A History of Literary Criticism in Iran, 1866-1951: Literary Criticism in the Works of Enlightened Thinkers of Iran--Akhundzadeh, Kermani, Malkom, Talebof, Maragheʼi, Kasravi, and Hedayat

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Ibex Publishers, 2003 - 350 strani
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Cultural writing. Literary criticism. Middle-Eastern Studies. A HISTORY OF LITERARY CRITICISM IN IRAN contains comprehensive research on the works of the leading figures in the field of literary criticism in modernist Iranian thought in the nineteenth century: Mirza Fath `Ali Akhundzade, Mirza Malkom Khan, Mirza `Abd al-Rahim Talebof and Zeyn al-`Abedin Maraghe`i. Inclusion of Ahmad Kasravi and Sadeq Hedayat was considered appropriate later due to some common aspects of critical attitude to the predecessors. These criticisms were the first seeds of modern literary criticism sown in the field of social and political life in Iran. Parsinejad is well-known to researchers in the field of Iranian studies. The publication of this book is useful in familiarizing readers with one of the most crucial aspects of progressive and critical thought in the Iranian modern era.

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O avtorju (2003)

Iraj Parsinejad has taught Persian literature at Oxford and Tokyo universities. This book is the product of fourteen years of research.

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