Materials for Greek prose composition, by P. Frost

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Stran 107 - ... books are not absolutely dead things, but do contain a potency of life in them to be as active as that soul was whose progeny they are; nay, they do preserve as in a vial the purest efficacy and extraction of that living intellect that bred them.
Stran 73 - DONALDSON'S The Theatre of the Greeks. A Treatise on the History and Exhibition of the Greek Drama. With numerous Illustrations and 3 Plans. By John William Donaldson, DD 5*.
Stran 86 - Pearson on the Creed. Carefully printed from an early edition. With Analysis and Index by E. Walford, MA Post 8vo. 5s. An Historical and Explanatory Treatise on the Book of Common Prayer.
Stran 86 - Perowne (Canon). The Book of Psalms. A New Translation, with Introductions and Notes, Critical and Explanatory.
Stran 68 - With Notes and a careful Collation of the two Cambridge Manuscripts, and of the Aldine and Juntine Editions. By Richard Shilleto, MA, Fellow of S.
Stran 97 - Readers," has attained is a sufficient proof that teachers and pupils alike approve of the use of interesting stories with a simple plot in place of the dry combinations of letters and syllables, making no impression on the mind, of which elementary reading-books generally consist.
Stran 91 - Racine, P. Corneille, T. Corneille, and Voltaire; With Arguments in English at the head of each scene, and notes, critical and Explanatory, by A. Gombert.
Stran 80 - History of the City of Rome ;" " Pompeii : Its History, Antiquities," &c., with a Prefatory Dissertation on the Sources and Evidence of Early Roman History. 8vo.
Stran 80 - Dyer (TH) The History of Pompeii ; its Buildings and Antiquities. An account of the City, with a full description of the Remains, and an Itinerary for Visitors, Edited by TH DYER, LL.D. Illustrated with nearly 300 Wood Engravings, a large' Map, and a Plan of the Forum.

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