Slike strani

The wildness and fimplicity of this Persian fong pleased me so much, that I have attempted to tranflate it in verse: the reader will excuse the fingularity of the measure which I have used, if he confiders the difficulty of bringing fo many eaftern proper names into our ftanzas.

I have endeavoured, as far as I was able, to give my tranflation the eafy turn of the original; and I have, as nearly as poffible, imitated the cadence and accent of the Perfian measure; from which every reader, who underftands mufick, will perceive that the Afiatick numbers are capable of as regular a melody as any air in Metastasio.


Sweet maid, if thou wouldst charm my fight,

And bid these arms thy neck infold;

That rofy cheek, that lily hand
Would give thy poet more delight

Than all Bocára's vaunted gold,
Than all the gems of Samarcand.

[blocks in formation]
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Oh! when these fair, perfidious maids,
Whose eyes our fecret haunts infest,
Their dear deftructive charms difplay,
Each glance my tender breast invades,
And robs my wounded foul of rest,
As Tartars feize their deftin'd prey.

In vain with love our bofoms glow:
Can all our tears, can all our fighs
New luftre to thofe charms impart ?
Can cheeks where living rofes blow,
Where nature spreads her richeft dies,
Require the borrow'd glofs of art?

a melted ruby is a common periphrafis for wine in the لعل مذاب *

Perfian poetry. See Hafiz, ode 22.


Speak not of fate-al! change the theme,

And talk of odours, talk of wine,

Talk of the flow'rs that round us bloom :

'Tis all a cloud, 'tis all a dream ;
To love and joy thy thoughts confine,
Nor hope to pierce the facred gloom.

Beauty has fuch resistless pow'r, That ev'n the chaste Egyptian dame Sigh'd for the blooming Hebrew boy:

For her how fatal was the hour,

When to the banks of Nilus came
A youth fo lovely and fo coy!

But ah! sweet maid, my counsel hear; (Youth should attend when those advise Whom long experience renders fage) While mufick charms the ravish'd ear, While fparkling cups delight our eyes,

Be gay; and fcorn the frowns of age.


What cruel anfwer have I heard!

And yet, by heav'n, I love thee ftill:
Can aught be cruel from thy lip?
Yet fay, how fell that bitter word

From lips which streams of sweetness fill,
Which nought but drops of honey sip?

Go boldly forth, my fimple lay, Whofe accents flow with artless ease, Like orient pearls at random ftrung; Thy notes are fweet, the damfels fay, But oh, far fweeter, if they please

The nymph for whom thefe notes are fung!


[blocks in formation]

The garden of purity, by Mirkhond.---A general history of Perfia in feveral large volumes. Oxf. Priv.

اكبر نامه ابو فضل

The history of the life of Sultan Arber, by the learned

and elegant Abu Fazl.


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