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The Secretary of Labor has given me the factual report on industrial relations in Great Britain. This report, unanimously submitted by eminent Americans representing various interests and points of view within our national life, comes in response to the request I made of them for an impartial statement on labor-employer relations as they exist in Great Britain.

To the members of the Commission on Industrial Relations in Great Britain who, at great personal sacrifice, have spent weeks in an intensive study of these problems in Great Britain and in the preparation of an objective report, I express the thanks of the Government. I, personally, am most appreciative of the services they have rendered.

The adequacy of this report attests again the usefulness of cooperative endeavors on the part of those in government and those whose labors and interests, diversified as they may be, are closely identified with the labor-employer relationships as they exist in our country.

This report ought to be read through. Unless this is done, discussions of the facts contained therein will be of little value. To me the most salient feature of it is the cooperative spirit coupled with restraint which is shown by those who represent both employers and employees in Great Britain. Collective bargaining is an accepted fact, and because of this the machinery which carries it out is functioning.

A second report is to be submitted in the near future, and this will give us a parallel study of industrial relations in Sweden. Experiences of other countries, very naturally, have been different from our own, but they should be considered and studied as we analyze our own problems.



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