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ceptibly; but she and I shall always have a kindn for each other.' He laughed at the notion that a m can never be really in love but once, and consider it as a mere romantic fancy.

On our return from Mr. Bolton's, Mr. Hector too me to his house, where we found Johnson sittin placidly at tea, with his first love; who, though no advanced in years, was a genteel woman, very agree able and well-bred.

Johnson lamented to Mr. Hector the state of one o their schoolfellows, Mr. Charles Congreve, a clergyman, which he thus described: 'He obtained, I believe, considerable preferment in Ireland, but now lives in London, quite as a valetudinarian, afraid to go into any house but his own. He takes a short airing in his post-chaise every day. He has an elderly woman, whom he calls cousin, who lives with him, and jogs his elbow, when his glass has stood too long empty, and encourages him in drinking, in which he is very willing to be encouraged; not that he gets drunk, for he is a very pious man, but he is always muddy. He confesses to one bottle of port every day, and he probably drinks more. He is quite unsocial; his conversation is quite monosyllabical; and when, at my last visit, I asked him what o'clock it was? that signal of my departure had so pleasing an effect on him that he sprung up to look at his watch, like a greyhound bounding at a hare.' When Johnson took leave of Mr. Hector, he said, 'Don't grow like Congreve; nor let me grow like him, when you are near me.'

When he again talked of Mrs. Careless to-night, he seemed to have had his affection revived, for he

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