Liberal Hearts and Conservative Brains: The Correlation Between Age and Political Philosophy

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Ron Lipsman, 2007 - 296 strani

"Talk radio hosts seem to believe conservatives are from Mars and liberals are from Venus-two different species, in other words. Ron Lipsman's new book uses a mix of rational analysis and personal history to suggest there may be deeper psychological laws at work here that help shape our worldviews. He's on to something "
-Elias Crim, Publishing Consultant.

Professor Lipsman

  • argues for a correlation between age and political philosophy, which asserts that young people tend to gravitate toward liberalism while older people are usually more comfortable with conservatism; and that, additionally, among the people who change their political preference over time, more go from liberal to conservative than vice versa; and finally, he assesses the strengths of these trends;
  • examines the most interesting counter-examples to these trends--namely, premature conservatives and aging liberals-and explains what motivates them;
  • presents a history of the liberal/conservative divide in America and then augments it with an assessment of its current status as well as a prediction of its future;

"An insightful and witty examination of the values and beliefs that divide liberals and conservatives in America today. A penetrating look at the concept of the 'aging liberal', especially as it pertains to the Jewish and academic communities."
-Bruce Bartlett, nationally syndicated columnist


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The Two Dozen Touchstone Issues
Fundamental Statements of Conservative
Compartmentalizing the Issues
Fitting the Issues into the Compartments
The LiberalConservative Divide in the USA
Correlation between Age and Political Philosophy
Where the Correlation is Strong Where it
The Present
Acrimony between the Camps
Premature Conservatives
Aging Liberals
The LiberalConservative Divide in the USA
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