The Antient and Present State of the University of Oxford: Containing I. An Account of Its Antiquity, Past Government, and Sufferings from the Danes, and Other People, Both Foreign and Domestick. II. An Account of Its Colleges, Halls, and Publick Buildings ... III. An Account of the Laws, Statutes and Privileges of the University ... To which is Added the Method of Proceeding in the Chancellor's Court. With an Appendix and Index to the Whole

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E. Curll, 1714 - 852 strani
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Stran 216 - Virtue; and had inclination to that Duty and Obedience they had never been taught; so that when it pleased God to bring King Charles the Second back to his Throne, he found that University [Oxford] . . . abounding in excellent Learning, and devoted to Duty and Obedience, little inferior to what it was before its desolation...
Stran 214 - Westminster, forming a new catechism, and scheme of religion,) ever ventured to make any answer to it; nor is it indeed to be answered, but must remain to the world's end, as a monument of the learning, courage, and loyalty, of that excellent place, against the highest malice and tyranny that was ever exercised in or over any nation...
Stran 264 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Stran 368 - ... unjust, and null." The strangers and young scholars loudly applauded his courage, which so incensed the court, that the Chief Justice bound him to appear in the King's Bench in a thousand pounds. Parker' having been put into possession by force, a majority of the fellows were prevailed on to submit, "as far as was lawful and agreeable to the statutes of the college.
Stran 63 - All Masters and fellows of colleges or halls, and all the scholars and students in either of the Universities, shall, in their churches and chapels, upon all Sundays, Holy-days, and their Eves, at the time of Divine Service, wear Surplices, according to the order of the Church of England : and such as are graduates shall agreeably wear with their Surplices such hoods as do severally appertain unto their degrees.
Stran 215 - ... yielded a harvest of extraordinary good and sound knowledge in all parts of learning, and many who were wickedly introduced applied themselves to the study of good learning and the practice of virtue, and had inclination to that duty and obedience they had never been taught...
Stran 462 - London : though it is to be lamented that his whole library was not given by his executors according to his intention once ; for the fire of the Temple destroyed in...
Stran 40 - ... which have not most commonly been letten to farm, or occupied by the farmers thereof, by the space of twenty years next before such lease thereof made; nor to any lease thereof made without impeachment of waste...
Stran 32 - ... of Oxford and Cambridge, or elsewhere within the realm of England, for more years than are limited by the private statutes of the same college.
Stran 197 - Parliament have for the maintenance of good and godly literature, and the virtuous education of youth within either of the said Universities...

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