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کتاب آيين اكبري

A description of the Indian empire, written by the order

of Sultan Acber by a fociety of skilful men.---A translation of this book would be extremely useful to the European companies that trade in India, as it contains a full account of every province and city in the dominions of the Mogul, of his revenues and expences both in peace and war, and of all the customs and ceremonies in his palace; together with a defcription of the natural productions of his empire. Oxf.

واقعات بايري

The actions of Sultan Baber; written either by himself, or under his inspection.---This book contains a minute account of that prince's wars, and a natural history of his dominions. Orf."

تاریخ کشمیر

The hiftory of Cashmir, by a native of that extraordinary country.---A very curious and entertaining work. Oxf.


تاريخ عالم اراي عباسي

The hiftory of the lives of the Perfian kings from the head of the Sefi family to the death of Abbas the Cruel, improperly called the Great. Oxf.

تاریخ گزیده

The felect chronicle.---This work is an excellent hiftory of Perfia, and has been tranflated into Arabick and Turkish. Oxf.

خلاصة الاخبار

A short history of Perfia in one volume, by Khandemir,

a learned and agreeable writer. Oxf.

لب التواريخ

The heart of histories.---A copious history of the Persian empire, written in the middle of the fixteenth century by Abdallatîf, a native of Cazvin.

ظفر نامه

The book of victory.---A history of the life of Timur, commonly called Tamerlane, written in a moft beautiful and elegant style. Oxf


تذكرة الشعراء تصنیف دولت شاه

An account of the lives of the Perfian poets, by Devlet -fhah of Samarcand. Par.

تاریخ جهانگشا یا تاريخ نادري من كلام ميرزا مهدي

The hiftory of the life of Naderfhah, king of Perfia, written by Mirza Mahadi, and tranflated into French

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Shah námeh. A collection of heroick poems on the an cient hiftories of Perfia, by Ferdufi. See the treatise on Oriental poetry added to the life of Nadershah, fect. II. p. 248. Oxf. Priv.

كليات خاقاني

The works of Khakáni, a fublime and fpirited poet. Oxf.



دیوان حافظ

The odes of Hafiz fee the treatife above-mentioned.

Lond. Oxf. Par. Priv.

کلیات سعدي

The works of Sadi; containing or the bed of rofes, liw or the garden, and ☺bato or the rays of light. The two first of these excellent books are very common; but I have not feen the laft: they are all upon moral fubjects, and are writ with all the elegance of the Perfian language. Oxf

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The works of Jámi; containing, among others,


the chain of gold, a poem in three سلسلة الذهب




.Selman and Abal, a tale قصه سلمان و ابسال .the life of Alexander سکندر نامه

the loves of gofeph and Zuleica, avery يوسف و زلیخا


beautiful poem.

.the loves of Leila and Megenun ليلي و مجنون .a collection of odes ديوان جامي .the manion of the Jpring بهارستان

.the gift of the noble تحفة الاحرار

.the manners of the juft سجية الابرار

دیوان خسرو

A book of elegant odes, by Mir Khofru. Oxf.


تصنيف جلال الدين رومي

A poetical work called Mefnavi, upon several subjects, of religion, history, morality, and politicks; compofed by Geláleddîn, furnamed Rúmi.----This poem is greatly admired in Perfia, and it really deferves admiration. Oxf. Priv.

دیوان انواری

The poems of Anvári, which are quoted by Sadi in his Gulistan, and are much efteemed in the Eaft.

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