History of British Columbia from Its Earliest Discovery to the Present Time

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W. Briggs, 1894 - 568 strani
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This comprehensive work by Alexander Begg examines the entire history of British Columbia. The volume includes a thorough history of British Columbia during prehistoric eras, its first finding by European explorers, the foundation of various colonies, and continuing through the provinces' expansion and progress into the 1890s when the work was written. The book also includes myriad illustrations.

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Stran 126 - Greenwich), the said line shall ascend to the North, along the channel called Portland Channel, as far as the point of the continent where it strikes the 56th.
Stran 395 - ... are in terms made, or by reasonable intendment may be held to be specially applicable to, or only...
Stran 396 - Government, and a policy as liberal as that hitherto pursued by the British Columbia Government shall be continued by the Dominion Government after the union : "To carry out such policy, tracts of land of such extent as it has hitherto been the practice of the British Columbia Government...
Stran 171 - Majesty shall be continued westward along the said forty-ninth parallel of north latitude to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from Vancouver's Island, and thence southerly through the middle of the said channel and of Fuca's Straits to the Pacific Ocean.
Stran 395 - And the government of British Columbia agree to convey to the dominion government, in trust, to be appropriated in such manner as the dominion government may deem advisable, in furtherance of the construction of the said railway...
Stran 384 - Union had not been made; subject nevertheless (except with respect to such as are enacted by or exist under Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain, or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland), to be repealed, abolished, or altered by the Parliament of Canada, or by the Legislature of the respective Province according to the Authority of the Parliament or of that Legislature under this Act.
Stran 169 - It is agreed that any country that may be claimed by either party on the northwest coast of America, westward of the Stony Mountains, shall, together with its harbors, bays, and creeks, and the navigation of all rivers within the same, be free and open for the term of ten years from the date of the signature of the present convention, to the vessels, citizens, and subjects of the two Powers...
Stran 421 - The Government of the Dominion undertake to secure the commencement simultaneously, within two years from the date of the Union, of the construction of a railway from the Pacific towards the Rocky Mountains, and from such point as may be selected, east of the Rocky Mountains, towards the Pacific, to connect the seaboard of British Columbia with the railway system of Canada; and further, to secure the completion of such railway within ten years from the date of the Union.
Stran 556 - July, both inclusive, the fur seals on the high sea, in the part of the Pacific Ocean, inclusive of the Behring Sea, which is situated to the north of the 35th degree of north latitude and eastward of the 180th degree of longitude from Greenwich till it strikes the water boundary described in Article 1 of the treaty of 1867 between the United States and Russia, and following that line up to Behring Straits.

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