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Review: 1776

Uporabnikova ocena  - Lexie - Goodreads

A decent amount of info for how short/long the book is. This is a good overview, a good starter into more. The author is very factual and unbiased and tells both side's motives, etc. I feel this is a good place to start for someone wanting to study American history. Celotno mnenje

Review: 1776

Uporabnikova ocena  - Bridget Lawrence - Goodreads

completely enjoyable read, gripping and exciting even though you know who will win eventually ;) I suppose I learned this in school but had forgotten most of it, except for the iconic image of Washington and his army crossing the Delaware. Celotno mnenje

Review: 1776

Uporabnikova ocena  - Johnny Leon - Goodreads

In his novel, "1776" David McCullough follows George Washington and his ragtag militia during the year of our nation's birth and the infancy of the Revolutionary War. Although the book focuses on ... Celotno mnenje

Review: 1776

Uporabnikova ocena  - Isabelle - Goodreads

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I thought I would read more about the signing of the Declaration of Independence but instead this book focused on the battles that were fought and ... Celotno mnenje

Review: 1776

Uporabnikova ocena  - David - Goodreads

This excellent history of one year of the Revolutionary War follows both American and British commanders. The Americans had very little experience in warfare. They made decisions on the fly, often ... Celotno mnenje

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