Out West, Količine 3–4

Sprednja platnica
F. A. Pattee & Company, 1895
Includes reports, etc., of the Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institutes of America.

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Stran 62 - O'er all there hung the shadow of a fear; A sense of mystery the spirit daunted, And said, as plain as whisper in the ear, The place is haunted!
Stran 3 - Twere now to be most happy, for I fear My soul hath her content so absolute That not another comfort like to this Succeeds in unknown fate.
Stran 188 - When it was good, it was very, very good — And when it was bad, it was horrid.
Stran 80 - Nowhere can more rosy specimens of health be found. Strong-limbed, red-blooded, graceful and as full of happy animal life as young fawns, they bid fair to develop into admirable types of manhood and womanhood. To them, loving their native soil with no acquired love, knowing no associations which are not linked with its blue skies and its yellow hills, we must look for its proper inhabitants, who will retain all that is vigorous, earnest and generous in the present race, rejecting all that is coarse...
Stran 131 - The wild mustard in Southern California is like that spoken of in the New Testament, in the branches of which the birds of the air may rest. Coming up out of the earth, so slender a stem that dozens can find starting-point in an inch, it darts up, a slender straight shoot, five, ten, twenty feet, with hundreds of fine feathery branches locking and interlocking with all the other hundreds around it, till it is an inextricable network like lace.
Stran 233 - that in 1851, two large stones, one weighing 356 pounds, and the other 349, representing the richness of the Chile mines, were forwarded to me for exhibition purposes. Both stones had been taken from a depth of more than 300 feet, and had separately been borne on the shoulders of a man, he having to ascend, not by ladders or other aid, but by climbing up the nearly perpendicular slope of the mine ; and the food the miner lives upon is an interesting subject for the physiologist. He seldom takes...
Stran 80 - Eurotas — in wandering through a land whose sentinel peak of Shasta far overtops the Olympian throne of Jupiter — I could not but feel that nature must be false to her promise, or man is not the splendid creature he once was, if the Art and Literature and Philosophy of Ancient Greece are not one day rivaled on this last of inhabited shores ! " It was the middle of November when Bayard Taylor and his wife returned to the east.
Stran 5 - Republic ; and the tenure under which the forces of the US Squadron at present hold this province should therefore be regarded as a provisional occupation pending future decisions or the issue of the contest between the United States and Mexico ; and in that light alone it should be regarded by you, until you receive instructions from the department under which you act, for your conduct.
Stran 161 - SANTA BARBARA BETWEEN the mountains and the sea, Walled by the rock, fringed by the foam, A valley stretches fair and free Beneath the blue of heaven's dome. At rest in that fair valley lies Saint Barbara, the beauteous maid; Above her head the cloudless skies Smile down upon her charms displayed. The sunlit mountains o'er her shed The splendor of their purple tinge; While round her like a mantle spread The blue seas with their silver fringe. Enfolded in that soothing calm, The earth seems sweet,...
Stran 13 - ... met Colonel Fremont on the 12th instant, on his way here, who, not knowing what had occurred, entered into the capitulation with them, which I now send to you; and, although I refused to do it myself, still I have thought it best to approve it.

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