Southern California Quarterly, Količina 3

Sprednja platnica
Historical Society of Southern California, 1893

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Stran 67 - mid a storm of huzzas, And the wave of retreat checked its course there, because The sight of the master compelled it to pause.
Stran 48 - RIDE. OF all the rides since the birth of time, Told in story or sung in rhyme, — On Apuleius's Golden Ass, Or one-eyed Calendar's horse of brass, Witch astride of a human back, Islam's prophet on Al-Borak, — The strangest ride that ever was sped...
Stran 42 - Reverend Father: — I understand, through the medium of one of your Christian Indians, that you are anxious to know who we are, as some of the Indians have been at the Mission and informed you that there were certain white people in the country. We are Americans, on our journey to the River Columbia ; we were in at the Mission San Gabriel in January last ; I went to San Diego and saw the General, and got a passport from him to pass on to that place. I have made several efforts to cross the mountains,...
Stran 42 - ... that I can go on; the Indians here also being friendly, I consider it the most safe point for me to remain, until such time as I can cross the mountains with my horses, having lost a great many in attempting to cross ten or fifteen days since. I am a long ways from home, and am anxious to get there as soon as the nature of the case will admit.
Stran 7 - On some new or interesting West American shells obtained from the dredgings of the US Fish Commission steamer "Albatross" in 1888, and from other sources.
Stran 70 - Stockton's was about six hundred, Tuthill, in his historical account of Stockton's first advance on Los Angeles, August, 1846, says : "As they neared the intrenched camp, a courier from Castro came out, kindly to warn them that the town would prove their grave if they entered it. " Then," answered the Commodore, " Tell the General to have the bells ready to toll at eight o'clock as I shall be there at that time.
Stran 13 - California, and is enclosed on the west by the Sierra Nevada, and on the east by the Bear River and Wahsatch Mountains.
Stran 9 - Lopez, with a companion, was out in search of some stray horses, and about midday they stopped under some trees and tied their horses out to feed, they resting under the shade, when Lopez, with...
Stran 30 - It is not easy for Europeans, who never were out of their own country, to conceive an adequate idea of those people : for even in the least frequented corners of the globe, there is not a nation so stupid, of such contracted ideas, and so weak both in body and mind, as the unhappy Californians.
Stran 41 - We further state as our opinion that the account given by him is circumstantially correct, and that his sole object was the hunting and trapping of beaver and other furs. We have also examined the passports produced by him from the Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the government of the United States of America, and do not hesitate to say we believe them perfectly correct. "We also state that, in our opinion his motives for...

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