood the test of experimental proof. Special Contributions.-All pure science gives the joy of discovery, all

applied science adds to man's happiness through increase of power. Astronomy has made navigation safe and kept the spirit of man from becoming proud. The contemplation of worlds so much greater than our earth forces the conclusion that there are intelligences greater than man. To the student of astronomy the stars seem friends, and the student is never less alone than when he is alone under the canopy of heaven.

Geography has made travel something of joyous expectation; once long journeys were filled with fear, the stepping-off place is no longer dreaded, our modern methods of transportation, communication, and illumination, are gifts of physics. Chemistry has given us mastery over giant forces of nature. The absence of the chemist would cut down the products of our sugar factories, and without the assayer the fires of our smelters would be exceedingly small, and many of the furnaces grow cold. Biology introduces us to life processes, tells us what our bodies are and how to make the most of them as instruments of enjoyment. Psychology introduces us to ourselves and shows us how the individual and the group mind may most effectively increase and enjoy the stream of consciousness. It provides for self knowing self, self helping self, self enjoying self. Sociology points out the best way to be good neighbors as individuals and as groups. Theology reveals the secret of a premortal existence, shows the relationship of God to man and the duty of man to God in this mortal estate.

It is a field of investigation where laws are discovered the obedience to which will bring to man divine help and make it possible for man to live a somewhat superhuman life of resistence and achievement. Columbus was more than mortal when

wrought upon by the spirit of God, he was mortal plus divine inspiration.

The contributions of medical science are almost countless. Its two greatest contributions, perhaps, are anti-toxin and dietetics.

The Importance of Scientific Study. It has come to pass that the practical person, no matter how skilful, must stand by and let the one whose practice has behind it a knowledge of why he does things pass on. In all our big industries the man with technical training, which means one with scientific knowledge and acquired skill, gets the preference of employment, and moreover, it has been proved that scientific training increases the initiative, so that the untrained who furnish themselves employment cannot long compete with the trained mind and the skilful hand.

It is advocated that high school students should take some course in science every year.

Sincerity in this lesson shall mean self-integrity. As there is a difference between an untruth and a lie, an error and a sin, so there is a wide difference between insincerity and deception. Sincerity consists in saying and doing what one thinks ought to be said and done under varied circumstances. One could not call a general insincere who camouflages his reserves, because he is entirely sincere in his deception; nor could a doctor be charged with insincerity who bridges a patient over a crisis by exaggerating the chances of recovery.

The sincerity of a word or act depends upon the purpose for which

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pected to add to the happiness of human 4. In what four ways is eugenics ex


5. Distinguish between the scientist and the inventor.

6. What scientific discovery in the field of medicine has done most for man's mastery of the microbe?

7. Why should vivisection not be legislated against?

8. Wherein is the budget system of expenditures scientific?

9. How does a knowledge of chemistry add to the dignity of cooking and to the happiness of the cook?

10. Show that faith accompanies scientific investigation.

11. In what respect was the sacred grove a laboratory of scriptural research for Joseph Smith, the boy?

12. What truth was rediscovered by the spiritual experiment in the grove?

13. Has the statement, "Do the work, and ye shall know of the doctrine," stood the test, in a sufficient number of cases to be labeled truth?

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that no man can stand unreinforced against the psychic power of the evil one. Left to himself, man is naturally good, that is, his tendencies are upward, and these upward tendencies may give him power to rise in the midst of negative material environments. At all events it would seem that he could hold his own; but when a great opposing psychic force is pitted against the man, his battle must be a losing one unless another psychic force, superior to the one pulling the man downward, is helping him up. So the Messiah knew what Peter must do when left to himself (John 13:37, 38). All the sincerity of all mankind can never bring peace in the presence of the spiritual force of the evil one without a super-human force supplementing that human sincerity.

The worship of God in spirit (i. e., in sincerity) and in truth (i. e., with true ideas concerning God), carries with it the consciousness that God is, the assurance that he is interested in us, and the knowledge that our conduct is in keeping with the mind and will of God; this is salvation, here, now, and forever. It is perfect faith, the sincerity of man supplemented with the inspiration of the Almighty.


1. A non-"Mormon" won the affections of a "Mormon" girl, and she consented to become his wife. Her parents were very much grieved over this prospective, un. equal yoking. The groom, having no religious conviction, proffered to become a

member of the Church out of consideration for the feelings of the family. Should his proposition be accepted?

2. Wherein is sincerity the background of courage? Illustrate.

3 How does making light of sacred things affect the mind?

4. Show the lack of sincerity in the swearing habit.

5. Wherein is secret prayer a great test of sincerity?

6. How does it affect the growth of sincerity?

7. What sincerity is there behind the smile, "when everything goes dead wrong?"

8. Apply the following to sincere citizenship in the matter of enforcing law: "The sin of silence, when we should speak, makes cowards of us all."

9. In what way does sincerity produce the joy of self-respect?



Preliminary Statements: The habit of withholding a decision, until a reasonable amount of evidence is in, is one of the best of a good set of habits, whether it is possessed by the individual or the group. The habit of acting and afterwards thinking is to say the least, a very dangerous one. and that which is dangerous has in its wake more sorrow than joy. The suspended judgment is a close runningmate to sincerity in the production of safety, and safety is not only a factor of happiness, but is a real condition of enjoyment.

Next to the joy of being, is that of doing, and next to that of doing, is the joy of having, and accompanying each of these states of joy is the sense of safety. Unsafe existence, unsafe conduct, unsafe possession, are accompanied by the element of fear to the exclusion of enjoyment.

To suspend judgment means to set the emotions where they belong, at the rear, and not in front, of thought. It is a process of schooling one's feelings:

"School thy feelings, there is power In the cool, collected mind; Passion shatters reason's tower,

Makes the clearest vision blind."

A Contribution to the Individual. -Suspended judgment is a friendwinner and friend-keeper. Suspended judgment adds to warm-hearted

10. How does sincerity produce a sense of safety, one of the highest states of happiness in society?

11. Show that all the joys of religion are dependent upon sincerity.

12. Distinguish between insincerity and non-sincerity.

13. Show that sincerity is the foundation of self respect and group confidence.

ness and is an antidote for hot headedness. The suspended judgment carries with it the consciousness of intellectual reserve. It is to the mind what the brake is to the automobile. The suspended judgment increases the inhibitive power of the nervous system; it tends to maintain pulse rhythm.

It trains the will to wait for the verdict of wisdom, and wisdom is the very taproot of the tree of happiness. Suspended judgment demands close attention, the consciousness of ability to concentrate one's power is happiness at high tide.

Suspended judgment forbids forgetfulness and forms the habit of reliable recollection; it makes for accuracy in expression. It demands that things be told as they are, regardless of what we should like them to be. It forbids listlessness and carelessness of description, it demands intellectual honesty and guards against the pernicious habit of fooling one's self. It constantly calls from every walk of life: "With all thy getting, get understanding." Perhaps no other one thing is a safer criterion for the grading of one's general intelligence than is the habit of suspending one's judgment. It gives to the whole intellect a poise which is more than an attitude of intellectual comfort, it is sheer enjoyment of selfstability, and of one so possessed it

may be fittingly said, "He can not be stampeded."

Its Contribution to the Family.It is evident that mating is left too much to luck. There is too much truth in the saying that marriage is a lottery. Just recently, the warden of a state penitentiary gave emphasis to the fact that hasty marriage is one of the chief factors of divorce, and divorce one of the great sources of misery.

The old saw, "Marry in haste and repent at leisure," is very dull, from the fact that there is no leisure in repentance. The aphorism, modernized, would read, "Marry in haste, and divorce in the antipodes of heaven." The suspended judgment in the home ejects petulancy and invites patience; it forbids nagging and cultivates courtesy. In the household where suspended judgment prevails, a family quarrel will be quelled in its incipiency by the appearance of Puck.

Its Contribution to Society.-The community that tolerates lynch law, thus substituting a mob for a court, simply advertises its behind-the-timesness in civilization, and acknowledges a lack of the judicial element in the individual minds that make up the group. For the mob mind is but an aggregation, not an organization, of individual minds. The man who saved a victim of public passion from an illegal execution, by suggesting that they ride him on a rail before hanging him, thus diverting their attention and securing time for thought, was a real leader, and whoever creates conditions that bring about the habit of suspended judgment, in the multitude, will do much toward preventing the recurrence of war.

Its Contribution to Business.— Promptness in decision is indispensable to progress, but there is a wide difference between prompt and hasty

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decision. Drawing conclusions from surface investigation gives the gold brick vender the right of way in business. There are always two sides to a question, and in business matters one side is the outside and the other side is the inside, and when the outside wins the insider loses.

Railroading is said to be the biggest business in the world, and its slogan is, "Whenever in doubt, take the safe side." In most cases this means "wait for information." Too much of the average man's cocksureness in business is stilted upon desire, rather than being based upon thought. His want-to-do obscures both his oughtto-do and his can-do, and he thus forces himself into failures that might be avoided by the habit of suspending his judgment until the sources of safe information are drawn upon. Young men would do well to counsel long and often with those of successful experience concerning business ventures and methods of executing ideas of enterprise. There is much need for business advisors whose first duty would be to prescribe an anti-toxin for the get-richquick contagion.

Its Contribution to Religion.-It is our faith in the suspended judgment of Diety that makes heaven thinkable. thinkable. We have implicit faith that our Father will award no prizes and permit the infliction of no punishment until the evidence is all in.

It is the thought of such a judgment that gives to good its permanent value, and to evil, its discounting power. To make of God anything

s than a perfectly deliberate being would be to make of heaven a world of chance.


1. What does suspended judgment stand for in this lesson?

2. How is the will affected by suspend

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