Transactions and Proceedings of the Modern Language Association of America, Količina 2

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Vols. for 1921-1969 include annual bibliography, called 1921-1955, American bibliography; 1956-1963, Annual bibliography; 1964-1968, MLA international bibliography.

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Stran 85 - To prepare us for complete living is the function which education has to discharge ; and the only rational mode of judging of any educational course is to judge in what degree it discharges such function.
Stran 84 - the plan of which existed in its seed and root. Man is similar to the tree. In the newborn child are hidden those faculties which are to unfold during life. The individual and separate organs of his being form themselves gradually into an harmonic whole, and build up humanity in the image of God.'
Stran 84 - Sound education stands before me symbolized by a tree planted near fertilizing waters. A little seed, which contains the design of the tree, its form and proportions, is placed in the soil. See how it germinates and expands into trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit! The whole tree is an uninterrupted chain of organic
Stran 104 - Lampe freundlich wieder brennt, Dann wird's in unserm Busen helle, Im Herzen das sich selber kennt. Vernunft fängt wieder au zu sprechen, Und Hoffnung wieder an zu blühn, Man sehnt sich nach des Lebens Bächen, Ach! nach des Lebens Quelle hin.
Stran 103 - Verlassen hab' ich Feld und Auen, Die eine tiefe Nacht bedeckt, Mit ahnungsvollem, heil'gem Grauen In uns die bessre Seele weckt. Entschlafen sind nun wilde Triebe, Mit jedem ungestiimen Thun ; Es reget sich die Menschenliebe Die Liebe Gottes regt sich nun.
Stran 83 - crow, to adorn themselves with strange feathers. Why shall we not, instead of dead books, open the living book of Nature? Not the shadows of things, but the things themselves, which make an impression on the senses and the imagination, are to be brought before youth. By actual observation, not by a verbal description of things, must instruction begin.
Stran 83 - that if a gentleman is to study any language, it ought to be that of his own country, that he may understand the language which he has constant use of with the utmost accuracy.
Stran 82 - globe, the earth, the sea, the stars. should be so prodigiously developed and illustrated in our age, and yet the boundaries of the intellectual globe should be confined to the narrow discoveries of the ancients.'
Stran 179 - On a cru longtemps qu'il falloit approcher les sauvages de nous pour les franciser; on a tout lieu de reconnoitre qu'on se trompoit. Ceux qui se sont approchés de nous ne se sont pas rendus François, et les François qui les
Stran 167 - marked signs of deterioration. From a linguistic point of view, there is more poetry than truth in Parkman's statement: " Here (Lorette) to this day, the tourist finds the remnant of a lost people, harmless weavers of baskets and sewers of moccasins, the Huron blood fast bleaching out of them, as, with every generation, they mingle and fade away in the French population around.

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