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tabernacles to unborn spirits than do the Latter-day Saints for it is a part of their very religion. By revelation it is known that we were given spiritual bodies by our Heavenly Father and Mother. Spiritual entities cannot progress to the next stage of experience until they have passed through the experiences of mortality.

"I, the Lord God, created all things * * * spiritually before they were naturally upon the face of the earth. * * * And I, the Lord God had created all the children of men; and not yet a man to till the ground for in heaven created I them. All things were before created, but spiritually were they created and made according to My word."1

* *

"For by the power of my spirit created I them, yea, all things both spiritual and temporal.2 And that it might be filled with measure of man according to his creation before the world was made."3

2. Desirability of Earthly Experience.

Since earth experience is absolutely necessary before the next stage of progression can be enjoyed, the possession of a mortal tabernacle. thus becomes a great privilege and one that should be given to as many as possible of God's spiritual children. Parenthood also gives man a chance to participate in the act of bestowing priceless blessings upon otherwise helpless spirits. With the understanding of this plan parenthood becomes indeed a privilege of great magnitude and scope. Also the chance to be born on earth and become possessed of a tabernacle of flesh is inconceivably precious-a privilege for which all should be thankful and determined to magnify. The beauty and completeness of this conception makes man even in this

1 Moses 3:5-7. 2Doc. and Cov. 29:31. Doc. and Cov. 49:17.

phase of his existence approach Godhood.

It is entirely fitting and proper that men and women through study and prayer should know how they may better acquit themselves of their great responsibility. There should be no chance or guess work here.

II. The Right to be Well-Born.

Since the beginning of history men have studied all the phenomena of the world including plant life and animal life but until the last century no systematic study of man and his environment has been made-with the exception of man's deeds and misdeeds as recorded in history.

1. Eugenics.

Frances Galton, the great English statistician through his work on human statistics made certain deductions and shaped his studies into the making of a new science: the scientific study of man as a result of his heredity. He devised a new name for the new science-Eugenics (meaning literally, good birth) and defined it as the "study of agencies that may improve or impair the racial qualities of future generations, either mentally or physically." Today many men are following in his lead and the study of eugenics is becoming more general in all parts of the civilized world.

2. Euthenics.

Another term has been coined to designate the study of man's development: Euthenics (meaning literally, prosperity) and is used to cover the study of any agencies that promote man's well-being after he has been well-born. The study of the two sciences should therefore go hand in hand.

"We know that a nation should be judged by the character of its common

men and the degree to which these find cr create opportunity. Fitness is of many kinds and all kinds are good.

and the laws of life and reproduction taught reverently and beautifulAll of us have streaks of unfitness and it ly. The child will thus early learn

that his body is a holy tabernacle
and will be aided much in his desire
to keep it pure and perfect.

is for no man to judge which of these out-
weighs the other. But we know what it
is to be well born, and to be well-born
should be the heredity of every child in
the republic. If this generation is well-
born the next will be well taught. When
Nature (heredity) and Nurture (environ-
ment) work together we are well on the
way to ideal conditions. But Nurture will
do nothing unless Nature is first. Nurture
indicates possibilities. It is for Nurture to
make them good."4

3. Study on Part of Future Parents. It is well for parents to study these subjects and apply them as best they may; but real progress will not be made until young men and women before they become parents study seriously the problems of life and wellbeing. A good course in Eugenics and Euthenics should be given in every high school in the land and required of every student. Knowledge that runs loose and is unapplied is worse than useless. Men are condemned if they do not make use of it.

4. Care of the Earth Tabernacle.

A reverence for the body which is the tabernacle of the Spirit created by our Heavenly Father should early

be instilled into the mind and life of every child born on earth. The purpose for which the body was created should also be taught as soon as the child can understand and should be continued during its young life. The plan and purpose of reproduction should be understood by every parent and taught to children as soon as their minds begin to ask the questions: "Where did I come from?" and "How did I get here?" These questions should be answered truthfully

4"The Heredity of Richard Roe," by David Starr Jordan, p. 34-35.

He must early be taught the strict observance of the law of chastity and that virtue is just as precious a possession for the boy as it is for the girl.

a. The temptations of the boy to injure his body by the use of liquor or the filthy weed tobacco will be greatly lessened because of his understanding of the real injury he is doing himself and all his posterity. Excessive indulgence in athletic sports will be avoided for the same reason; he will know that anything which impairs his own health will handicap his unborn children should be made to realize the sacredness of this obligation.


b. The girl's temptation is different from the boy's but it is none the less real. The excessive eating of candy indulged in by most girls may produce harmful results, almost equal to those of the filthy cigarette. Irregularity of eating and constant nibbling of candy between meals produce such harmful results that gradually the health becomes undermined. The wearing of insufficient clothing and the insane use of high heeled shoes are both causes of serious health derangement. These together with the habit of insufficient sleep due to the keeping of late hours are cause enough for serious health deterioration to the point of causing a tremendous handicap to the rightful health inheritance of the next generation. No girl should be permitted to do these things without being made to realize fully the results of her criminal vanity and self indulgence.

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5. Marriage Legislation.

In many countries attempts have been made to foster marriage between those most fit to reproduce the race and to prevent marriage amongst the unfit. It is always difficult to legislate people into goodness. Nevertheless, the attempt is bound to produce some good results. When men and women live right, legislation is not necessary; where they do not it may prove very beneficial, if not carried to the extreme.

"Man will then, with all the powers of his being be able to love, when love, according to the happy expression of Thoreau is not a glow but a light. Then he will see for the first time what wealth life can have through love when love becomes a happiness worthy of man because it becomes an aesthetic creation, a religious worship; when the completed unity of those who love is expressed in a new being a being that will some day be really grateful for the life it has received. *

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But as has been said before legislation
has its role to play, especially where there
are diseases which can certainly be trans-
mitted, society must interfere to restrict
Those who contract
marriage will continue to have their free-
dom of choice, but at least they would
not enter ignorantly upon marriage as they
do now, and expose themselves and their
children to disastrous consequences. It ap-
pears to me to be at least as important
for society to have a medical certificate
as to capacity for marriage, as it is for
military service. In the one case we deal
with giving life in the other with taking
it away." "15

any family should be a matter for individual families to decide, to some would seem apparent. But is it? If the average family consists of only one or two children how long will it take the human race to perish from the face of the earth? Some countries of Europe have made the size of the family a concern of the State and have offered prizes and pensions to encourage parenthood. Is not that an indication of race deterioration?

1. Determining Factors.

If young people were trained aright they would know that having a family of healthy, superior children is not only their beautiful, soul-satisfying privilege but it is their bounden duty not only to their ancestors who made their own life possible but to their direct lineage and to the race which follows in the wake of their deeds or misdeeds. In no other way can they fill their full obligation to their fellowman and to their Creator.

a. The economic pressure of the times should never be given as an excuse for limiting the size of the family. How can one place a money value on a human life? True, having a family costs money; but the state is assisting more and more with the education and health preservation of the child, and the large fam"See that through thee, the race proMarily may prove a financial blessing gresses not continues only. riage: I call marriage the will shared in that brothers and sisters often help by two to create the one-the one that is each other to the benefit of all. Is in itself more than its creators. Rever it not true that most of the great men . ence for one another I call marriage: such and women of history have come reverence as is meet for those whose wills are united in this one act of will." from large families where many sacrifices have had to be made? Do not these very conditions develop latent powers into their greatest capacity?


III. The Size of the Family.

That the number of children in

5"The Century of the Child," by Ellen Key, p. 60.

Quoted from Nietzothe by Ellen Key in "Century of the Child," p. 61-62.

b. Lack of physical or mental health should be the only reason for limiting the size of the family and

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2. The Horror of Race-Suicide.

The purposes of God are thwarted when man stands forth in his puny impotence and checks the working out of righteousness at its very source. How dare a man and woman say: "we will live part of the law of life but satisfy our selfish wills as to whether or not we thwart the purpose of the Giver of the Law!" No man or woman has that right and if he assumes it he does so at the peril of his soul's eternal peace and progress. If men and women are made right and live right they will welcome into the world as many children as it is in the providence of their Maker to send them. And in this important step of life experience, there is no chance nor aimlessness.

The pioneers of this State and the parents of this generation lived the law of life as it should be lived. Shall their posterity weaken in this splendid work of love because they may be surrounded by those who, loving the ways of darkness, try most to tempt the Sons of Light to walk therein? Let there be no propaganda of "birth-control" tolerated in Zion for it comes from the power of darkness under the guise of light. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

3. The Doom of Civilization.

When the men and women of any race begin to love luxury and ease more than they do the performance of duty and right, just then does that race begin to decline. Every civilization of the past has been


quered by a so-called barbarian race for the very reason just given.

Our own country today is much concerned regarding the so-called "Yellow Peril." In certain counties of California where the Japanese people live there are five Japanese born to every white child. Every child born on American soil becomes an American citizen. These people and the poor illiterate classes which fill the slums of the great cities of America today are having large families. The so-called educated and superior people are having no children or at most one or two. What must be the final outcome?

What part are the sons and daughters of Zion to take in this great drama. Are they not to be the "Light set upon the Hill" to point the way of righteousness to the world? Will you not all set your faces as flint against the wiles of the tempter of men and seeing your pathway clear, walk therein to the salvation of your race and your time?"

IV. Childless Parents.

There are many couples who are childless through no fault of theirs, and who suffer greatly thereby. Many of the best lessons of life are learned through suffering and there is usually some purpose in what seems a great trial. One cannot always know just what is the cause of such a condition but one can always trust that there is a real purpose for any condition.

1. A Joy for Would-Be Parents.

That the joys of parenthood may be shared by all is proven by the following story told by President C. A. Callis of the Southern States mission.

"In this assembly hall a few months ago I was talking to a good sister who has a son on a mission in the Southern States. I

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